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Argentina: Gay couple legally recognised as fathers

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Reader comments

  1. And yet, I have issues with this. Gay myself and dying to be a father one day, but it hopefully will be through adoption.

    Naturally, I do not doubt the capacity of LGBT people to raise children, but the child should come first. Is that the case when you as an Argentinian couple use a Canadian surrogate who gives birth to the child in New Delhi? Is this how we want to bring children into the world?

    I am not sure this is the way to go. I fully support equality, but find situations like this such an extreme and, frankly, selfish. Can’t imagine these are the best circumstances for a child to be born in.
    Naturally, there are equally awkward constructions straight couples employ to create a family, which I have great doubts about too.

    Kudos for the Argentinian government though for recognising both men as legal fathers of the child.

    1. This is the first time its been recognised so I assume they wouldn’t be allowed to adopt as a couple.

      1. They can, and gay couples have already adopted children- the trouble is that adoption is a nightmare in Argentina- for heterosexual couples as well as single and gay people. It can take years and years since you begin the process until they actually give you a child. This is just the first time a gay couple has been recognized as biological parents of a child. After all, the fact that only one of them can be a biological parent hardly seems to matter when the same situation arises for heterosexual couples- when a parent can’t have children and an egg/sperm donor is employed.

        1. just do what maddonna does and steal an “orphan” that has parents from Africa.

    2. Christopher 8 Aug 2012, 1:50am

      “not the best circumstances for a child to be born in”???

      Name one that is.

      As far as the baby is concerned, it stayed in a womb until it was pushed out. I can’t imagine any better circumstances for that child than this.

      You confuse the needs of the adults with the needs of the child. Sounds to me like the child’s needs have been met, in spades!!

    3. The fact that at least one of those men is the child biological father is very important to the child. While I welcome your desire to adopt when you are able to, when that child is older you have to deal with telling them that they are adopted and also explain that you are gay.

      I applaud any gay couple who can have children via surrogacy as it is not always an easy path. But I also applaud gay couple who wish to adopt.

      1. You don’t have to wait until the child is older to tell them either of those things.

        I was adopted and have never not known about it. I think waiting until a child is older and then destroying the truth as they know it is incredibly cruel and it doesn’t surprise me in the least when people say they they are in some way maladjusted, or have abandonment anxieties when they have this sprung on them all of a sudden. It also annoys me when people who were not adopted tell me that I *should* have abandonment issues etc when I just plain don’t.

        Also, why would you have to wait until the child is older to tell them you are gay, like it’s something that should be hidden until they are ‘old enough’ to understand? Children are brilliantly accepting and understanding and have huge capacity for love – it’s only later, or through bigoted influences, that children start to see being gay/atheist/insert difference as bad.

      2. I’d have no desire for my children to hide they are adopted. In fact, as soon as they would be able to understand this I wish to tell them that they were born in circumstances which, for whatever reason, prevented the birth parents to provide care but that they came into a home with two dads who more than anything wanted to provide care and love.
        If there would be any chance for contact with the birth family, be it through letters or a visit once or twice a year I’d even support that, as it has proven to be good for children in their development (depending of course on the birth parents, but considering somewhat normal circumstances).

        No need to ‘hide’ the gay factor. They will have friends with mom-dad couples, single parents and perhaps other LGBT parents or whatever. They would figure it out quite quickly. Important for them is to know that they have parents who chose for them to be in their life, love them and do whatever it is that is needed to make them feel safe and welcome.

  2. now Kirchner needs to shut up bitching and whining about the Falklands and how we “stole it” – its an independent nation with special links to the UK and they don’t want to be ruled by you.

    1. WTF does this have to do with the article posted? Take your hate somewhere else, please, this is not appropiate.

  3. Cardinal Capone 8 Aug 2012, 1:24am

    They went to such lengths, this must be the most wanted baby in the world. Who can doubt what a loving family it will be.

    It’s interesting that these countries, such as Argentina and Spain, that spent decades under brutal ultra conservative dictatorships, are now so human and compassionate in these issues.

  4. GingerlyColors 8 Aug 2012, 7:05am

    I am pretty sure that both Britain and Argentina can learn a lot from each other, for a start, if marriage equality and full rights for gays is good enough for Argentina then it is good enough for us. Sadly many people (James for example) cannot mention Argentina without mentioning the ‘F’ word and likewise many people in Argentina cannot talk about us without saying the ‘M’ word. Argentina is one of the best gay travel destinations south of the Equator and they have given us the Tango, beef, wine and Total Wipeout. It is time that we took a more concilatory approach to that country even if there are issues that we are going to have to agree to disagree on.

  5. See that Catholic Church, Argentine, a predominantly Catholic country, allows same sex marriage and now allows same sex partners to put their names on a birth certificate and see, the world has not ended! Amazing that eh?

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. I wish you a long & happy life together as a family xx

  7. Heres how our favorite church got children to adopt – it stole them from mothers who weren’t politically correct, or didnt have a husband.

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