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Bryan Fischer calls for new Underground Railroad for children of gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. Bryan Fischer looks like he is an evil piece of work!

    1. Lol, sounds as barking as he looks. Gives the impression he would love to press the nuclear button.

  2. Another step closer to domestic terrorism then? Advocating the kidnapping of children from their parents?

  3. Difficulty reading social cues and being found ‘bizzare’ could be a sign that he is autistic or aspergers rather than a condition caused by same sex parents.

  4. More freakery from the evil child abusing religious morons in america. America is the Land of the Freedom to Hate and Persecute, it seems.

    1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 12:46pm

      Its their “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”.

      1. you mean Freedom of Christianity, other religions are not valid.

  5. I know lots of straight people who seem and feel ‘bizarre’. What does that prove? And any difficulty comes from the fact that others make it difficult – this is no reason to pander to them.
    I do think though, that when some idiot is openly saying we should be treated the way they treated blacks before equality, then we know their argument is ridiculous and bound to fail. I hope everyone sees this loon for the loon he is.

  6. Kidnapping is a crime.

    Will he be arrested for promoting crime?

    Of course not – it’s the USA.

    1. But IF, gods forvid, such a kidnapping does happen, there is a very good chance that he could be brought in as having “inspired” the act. I believe there is a legal term for it, but can’t think of it right now.

      1. GingerlyColors 10 Aug 2012, 7:02am

        Aiding and abbetting? Or insight to kidnap, perhaps?

  7. Ah, religion again. Surely theres difficulty if a parent forms a new relationship with anyone if they were previously raised by a couple – you know the whole jealousy, resentment, replacement feelings kids get.

    These people don’t live in the real world if they cannot see that.

    1. They’re religious freaks, of course they don’t live in the real world.

    2. I think you’ll find the bible also condones slavery and the murder of children who disrespect their parents. Why are these people so selective in their use of that dusty old tome? Is it simply to reinforce inner-fears about their OWN sexuality? What are they so afraid of? Do they fear the end of procreation .. or, with so many openly gay people around, are they terrified they’ll be ‘tempted’? Hmmmm.

  8. This guy seems to be blaming his ‘strangeness’ on having a lesbian mother.

    I suspect he would have been strange even without a lesbian mother.

    You see this all the time – gay guys blaming the gay community because they have awkward personalities.

    1. This is ALL about ‘inner-fear’. It’s ‘projection’. They can’t handle their own same-sex attractions (or past same-sex activity) and they then project that self-loathing onto openly gay people. The sooner the world realises THIS is the true driving force of homophobia, the sooner homophobia will be erradiacted. Once the game is up, these people will no-longer have ‘projection’ behind which to hide because we’ll all KNOW what makes them say the things they do.

  9. I have visited the USA many times, and I have American friends, but, if I were religious, I would say ‘Thank God I don’t live there!’ America has far too many mentally ill religious people who, because of the first amendment, get away with saying the most hateful, nay heinous, things.

  10. America is the most extreme, fundamentalist place in the world. They are the real threat to all of us, gay or straight. Scary.

    1. Saudi Arabia

  11. Doctor Mod 9 Aug 2012, 12:58pm

    Robert Oscar Lopez is a major troll on academic websites. Given his extreme right-wing viewpoint, he’s a really oddity among American professors. I’d guess that this colleagues don’t like him and think he’s “strange” because he shows little respect for any point of view other than his own. I have to doubt that having a lesbian mother caused this because there are a lot of people with straight parents who are truly “strange.”

    1. As a professor he will know that his own experience is not proof of anything. Oh hang on it seems he’s a professor of English which means facts and proof are probably alien concepts.

      1. Doctor Mod 9 Aug 2012, 3:31pm


        I am a professor of English. We were the ones who, for the most part, started LGBT Studies in American universities against a lot of opposition and bigotry, particularly from people who claim that “facts and proof are alien concepts” to us. This is the same contempt that the “religious” right-wing (comprised in great part of white men without college education) spew constantly. Give some thought to what you are saying.

        After over twenty-five years in the profession, I can hardly deny the existence of homophobes and crackpots among us, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Given Robert Oscar Lopez is an assistant professor (which, in the US system, means that he is serving a five to six year probation before being given permanent status and does not have tenure) and that he is complaining about his colleagues’ perception of him, I have to suspect that he is in the process of being weeded out of the profession and is looking to everyone except himself to blame.

  12. Don’t hide behind the Constitution or the Bible. If you’re against gay marriage, just be honest, put a scarlet ‘H’ on your shirt, and say, ‘I am a homophobe!’

    — Henry Rollins

  13. My father left before I was born and my mother had a series of relationships with men who eventually left as well. Also my mother is a mentally unhinged psychopath. Now I have abandonment issues and have difficulty relating to others.

    What we need is an underground railway system to steal heterosexual’s children and liberate them…

    1. Yes, the real problem are the breeders, they’re the ones having gay children. And then they abuse us by forcing us into religion and encourage us to hate ourselves. Then they wonder why we try to kill ourselves and think we need fixing, when actually it is our parents who broke us.

      Ironically it was my atheist, alcoholic and formerly abusive father who was the only one in my otherwise religious family to accept me when I came out, go figure.

      1. Mary Thompon 9 Aug 2012, 6:45pm

        Sorry, new to this venue. I meant to commend you, Sevrin, on your comment, not note that is was bad and I clicked the wrong button…my bad. Go figure, probably your father was in the state that he was because he too had been rejected by his family and he could understand you. We all know that a parent’s unconditional love is what is necessary to raise happy and healthy individuals and Fischers views have nothing to do with taking into account the love, acceptance and good example inherent in good parenting…really what’s gay got to do with it? This guy is not about helping to make anybody’s life better…he’s all about perpetuating the hate and intolerance which, obviously, you suffered at the hands of some of your own family. I wonder when will all of society get that gayness just is and nobody is to blame.

  14. Is incitement to kidnap a crime in the US or in Mississippi (where AFA is based)?

    1. Religious people are exempt from silly things like laws, in America.

  15. An underground railway to rescue queer and genderqueer kids from transphobic parents would be pretty welcome

    1. Oops, meant to type “phobic”, not “transphobic” there…

  16. Being “strange”, ie a mixed-race child brought up by a single white mother, appears not to have harmed the President of the USA too much. Lopez sounds as though he’s trying to blame everyone and everything but himself for his turning out odd, which seems immature to say the least.

  17. Robert Brown 9 Aug 2012, 2:02pm

    Knowing many ‘straight’ couples abuse children – surely he should be fighting for the rights of those children and not ones who are truly loved, respected and cared for . . .


  18. Sounds like Mr Lopez is a bit of a looney toon, trying to blame his weirdness on a third party. If EVERYONE ‘lived and let live’ then there would be no ‘Strange’ or ‘Different’ people, Its idiots like Mr Fischer that instigate what and who are ‘Strange’ or ‘Different’ If there was no religion the world would be a better place.

  19. Will someone please OUT this closet case before he does any damage?!!!

  20. I call Poe’s Law on on this one!
    So the premise is – “kids need to be kidnapped to save them from ‘teh ebil ghey parents'” and the simplest way to achieve this goal is to create an elaborate underground system to rival the London underground, Paris Metro and New York subway put together covering 50 US states incorporating subway stations at every gay household?
    I was going to say the whole ‘kidnapping the kids of gay parents’ scenario was done on an episode of “American Dad” but even Stan Smith isn’t this bird-brained!
    Please let Bryan Fisher pay for it with his own cash!

  21. Bryan Fischer is describing a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    The reason why those in same-sex households have such a difficult time (and by Bryan Fischer’s thinking, need rescue), is because of people like Bryan Fischer, doing what they do, that make living in same-sex households so stressful and upsetting.

  22. As a lesbian mother I say ‘you try it sunshine & see how far you get!’

  23. “Life is hard when you are strange.” You would know!

  24. If you accept this, then children from overly religious home should also be rescued. He needs to be charged for advocating commission of criminal acts perpetrated against children.

  25. Jim Nashville tn 9 Aug 2012, 5:20pm

    stealing children from their homes to protect them from gblt parents/same sex households .. just in the past seven days we have had here in Nashville two incidents of children being left in vehicles and dying .. by hetero parents . I think his time would be better spend kidnapping children from heteros . as I havent seen any children of same sex households dying or being mistreated other then by heteros ..

  26. LOL could anyone get more crazier
    than that.He should be prosecuted
    for incitement of Crime.

    Is AFA considered a ‘Non Profit’ organization in America ?

    1. ALL religious organisations are non-taxpaying. Check out the UK’s Charities Commission website. There are HUNDREDS of charities with the word ‘Christian’ or ‘Musilm’ in the title. No ONE of them pays tax. People like this nutter should not be entitled to the free-speech he enjoys without paying the taxes that the rest of us have to endure.

  27. Art Pearson 9 Aug 2012, 5:23pm

    Bryan Fischer should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His statements should be considered a Hate Crime!

    1. I’d be more offended if his masterplan wasn’t so patently ridiculous.
      Factor in the monumental cost of this civil engineering project he’s proposing plus creating this spawling underground rail network by stealth under the noses of his intended victims and we’re looking at a hairbrained scheme that sounds like the LSD inspired wisdom of Dick Dastardly, Anita Bryant and the Childcatcher from chitty chitty bang bang.
      If this is what we’re up against, we’ve already won.

  28. Cardinal Capone 9 Aug 2012, 5:54pm

    More appropriate would be a way to rescue children from abusive religious upbringings and cults. Many of us have seen the documentary on Jesus Camp. Now those kids really do need rescuing by social services.

  29. If this demented soul had half a brain he’d be dangerous.
    Whoever heard such bull**it from a leader of any group of people.
    He wants the lash!

  30. Mary Thompon 9 Aug 2012, 6:24pm

    He was born of a lesbian or bisexual woman and raised by her, NOT BY TWO LESBIAN PARENTS. This isn’t even representative of what the article is trying to express. My child was born of a single straight cisgendered parent and never knew his father and, yes, he too has always felt “strange” because he didn’t have a father, like so many kids he observed with their fathers, and felt he should have one too…that’s a projection of society’s idea of what is or should be the norm. I don’t hesitate to point out to him anymore examples of the many different kinds of parents and families. Hey, what about the reports out there from so many awesome and well adjusted kids, actually raised by two lesbian or two gay parents? Just having two parents makes a world of difference for kids! And, though I do have my regrets, I’m just pretty lucky about how mine turned out!!

    1. well I wouldn’t say 2 parents is always a good thing, especially if one is abusive or they spend all their time fighting – thats not good for children either.

  31. Don Harrison 9 Aug 2012, 9:27pm

    What a horrible man

  32. In May 2010, Bryan Fischer, the AFA’s director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy, wrote a blog post on the AFA website detailing allegations that Htler was a homosexual, and concluding that gay people in the military caused the Holocaust: “Nzi Germany became the horror that it was because it rejected both Christianity and its clear teaching about human sexuality. These are mistakes no sane culture should ever make again.”

  33. Dennis Velco 9 Aug 2012, 11:34pm

    Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated.

    I posted it to my LGBT Group on LinkedIn to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup.

    Link to group >>

    All LGBT+ and community allies…. please come join me and 15,000+ of your soon to be great connections on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world’s countries. As well as the down stream in my LInkedIn personal connections that reach over 24 million potential live stream viewers on LinkedIn alone.

    The group is strictly professional office friendly dialog, posting and profiles / profile images. I’ve been told by many that it may well be one of the best run / managed groups on LinkedIn.

    You can be as out or private as you like and I provide instructions on how to set those preferences.

  34. Well, maybe it’s time I get my grandpappy’s big ole gun out of the closet, clean it up, get some hours in at the firing range, and have it ready to protect my family from these Christian terrorists who would kidnap my kids. Sounds justifiable to me.

  35. I have no idea of a comeback against an ‘underground railroad’, except one that has three letters: LOL

  36. two points.. Per a Jewish org, they say Fischer is the son of a german soldier. During WWII many thousands of G prisoners were brought to america and put to work on farms. And allowed to stay here after the war. dumb move

    Second this is nothing new. The catholic church has stolen about 300,000 babies in Spain until recently, to insure they were brought up in catholic 2 parent hetero famiilies

    Similar things happened in canada / the USA NW

    And in Australia.

    Go look up the religions of Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbels and Dr. Mengele

    All the same bad one, all from a country only 1/3rd cath at the time.

  37. GingerlyColors 10 Aug 2012, 7:00am

    We should have an Underground Railroad to deliver gay people not only from bigots like him, but from homophobic countries as well.

  38. Why do we give these people the oxygen of publicity? This is a non-story about someone saying sensationalist things to get himself on television.

  39. This man is an evil dangerous nutter, and needs to be investigated for his anti social and terrorist behaviour.

  40. being raised by an lgbt parent wouldnt make you an outsider, its your own personality that makes you an outsider or not! I was quiet and shy when i was in high school but i still had friends. As to the whole railroad business, what a joke. seriously, next thing you know they will start pulling out Acme “Gay to Straight” ray guns and chasing us around trying to zap us.

  41. Many of us from dysfunctional homes with straight married parents have had similar feelings of being “outsiders”. Not all Americans are like Bryan Fischer, and those who think so should perhaps look at the amount of hatred and intolerance in their own countries (the EDL, for example.) For every extremist like him, there are many, many of us fighting for equality and justice. You just don’t pay attention to it, or are too busy being extremists yourselves.

  42. James Savik 10 Aug 2012, 4:00pm

    What people like Fischer are counting on is that we are civilized and don’t have a Hamas or Hezbollah type organization that will hunt them down and silence them. Sometimes I wonder if that’s not a mistake on our part.

  43. So would a religious bigot like this actually have approved of the underground railroad which rescued black slaves in the 19th century had he lived then?
    Sure. And if you believe that, as the Americans say, I’ve a bridge I’d like to sell you.

  44. My partner & I have 5 adopted gay sons who came to us of their own accord from from seriously dysfunctional straight families. All are now in their 20s, college graduates, professionally successful, several in positive, stable relationships of their own.They are the joy of our lives and a slap in the face to Brian Fischer.

  45. One has to ask what is this person’s pre-occupation with the subject? Has he some deep-rooted inner-fears? I’ve always found the violently homophic to be simply projecting their self-hatred outwards. Psychology well understands the notion of ‘projection’. “Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you someone gay, in denial”. What other possible reason can there be for vile attitudes like this ….?

  46. THIS is the logic of a university professor? Scarey. If rabid homophobia didn’t exist (the main perpetuator being religion), kids of gay parents wouldn’t BE persecuted. It’s religiously-driven homophobia which results in kids being bullied. Duhhh!!!

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