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Comment: Always picked last – rediscovering sport as a gay adult

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  1. I think the homophobia is mostly male oriented, for girls sport is an outlet, and the rumours about gay female sports teachers are abundant.

  2. A very insightful article that has brought back many negative memories of school sport, which can be a nightmare for LGBT people.

    I used to dread going to school on days we had Games or PE.

    As society becomes increasingly aware of the needs and rights of LGBT people, this problem will be addressed.

  3. It is a shame that so many kids judge the sexuality of others based on sporting ability.

    Lads good at sport are considered straight, girls lesbians.

    I always really enjoyed sport at school, but that was because I enjoyed the activity and the games. This was in spite of bullying in the changing room – the other girls suggesting they didn’t want to get changed in case I was looking. Occasionally I explained to them that, gay or straight (I didn’t really know myself at the time, and hadn’t heard of bisexuality) I would still have more taste than to be interested in them.

    My biggest problem sport-wise came after school. Looking for the right club as an adult is difficult. At school there was always some degree of protection from bullies As an adult that’s not the case. We definitely need more sports groups for adults, especially for people like myself who enjoy team games.

    Often it seems the only fitness options for adults are individual pursuits like the gym or running!

  4. I hated sports and was picked last. but everyone knew nor to mess with me cause I am smarter and could measure them cry. sports are overrated and despite what this article implies does not make you more masculine. thats right wing bull

    1. James!, I get that it was tough for you, but sports being overrated is your personal opinion. Perhaps once you find a sport you love your perception could change. I can’t stand rugby or cricket, but love swimming and water polo and joined a LGBT club to cater to this. My social life is improving in leaps and bounds and I’m building a lean physique as a result. What I’m trying to say is I’m happy, confident about my body (exercise high!), thriving on like-minded company and I’m happy. Not just because of sport, but it goes a long way. Have a look at GMFA’s website, they list every sport under the sun just about, not to mention social and cultural activities. Go get em tiger :)

  5. Great article and rings many bells thankfully new clubs like The Northampton Outlaws RFC are starting all the time :-)

  6. I know I’ll get a lot of red ticks for this but I couldn´t wait for games day, especially football. It was a game I played since I can remember, played as an adult in the US on an American scholarship and coached it and still love it today. Played a few games for Stonewall and the truth is hundreds of gay men and women love team sports and have great memories of their childhood. I know many gay men and women suffered with sports but pigeonholing all all as people who detested sports simply perpetuates the weak stereotype that we don’t excel in sports.

  7. I found PE a complete waste of time and effort at school. It was tedious, cold, unimaginative, exhausting and profoundly pointless. Though once I realised that you didn’t actually have to listen to or do what the PE teacher said it was more tolerable, and for the last three years or so I spent most PE lessons sat in the changing rooms reading a book.

    I have never liked sports, but there was never any of this bullying surrounding them where I was growing up. Nobody judged you at my school for liking or disliking things – we just all got in with life and let each other be. I find it hard to imagine a school environment where it wasn’t like that – what are all these places full of petty bullying doing wrong?

  8. Spanner1960 9 Aug 2012, 12:08am

    I never like sport,and I never will.
    All this Olympic stuff is tedious in the extreme.

    My idea of exercise was playing chess with the window open.

  9. Homosexuals genetically match the sporting ability of the opposite sex? Sadly anyone acting like the opposite sex is assumed to be attracted to the same sex. Secure in your own skin, why would you join a gay running club? Surely adult society isn’t that sick that if you had to talk to your running mates about your boyfriend they wouldn’t turn and run? I happen to enjoy kayaking and when I came out I was petrified of coming out to my kayaking club mates – they were in fact the most supportive. Respectfully I overly keep to myself but otherwise my sexuality hasn’t changed a thing. This article sadly should not be confined to a gay news sight but rather spoken about regarding kids that have differing abilities in sports to their peers – gay or straight you will be teased for being bad at rugby – bullying should be eradicated but as start it would be nice if we could start by divorcing the meaning of ‘sissie’ from that of being gay. Next lets discuss those communal school change rooms.

    1. Hated sport, hated the smell of the changing rooms, but it was made bearable by the showers, especially on rare occasions when older boys, especially 6th Formers, used them while we were changing! Why I was in denial for so many years is still a mystery to me, as is the fact that my “interest” did not manifest itself physically. Scared stiff of ridicule, possibly (or more accurately, scared limp)

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