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London: Protest against Russian Winter Olympics’ ban on Pride House tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. Quote from the article: “The judge ruled that Pride House would lead to “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation which can undermine the security of Russian society and the state, [and] provoke social-religious hatred, which is the feature of the extremist character of the activity”.”

    I thought that was what President Putin is attempting to do. Russia is a mafia state, run by some pretty unpleasant people. It is not surprising that they would do anything to deflect attention from themselves.

  2. ….and … AND She also suggested it could threaten Russia’s population levels.
    HOOT! Both lesbians and gays have families every day! What century does she live in?

  3. Now.. 1) Sharing this everywhere 2) we need to get on it right now.. start fighting and consider BOYCOTT of games even. Using first Olympic Mission statement itself, then also can use United Nations Statement of Universal Human Rights.

    1. Gay en and Lesbians, considering boycott??? You must be kidding. Most of our communities have no balls. Beyond being interested in fashion, clubbing, gossip, celebrities chasing, you would need our lives to be physically threatened for most to lift a finger. Even then, they’d find an excuse to stay in the shadows. Activism is too involving. it involves giving time for free, being loud and standing one’s ground. The only ground gay men – at least – know to stand is that on a dance floor.

      1. I hope that’s sarcasm.

  4. If the IOC does not step in and demand full inclusion and non-discriminatory adherence, i will do my best to spread boycotting the event. What a black mark on the IOC if this is allowed. Countries that do not allow equality under their laws should not be permitted to host such an event.

    1. If I understand it correctly, the only thing that won’t be allowed is the separate Pride House. Gay athletes are in no way banned from participation or required to keep low profile.

      Personally, I don’t really see the need for a separate House. People, both straight and gay, come to the Olympics in order to compete, to chase their ultimate goal as an athlete. It’s all about sports (or should be about sports, anyway). You do not see Left handed people setting up their separate Olympic House in order to celebrate Left handed athletes, do you? :) So why do you need a separate Pride House at a sporting event? Unless, of course, you consider being gay the defining part of you as a human being and being gay is your ultimate goal in life.

      I know that being gay doesn’t define me. And I personally want people to judge me by the things I do and achieve, not by the things I was born with and had no choice in.

    2. funny but the IOC has a great resemblance to the way russia is run: a bunch of mafia cowboys !!! until the IOC stop awarding the olympics to countries in which human rights are being violated this will go on and on and on!!

  5. NaomiClareNL 8 Aug 2012, 6:16pm

    When all else fails re protesting and such, just go to the Holland Heineken House. Do remember to bring some orange clothing….

  6. colonelkira 8 Aug 2012, 7:41pm

    Wrong fight again.

    It is not against the Olympic Charter in it’s present form. We should be fighting to have the Charter changed first, then it would be easier for us to have the Charter enforced.

    The word otherwise is just too open to interpretation, let’s get to changing it!

    1. Marc Naimark 8 Aug 2012, 9:40pm

      Discrimination is contrary to principles 4 and 6 of the Olympic Charter.

      1. colonelkira 9 Aug 2012, 1:20am

        actually, it’s not. If you read the chapter PROPERLY, it only says that that every human has a right to PRACTISE sport without discrimination, has nothing to do with pride house…..chapter 6 does not mention sexual orientation at all……hence my argument that we should fight to have the chapter change.

        Why cant people read?

  7. Bad publicity is what people like this fear most so count me in.
    BTW, Holland Heineken House is up at Alexandra Palace, but Africa Village is just round the corner.

  8. radical53 9 Aug 2012, 3:26am

    Putin back in power is the worst thing to happen to Russia.

    It is taking a big step backwards again. Stalinism seems to be rearing it’s ugly head.

    Feel sorry for our brothers and sisters in Russia

    1. Don’t feel sorry for us we don’t want it

  9. ‘where Russia greets the world’, but not if one is Gay?

  10. While hosting the Olimpics have respect for other nationals,at least,otherwise you be treated the same way.

  11. Russia – what an awful country. I’m so glad I don’t live there and feel sorry for gay people that do. I think the most appropriate thing to do is boycott the 2014 winter olympics and switch off the tv.

    1. And you’re an awful person for saying this. Your country is in no way better. However, you’re free to boycott all you want, and I fully support your desire to switch off the TV. The less electricity you consume the better for the environment.

  12. There should be a boycott of these games just as there was in the Moscow Summer Olympics.

    1. Why didn’t you boycott the Beijing Games then? The Chinese even put the girls writing m/m fiction in jail, not to mention actual gays. So, why don’t you boycott China entirely? Afraid you’ll have nothing to consume then, from clothes to electronics? :) Ignore human rights in case acting will actually threaten your comfortable daily life? :D Cowards.

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