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Brighton: Green Party councillor faces possible exclusion over equal marriage row

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Reader comments

  1. She deserves anything that comes her way. As I said before, she is accountable to her constituents first and the any fictitious being she wants to believe in second.

    1. these are the same type of people who justified slavery as per the bible and justified bans on inter-racial and black marriage to protect the sanctity of the white race

      Good ridance to the curse of right wing religion which long ago discovered that demonizing a minority group is a way to power and money

  2. I have a “problem” with bringing the assumed desires of a psychotic bronze age campfire boogeyman into the political realm.

    I challenge her to PROVE that same sex marriage strikes at the heart of anything (given that her belief is not universally accepted amongst believers) and I remind the mendacious twit that LGBT people have families too.

    Now de-select the fool and move on.

  3. Spanner1960 8 Aug 2012, 4:52pm

    One has to be a little surprised, considering Brighton has one of the highest populations of gay people per capita outside London. Surely she knew this was going to rock the boat.

    I have every respect for her faith and belief; ““I’m accountable to God above any political party. Obviously whatever the cost, if there is a cost, then so be it.”

    There is love: You’re fired.

    1. Paul from Brighton 8 Aug 2012, 10:08pm

      All very easy for you to say, and ordinarily I’d agree entirely with you, but we’re talking politics here, and whether it’s Tories, Labour, Lib Dems or the Greens they will all do what they can to get their candidate elected.

      Cue, Christina Summers – you see when Christina Summers put herself foward as a prospective candidate for the Green party, she made no secret about her traditional Christian views. In fact, she was very outright and outspoken about them. God first, etc.

      This suited the Greens as she was standing in Hollingdean an area of Brighton where a Christian would probably go down better than a Green, if you get my drift.

      Thus she was elected and all going well until the dreaded debate (unecessary really as B&H won’t be deciding on the same sex marriage, Parliament will), and out she comes with what she’s been saying all along.

      Bit like putting the forward the Parish Priest and then wondering why they come out and bring religion into it.

      1. Spanner1960 8 Aug 2012, 11:27pm

        I’m afraid that’s politics for you: One day they will sing your praises for your values, and the next day they will hang you out to dry for doing the same thing.

        The point is, she is not in some little blue-rinse constituency in Surrey – this is Brighton, and she must have known that sooner or later some LGBT issue was going to raise its head eventually.

        Although I do not support her cause, I do respect her stance, but I’m afraid that’s going to cut no mustard in the political world – you either toe the party line, or take your chances and go independent.

        1. Paul from Brighton 9 Aug 2012, 6:34pm

          Problem with the Greens is they don’t actually have a party line to toe. They’re a mess. I’m not a betting man, but I would bet my home, business and life savings that they’ll be booted out at the next election, that’s if they survive this long.

          They have backtracked on pretty much every promise they made to the electorate and their dear Caroline Lucas, MP was made to look a fool locally when it emerged that she was living in Brussels and commuting to the UK as she believed it would be unsettling to move her children back to the UK. She was then further embarassed when it emerged that she went on a driving holiday across Europe last year. And then further embarassed when she came out supporting the Smash EDO Protesters who caused thousands of pounds of criminal damage to a local business.

          Quite honestly, Christina Summers and her nutty die-hard religious views/convictions, fits in quite well to this band of misfits who through some twist of electorate fate came to be in charge!

          1. Spanner1960 10 Aug 2012, 10:55am

            Save the single-parent black lesbian whale!

  4. Dave North 8 Aug 2012, 5:09pm

    Queue the christian institute whining on about poor lickle chwistwian victims and their bl@@dy freedom of religion.

    Can’t the rest of us have some FREEDOM FROM RELIGION please.

    1. This, with a bloody cherry on top. Hear, hear, Dave. I am so sick of their demanding that we accommodate their nonsense when even they cannot agree on what it means.

  5. Rudehamster 8 Aug 2012, 5:12pm

    Accountable to a fairy story. What are these Christians like? If it wasn’t religion, her fictitious fairy worship would have her marked as certifiable. She does not deserve office of any kind.

  6. Equal civil rights for same sex couples is not a matter of ‘conscience’,

    It is grossly offensive to pretend that it is.

    Therefore this bigot needs to be kicked out of the Green Party.

    keeping her in the party will cause massive damage to the Green’s claim to support equality.

    1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 9:16am

      I always hated that phrase.

      “Matter of Conscience”

      As if being gay was “Dirty”, “To be frowned upon”.

      It’s very suggestion is grossly offensive. CAMERON take not.

      1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 11:15am

        Take Note even…………………

  7. stating that she is “accountable to God” before her party or her constituents is a clear sign that she is accountable to a “foreign power”.

    therefore, she has absolutely no place being a political representative in the country.

    legal action should immediately be taken.

  8. The Green Party should ensure that she no longer has the right to declare herself as a Green councillor.

  9. “…adamant that “marriage” is about a relationship between a “man and a woman”.

    Not when it is, finally, extended to include everyone.

    I imagine the Greens will expelled her and rightly so.

    1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 9:14am

      “…adamant that “marriage” is about a relationship between a “man and a woman”.


      Because some ignorant uneducated desert dwelling goat herders said so in a book about their imagined deity.

      Believe this rubbish all you will councillor however do NOT impose said tripe on those of us who are intelligent enough not to share such nonsense.

      How dare she even for one moment seek to IMPOSE her beliefs on ANYONE else.

      Now please F OFF.

      1. Paul from Brighton 9 Aug 2012, 6:29pm

        I said this in an earlier post, when she came before the Green Party as a prospective candidate for the Hangelton Ward, she made no secret of her views. The Green party were fully aware of her Traditional, devout Christian beliefs. They appointed her to stand for this Ward, she got elected.

        So far in Brighton, by all accounts her constitutuents are behind her and she has their support.

        I don’t agree with her, but I think there are a large number of gay people who mistakenly believe that Brighton is entirely tolerant of LGBT people.

        It’s not. And her Ward, Hangelton is not noted for being homo-friendly.

        If you’re coming along to Brighton Pride (that’s if it goes ahead…) take a bus ride to Mouslcombe Estate and declare your queerness and I’d give you about five seconds before you’re lynched.

        Sad, but true.

        1. She’s Green Councillor in Hollingdean & Stanmer NOT Hangelton you ignoramous!

      2. “Impose”? She was simply supporting what is still the law of the land – hardly an imposition. Your foul language will never further your cause and demonstrates a bullish attitude. If you are able to put together a decent, rational argument you should not need to resort to verbal abuse.

        1. Spanner1960 10 Aug 2012, 10:59am

          Belief in imaginary deities has nothing to do with the law.
          Whether you wish to follow them is entirely up to one’s ‘personal conscience’, but it should not be brought into work when dealing with other members of the public, which is precisely what she has done, so by definition she has imposed her faith on other people and their way of life.

  10. As we say up here in Scotland.

    1. Well she’s a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, not Scotland so I’m sure you know exactly where you can go.

  11. these type of people also justified slavery as per the bible and justified bans on inter-racial and black marriage to protect the sanctity of the white race

    Good ridance to the curse of right wing religion which long ago discovered that demonizing a minority group is a way to power and money

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