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US: Trans man’s doctor ‘failed to tell him he had cancer’

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Reader comments

  1. MadarseLizard 9 Aug 2012, 12:09am

    But why would his gender matter? Anyone can get breast cancer.

    1. In america only women can have breasts.

      1. Valerie Keefe 9 Aug 2012, 7:15am

        And yet about 1% of victims of Breast cancer are cis men.

        1. Yeah, but americans are so mentally retarded they don’t believe men can have breast tissue.

    2. Many doctors panic when faced with people with conditions outside their experience. That can be prejudice, but almost no doctors have any training that covers trans treatment, so its quite reasonable to fear doing the wrong thing, or even just saying the wrong thing, and causing harm, getting sued, and perhaps losing their license. One might think that they were scientists who should easily use their other knowledge to figure out the proper course, and refer to appropriate specialists, but that’s not really how most doctors are.

      Not making excuses, but a more professional attitude from doctors, and inclusion in training and updating of skills, and in professional journals, is something we constantly try to press for. Other want all T people shunted to separate centres. That would not be acceptable.

  2. it sounds like classic medical malpractice to me.

  3. Maybe that’s true. But in any country, anyone – including cis men (ie those who don’t ‘normally’ have breasts) – can develop breast tissue and have it become cancerous.

  4. What an ignorant doctor who overlooks that all men technically have breasts and are perfectly capable of getting breast cancer.

  5. Spanner1960 9 Aug 2012, 8:44am

    This is bizarre.
    It is a pretty well-known fact that men can also contract breast cancer – although the mamary glands remain inactive due to the male hormonal state, they can still contract it.

    In men, breast cancer is very rare. There are about 300 men diagnosed each year in the UK, compared with around 45,700 cases of breast cancer in women. That’s about one man for every 150 women diagnosed.

  6. Disgusting! For whatever reason but it doesn’t read well. Hope he gets the treatment he needs & gets better xx

  7. hang that doctor up by the nuts, then fill a suit, treat the desease you jackass

  8. Anne Davies 9 Aug 2012, 9:23pm

    You can ban discrimination but there is no cure for bigotry or stupidity.

    1. And it can be incredibly difficult to prove. Its always best to find a doctor known by others to clued up, if one can.

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