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ObamaCare ‘will ban discrimination against transgender people’

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Reader comments

  1. So what does this mean?

    That so long as you can afford to pay for your own healthcare then hospitals can’t discriminate against you.

    Why is the US so uncivilised that it cannot provide universal free healthcare?

    1. NHS isn’t free for everything or everyone here – Obamacare is a subsidised federally controlled (not private) healthcare service.

      1. “This announcement affirms that all patients in federally funded health care settings must be treated equally and may not be denied care simply because of who they are”

        1. It isn’t clear how non-discrimination will be spelled out. It may not mean much with the different healthcare needed by transsexual people, unless someone makes very clear that for them healthcare is not adequate unless agonists, hormones, surgeries, hair removal, etc., are included too.

          This especially matters with the large proportion of under-18s whose healthcare is entirely public-funded.

      2. Yet over 40 million Americans will still face death if they get seriously ill because Obamacare does not cover them.

        The US is becoming like a 3rd world country.

    2. This pronouncement applies to every healthcare-related establishment that receives any federal funding, even say for research, however a patient’s own treatment is paid for.

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