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Obama signs military funeral protest ban bill

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Reader comments

  1. I anticipate they’ll just move their “protests” 350 feet away.
    There’s a fine line between engaging in free speech and deliberate habitual trolling which WBC exploit to a fine art.
    I think John Stuart Mill had it about right when he utilised the “harm” principle. but I still think these egregious gits deserve a long overdue comeuppance.

  2. “… we also believe that when men and women die in the service of their country… ” thousands of miles away from home killing and stealing for corporate profit. Right? RIP thou.

  3. No doubt all the Chick-fil-A eaters will be out protesting this dreadful assault on free speech??????

    1. Don’t mark me down for the above. I’m being ironic. If you don’t know irony you aren’t Gay. If you’re not Gay find another site.

      1. Are irony and a taste for cock inextricably connected? Who knew! :-)

        1. Oh yes. It’s scientifically proven.

        2. Oh Rehan PMSL!!!!!

        3. Burn Phobes burn 18 Oct 2012, 6:58am

          i’m veryold and my wife totally chickens out on fellatio. One of my gay friends has promised a lesbian who will end my virgintiy re the cock mouth game.

          I’m really scared – the instnt the lips touch my junk I’l come or poo in my pants.

          Too bad i cant get wbC to give me a rim job while I’m headed for the hershy squirts

  4. So it will be banned to protest at military funerals.

    But if you are injured in the service of your country abroad (ie engaged in theft of other countries natural resources while pretending to be defending ‘democracy’) then screw you.

    Health insurance is socialist and ungodly right?

    1. Free healthcare I mean.

      (You know universal free healthcare – the hallmark of a democracy)

      1. Burn Phobes burn 18 Oct 2012, 7:01am

        excetp for the repubs now contolled by the catholic vatican who support life

        the only wuestion is whetehr the vat or the Muslims have mrudered more epople

  5. Surely this should apply to ALL funerals, not just military ones?

    1. Was just thinking that… are they implying that some funerals are simply fair game?

    2. Mark Healey 7 Aug 2012, 3:22pm

      I totally agree with you Ejsel – this should apply to ALL funerals. There is a time and place for people to protest for what they believe – but whilst others are laying their loved ones to rest is not that time and place. There comes a point – when we as human beings – should step back and let friends and family grieve for their loss.

    3. Dave North 7 Aug 2012, 3:41pm

      We mustn’t trample that oh so holy constitution.

      You know.

      The one that allows them the freedom to blow each others brains out, and
      scream their holy pieties at minorities, albeit from 350 feet away.

  6. Christopher 7 Aug 2012, 12:59pm

    The States ha devolved into a pit of idiocy. Be thankful the Brits threw these wingnuts out back in the 1600’s. They may have nuclear weapons, but like any ignorant bully, they are astoundingly dumb.

    – from a Canadian who lives next door to them

    1. The Brits didn’t exactly throw them out. They tried pretty hard to keep hold of them in a little skirmish known as the Revolutionary War.

      1. I think Christopher might mean that they were thrown out from Britain (otherwise the 17c doesn’t really fit).

        1. Yes Cal, he’s talking about when we shipped them out from Plymouth in the 17th century, not the war of independence. I’d pay attention a little more in history class if I were you!

  7. good long over due shame its not 300 miles

  8. I,m surprised some of those holding guns in the USA haven’t simply gone out and shot the members of the WBC. I’d be horrified if they did..but not surprised. Regardless if I believe the war they die in is just or not, I try to imagine how it must feel as a family member to have to face that level of hate on the day of the funeral of someone you love.

    1. US prisons are incarcerating thousands of unfortunate men and women for extraordinary petty crimes on the ‘Three strikes and you get life’ legislation. I wonder it the courts would apply that in this case for small infringements if they protested just inside the 300 yard limit. We can but hope!!!

  9. 300 miles would be more appropriate.

    1. That There Other David 7 Aug 2012, 10:00pm

      30,000 would be better ;-)

  10. Seeing that stupid woman (in the photograph) grinning while holding up those offensive placards, and involving her children in her toxic hatred, makes me so angry it alarms me.

    1. The WBC rely on people getting riled by their actions, they are professional trolls with their own legal team – waiting for someone to get riled enough to react just outside the law whilst covering their own ass with the first amendment, then they hit their victims with a frivolous lawsuit to fund their scuzzy little operation.
      I wasn’t sure at first but when you take into account the sheer spectrum of people on both sides of the political divide they deliberately provoke it’s the only theory that makes sense.

      1. Absolutely. I never normally use the word ‘scum’, but in their case it’s uniquely appropriate I think. I feel sorry for those poor kids, brought up in such a toxic environment.

    2. Every time I see a member of the WBC standing proudly with a inane gurning ‘smile’ on their face, I like to picture a nice full sewage truck driving past at just the right moment and spraying them with a load of sh*t. I find that image helps diffuse the anger, and reminds me of the pathetic trash they are.

      I never understand why those children aren’t taken into care. How damaging must it be to grow up in a family that takes pleasure in spreading hate, and gets pleasure from other people’s misery?

      1. I agree. If you dragged a child along to a gay-rights demo and were percieved to be attempting to indoctrinate them into a ‘belief’ that ‘gay is OK’, you’d be locked up. But, if you invoke the word ‘god’, you appear to be immune. Why is it that ‘religion’ has these special privileges? Shouldn’t they at least be questioned by social services ….? Do those kids WANT to be there holding those vile plackards?

  11. They are really sick and offensive human beings in my opinion.

  12. Mister Fister 7 Aug 2012, 3:56pm

    Hopefully this will help ease in some small way the trauma and pain of those burying their loved ones by keeping these reprehensible rabble at a distance.

    What I find incomprehensible is that the members of the WBC seem to have no reason for existing other than to pursue their sickening agenda. What a complete and utter waste of life.

    1. what i find most outrageous is that they hide behind the first amendment while protesting familys mourning for their loved ones who died protecting it? they should have their childfren taken away and be persueded into a mass suicide. i wouldnt even call them human beings.

  13. Another saga in the WBC situation!

    When I read this I was ecstatic to learn that the President had over ruled the Supreme Court by signing this bill.

    It was hard to believe that after the being exonerated by the 8-1 decision of the court they even found Mr. Snyder liable for cost of WBC legal cost to appeal.

    Regrettably it is not all funerals besides military. The people are malicious enough to find exceptions to the rule after all military has not always been their focus… we should never forget their outrageous protest at the Mathew Shepard funeral (not military) as a prime example of how callus unfeeling malicious vile people can be when a family grieves the loss of a loved ones at war or through an act of violent homophobia.

    1. personally I am ‘praying’ that the next mentally unstable ex-soldier or schizoid teenager decides to take these freaks out, instead of normal people.

  14. Now we’ll hear all about infringement of freedom of speech and right to assemble etc. Well freedom of speech doesn’t mean you are free to say anything. You are not free to incite hatred and violence – and these people walk close to the line. Freedom of assembly needs to be curtailed when it presents a threat to safety or causes intimidation. I’m really surprised that one of these bastards hasn’t been taken out by a mourner.

  15. Change that to “The Honoring America’s Dead and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012” and making it 300km within ANY funeral and we might be getting somewhere close to instilling respect.

  16. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Aug 2012, 2:44am

    Long overdue!

  17. The time schedule, two hours before and after the service, will hopefully make any future protests pointless.

  18. In one sense it’s a shame that WBC have been banned from the UK, mainly because they might find the UK authorities less in thrall to the idea that aggressively disrupting someone’s private funeral counts as a ‘free speech right protected under the first amendment’.
    If they pitched up with their placards and homophobic slogans here, there would be 3 police vans and “anything you say may be used in evidence against you in a court of law”.
    The placards would probably be confiscated and sited as “Exhibit A”.
    But then again I doubt they’d be stupid enough to attempt it, as they know exactly what the law allows them to get away with.

  19. soapbubblequeen 13 Aug 2012, 7:01pm

    Good!! Despicable people, how dare they.

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