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Matthew Mitcham ‘most influential Australian Olympian on Twitter’

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Reader comments

  1. Evidence of how appallingly Australia has done at this Olympics.

    In 2008 he won a gold medal.

    In 2012 he has become the most ‘influential Australian Olympic athlete on Twitter’.

    What a comedown.

    1. Heh. You really do deserve a gold medal for curmudgeonliness. (I write that as someone who’s thought to be curmudgeonly himself, but you make me seem like Pollyanna!)

  2. This is worth a thousand half-hearted last minute protests about lack of LGBT inclusion and is SO much more positive.

    Wonder what effect it will have on the Equal Marriage debate in Australia.

    Hope he wins the silver medal too. (Daley for gold of course – and anyway the Australian sports minister said that in Australia silver is the new gold)

  3. We are all hoping he will win gold for Australia.

    He is a very gifted and talented person

  4. A lot easier to win Gold Medals on home soil! I wonder what the Great Britan medal tally will be in Rio in 4 years time? Also, don’t worry the Aussies will be back in full flight at the next Commonwealth Games in Scotland, when Great Britian divides into the 3 countries that it should be to begin with ! Oops, nearly forgot NI should be with Ireland! Then onto the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games impending sporting massacre in 2018! Enjoy while it lasts because there are heaps of your sporting stars retiring now the London event is nearing completion.

  5. David. He hasn’t competed in that event yet. Try to think before you post.

    That said, it will be hard to beat Qiu Bo. But he should be in semi finals for sure along with Tom Daley. Hope so as I have semi final tickets! Yippee!

    1. But it’s truly pathetic that his ‘influence’ on Twitter (a tool for self-promotion for idiots) is deemed newsworthy.

      Then again it is Pink News. Which deems it newsworthy if the PR department of a company markets an item to a gay audience.

      1. “Then again it is Pink News. Which deems it newsworthy if the PR department of a company markets an item to a gay audience.”

        If you have such an issue with PN and the way it reports stories then why do you waste your time reading and commenting on here? Why not away somewhere else that is more suited to your reporting tastes or start your own news site and we can all come over there and criticise your efforts sometime?

      2. dAVID, I have to say I agree with Kris – I can’t quite understand why you spend so much time on this site and comment so often if you have such a low opinion of it.

  6. BJ – let’s look back at Beijing. GB fourth. Australia? GB and NI are consistent with that performance at least.

    Seems like a lot of disappointment to swallow in London for Oz – the ‘nearly’ team this time.

  7. If I was 20 years younger! Ooooh Eeeer! Missus!
    We can all dream ;)

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