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US: Montana man falsely claimed he was beaten in anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. I wish PN would focus a bit more on issues closer to home rather than recycling quite so many of these somewhat mundane and parochial US stories.

    Fine if it’s matters of principle such as presidential intentions or states voting on equal marriage, but there are many UK and European items that are far more relevant !

    For example, here’s some really good news that you missed:

    “Republic of Ireland abandoning religion faster than almost every other country in the world.”

    “The survey showed that those Irish who considered themselves religious had fallen from 69 per cent in 2011 to less than half today. Ireland was ranked seventh in the 57 countries for those describing themselves as convinced atheists.”


    Let’s hope that the results of the 2011 UK census will be similar when they are eventually published between November 2012 and February 2013.

    (Just as well that the Office of National Statistics doesn’t count the votes in General Elections…)

    1. GingerlyColors 9 Aug 2012, 7:26am

      How about another piece of news worth mentioning in PN. British taxpayers’ money is being sent to Jamaica and Nigeria to improve prison conditions in those countries so that Jamaican and Nigerian citizens can be sent home to serve their sentences in more comfort for crimes committed in this country. I trust that money would also be used to improve prison conditions for people convicted of the non-offence of homosexuality, better still they should stop wasting money on locking these innocent people up and use the money saved to improve prison conditions themselves without getting the British taxpayer involved.

    2. I think the remit of Pink News is to report any items of news that directly involve gay people, which includes any items involving LGBT people worldwide.

      1. But nearly every single one of PN’s US stories is lifted directly from the website.

        This story is completely irrelevant and ridiculous.

      2. Did you know that there was a gay pride parade in Uganda (yes Uganda) last weekend.

        Towleroad did not report on it so I suppose Pink News never heard the story either.

        Surely a gay pride in Uganda is more newsworthy that a story about some teenager from PigsKnuckle, Montana

    3. That report on Ireland isn’t specifically related to LGBT issues so why would Pink News report it?

  2. GingerlyColors 9 Aug 2012, 7:30am

    So a guy busts his face in doing back-flips off a kerb and crys wolf by saying he’s been the victim of a violent homophobic assault. Next time the Montana Police receive a complaint of a homophobic attack they will probably treat it as another drunken prank that has gone wrong.

  3. Christopher 9 Aug 2012, 12:42pm

    Well, today I learned that the British spell “curb” “kerb”.

    1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 12:54pm

      And the Americans spell “tap” “faucet”..

      Never understood that?

      1. And faucet is like filet, we don’t pronounce the t. Remember that if you ever visit.

        1. strange… Im not changing how i pronounce words how the american girls loved my accent when I visited years ago.

  4. someone in montana going it to a bar and asking ‘where can i find a gay bar’ come on, right there is a big clue he’s drunk as hell or just plain stupit, when i visit family in helina i keep to me self

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