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US: Delaware governor says state could legalise marriage equality in 2013

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  1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Aug 2012, 2:04am

    Delaware, Rhode Island, Illinois and New Jersey should upgrade civil unions to full same sex marriage. In fact in both Rhode Island and New Jersey there is no ban still to this today on same sex marriage as there is in both Illinois and Delaware since 1997.

    So in both New Jersey and Rhode Island all the lawmakers have to do is pass a simple law that convert all the existing civil unions into full civil marriages – just like they did in both Connecticut and New Hampshire!


    Hawaii remember has a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriages since 1998. And voters will always keep the status quo.

  2. This story forgets to reference whether or not Delaware is one of those backward states (like California) where equality legislation (affecting only the equal civil rights of LGBT people) can be overturned by popular vote by means of a referendum.

    If so then this is not really good news, as it simply means that the moment the legislation comes in the christian freaks will arrange a referendum to impose their sickening christian bigotry on the LGBT population.

    If not then great news.

  3. I wish PN would find a better photograph to caption these stories.

    The current one is so hackneyed, and it looks like it belongs in the Telegraph.

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