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Mitt Romney ‘supports rights of gay Scout members’

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Reader comments

  1. So he supports the right of the Boy Scouts of America to ban gay members, but thinks gay people should be permitted membership? Doublethink much, Mitt?

    1. Julian Morrison 8 Aug 2012, 10:30am

      Not doublethink, just political calculation. He knows they won’t. He tells them he’s backing them up on that. Oh, but he totally doesn’t approve.

      He is aiming for the swing voters who want a Republican but are put off by the “culture war”. It’s the same split the difference game that Obama played for so long from the other side with his “I’m evolving on the issue”.

    2. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:25am

      he knows darn well the supreme court protected hate and bigotry because the scouts are a pvt org.

      So he makes statements he knows hiss supporters realize are bulldroppings

      While trying to get the votes of fools.

  2. hold on a second he wants to deny people from rights by the state, but he wants to interfer with private bodies calling membership of them “rights” … someone needs to be taught what a right is.

  3. Christopher 8 Aug 2012, 1:54am

    I trust him as far as I could throw him.

    1. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:26am

      into the sewer processing plant about 2 miles from our house.

  4. Not a fence thin enough….

  5. GingerlyColors 8 Aug 2012, 6:51am

    Where exactly does Mitt Romney stand on gay issues?

    1. bobbleobble 8 Aug 2012, 9:54am

      He’s against gay rights except when he’s in favour of gay rights but his position shifts so much you’d get a different answer next week than the one he gave you today. How this man could even be considered a viable candidate for president astounds me, not just on gay issues but in general. And the scariest thing is he might win.

  6. What this policy REALLY says is ” if you keep your mouth shut and don’t talk about it” any gay person can join the Boy Scouts of America. That encourages an atmosphere of subterfuge and secrecy- which is not good- and can lead to all sorts of complications. it’s far better to be up and open and honest. Cant they see that?

    1. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:28am

      its actaully a DADT policy. the hate group FRC recently hired an evangelical xtian general army officier, almost certainly to lobby to get DADt reinstated.

  7. Mitt the tit!

  8. He has seemingly changed his tune on Gay rights in recent years. He wooed Gay voters when he was trying to get elected Governor but now he is taking a very conservative stance on all GLBT issues but this one. This statement shows some decency but he is Satan.

  9. He’a a hate-filled mor(m)on pig (no offence intended towards pigs).

    So he thinks gay people should be allowed to join but that the christian freaks (who run the Boy Scouts) should be allowed to ban them.

    Oh go tighten your magic mor(m)on underwear Romney, you abhorrent, sickening Republic**t bigot.

  10. Call me a cynic, but don’t think I’m alone in noticing a whiff of voter-seeking fudging on this issue.

  11. This Mitt the nit, is like a reoccurring bad dream, but he is amusing in a sad, sick sort of a way.

  12. SilenceIsGolden 9 Aug 2012, 11:07pm

    This is silly. It clearly states that he made this pro-gay statement in 1994. That doesn’t mean diddlysquat right now. He also used to love healthcare (the kind he’s not completely against) for all and brought it to Massachusetts.

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