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Annual Men’s Health survey ‘assumes readers are straight’

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmm, I would say most women’s magazines are exactly the same, and never provide reader surveys with options for lesbian and bisexual women. Funny how people only kick up a fuss when it happens in a man’s mag. Surely the issue should be raised across all lifestyle interest magazines.

    1. To be fair, I’m not sure how many gay and bi women there are out there reading Cosmo. And there are other sites (such as Jezebel) that certainly acknowledge its denial of LGBT readers.

      1. That sounds somewhat offensive. Being lesbian doesn’t make me less of a woman or suddenly less interested in all the girly stuff. Also, have you seen the amount of lingerie ads inside those magazines? ;)

  2. Locus Solus 6 Aug 2012, 11:52am

    Men’s Health is a Joke! They’ve been running this uber “straight” macho bull for years. “100 sex tip’s SHE’LL love”, “How to satisfy HER needs” etc etc. All this despite featuring more semi naked men than all the freaking gay mags put together!

    1. Locus Solus 6 Aug 2012, 11:53am

      Here’s there next “issue”: Repression!

      1. Locus Solus 6 Aug 2012, 3:18pm

        *Their… :$ Oh my

  3. I agree with Pip. I get sick of reading magazines with articles like “How to please your man” and, worse than that, the CONSTANT assumption that every reader is straight in every little comment the magazines make – even the little sides. Ther are veritable straightfests.

    Even more annoying to me is that fact that all the teens mags do exactly the same thing. The girls’ ones have ‘hunk of the week’ and talk about ‘girl crushes’ (because, of course, every teen reading is straight in their minds). They reveal gossip in a way that totally assumes all their readers are straight. They never put up pictures of attractive women, or, if they do, they make it clear it’s so readers can admire their make up or clothes.

    I find it simply aggravating, but how isolated LGBT teens must feel reading all that.

    TV can be the same too. What makes it worse is that it’s usually not even on purpose. We just don’t exist in some people’s minds.

    1. oops! “even in the little ASIDES” that should be.

    2. ‘womens’ magazines are nothing but a tool to repress women and make them conform to the mandated stereotype.

      Rad a real magazine for women, like Diva. (although you’ll probably have to look for it in the mens or porn section.)

    3. Sue Brown 6 Aug 2012, 4:04pm

      Women’s magazines definitely don’t know gay and bi women exist. You can be as kinky as you like as long as it’s for the benefit of your man.

  4. LOL ‘Real Men’ can’t possibly be gay! So of course a magazine for ‘Real Men’ wouldn’t think they have any gay or bisexual readers.

    1. TBH I think Locus Solus hits the nail on the head here. Men’s health is targeted at men who like pictures of topless men in gymshorts but haven’t figured out why yet.
      If they actually spelt that out in so many words on the cover they’d probably drop the 60% of their demographic who live in Narnia.

  5. People people please sit down these magazines are aimed at straight people which allows closeted people like me to enjoy them for years without suspicion.

    This magazine is for closeted men only. Seriously I do not know one previously closeted gay man that did not read this magazine to try find ways to better pleasure woman so that they could hopefully convince themselves that sex can be fun with a woman, while secretly perving over men. Should there be an apology/warning before every article ever written saying that this is targeted to straight people only? The day I accepted myself I stopped reading this mag and went and bought the one I always wanted to buy – the one that was unashamedly targeted at gay men. Clearly this mag is not interested in openly gay men and is only targeting the ones that wish not to accept themselves and of course bi and straight men (all of whom I know have no interest in paging through a mag full of half naked men).

    Gents, seriously why straight mags?

    1. orientation does not determine hobbies and interests. Its wrong to make assumptions of the former by the latter.

      1. Umm yes it does when it comes to your interest in sex – when a magazine is all about how to please a woman and how to look good for a woman why would you want to read it? It has some interesting things here and ther as would gay mag have for everyone. This magazine is about sex for straight people so don’t be surprised when it’s surveys are for straight people. Perhaps it should change it’s name to Straight Mens Sex but I don’t think that will fly with the public.

        1. Its not a sex magazine though, its a fitness and health magazine. the clue is in the name

  6. There is such a huge selection of great gay orientated magazines..Why would you fuss over the one typically hetero-orientated magazine on the shelf, that publishes the same old, same old – month after month? Pic a gay one if thats what you want to read – not everything has to be centred around YOUR lifestyle.

    1. why would I want to read a magazine that assumes I have no life outside of being gay? Its not my be all and end all so I am forced to look further afield

    2. It’s a gay pinup mag masquerading as a straight fitness mag.
      The dead giveaway is that they never have anything new to say other than yet more variations on how to achieve your sixpack/ get perfect pecs.
      Do you really need a monthly subscription to keep you informed about that?
      I could summarise “Do some crunches, lift some weights and take up jogging” on the back of a postage stamp, which leaves 80 pages full of topless hunks in gymshorts every month.
      Still, it serves a purpose until you’re ready to come out I guess…

  7. What’s the fuss? It is a straight magazine! Does “attitude” or “gay times” not assume their readers are all gay! I think we have to choose our “battles” carfully, rather than forcing change because we are “outraged”!!

    1. Locus Solus 6 Aug 2012, 1:35pm

      I smell a spam-bull poster…

    2. It’s simple if straight mag’s should include tips for gay guys to satisfy their man, will our gay mag’s include articles on how straight guys can satisfy their women?
      Fairs fair.

    3. Staircase2 6 Aug 2012, 4:22pm

      @John-Paul …Er that because Attitude and Gay Times ARE gay magazines…
      Men’s Health is a magazine about….er…men’s health…

  8. Hit em where it hurts….subriscripion cancelled!

  9. Suddenly Last Bummer 6 Aug 2012, 3:00pm

    Yeah I buy it for the articles……

  10. This is what societal heteronormativity means. It’s a perfect textbook example.

    This is not a straight men’s lifestyle magazine, like Zoo or Nuts or that sort of thing. It’s a magazine about health and fitness. It’s not called “Straight men’s health” it’s just “Men’s health”. So it has a responsibility to cover its subject fairly.

    And, actually, I think this issue impacts just as much on the straight male readers, They, more than we in most cases, need to be exposed to the notion that gay people are a part of all walks of society, and show that this isn’t a big deal. It is straight men, after all, with whom most of the societal homophobia and culture of heterosexist macho exclusionism originates.

    1. Good point. But the reality is this magazine is pretending to be about men’s health but it is actually largely about sex, for straight people. Why start picking holes in the survey? Have you ever seen a article about coming out and coming to terms with your sexuality? Have you ever seen a article about how to please your man – that would be a great balanced mag but sadly we’re along way off from that with this mag.

      1. Well, I don’t read magazines like this (as you could probably tell from my physique, which is best described as “sepulchral”). But I have flicked through other people’s copies occasionally, and while there are more sex-based articles in there than I would have expected from the title, it’s still basically a general audience exercise and bodybuilding magazine. I don’t mind that it has some straight sex articles in there – 95% of men are straight, so that’s fine – but that doesn’t mean it gets a free pass on its unquestioning heteronormative stance. Also, since gay-specific content would only appeal to 5% of the readership at most, it’s fine that they hardly have any. You wouldn’t expect a motorbike magazine to have regular content on left-handedness, for instance, for the 5% or so of left-handed motorcyclists.

        But this is about the GENERAL content of the magazine, equally applicable to gay or straight readers, being phrased in needlessly exclusionary ways.

    2. Staircase2 6 Aug 2012, 4:19pm

      Well said!

    3. Staircase2 6 Aug 2012, 4:20pm

      That was @VP btw

  11. I remember when GQ magazine tried to promote a reader exhibition using bikini-clad models draped across cars – surprise surprise nobody turned up. They were (are?) in complete denial that most of their readers were gay.

  12. Staircase2 6 Aug 2012, 4:17pm

    Well said
    (although I don’t get how ‘difficult’ it is for gay men to answer a question which asks if you’re married or single without reference to Civil Partnerships…)

    Outside of the admirable fight for Marriage Equality I’m not sure it’s a problem to say ‘married’ on a questionnaire…

    The thing I have real issue with is ‘she does’ as a potential answer re who does the cooking…

    Not only is it homophobic it also has more than whiff of sexism in there too…

    1. Is it homophobic? Is it REALLY??

    2. Actually your not legally allowed to refer to your civil partnership as a “marriage” or as being “married”

  13. Funny, I work in a shop and mostly sell this mag to gay men!

  14. “The options for a question about household responsibilities allows readers to say they do the cooking themselves, that they rely on takeaways or that “she” does it.”

    Yeah, probably means their mums in most cases!

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Aug 2012, 4:53pm

    I suppose gay men eating quiche wouldn’t be construed as masculine enough since real men aren’t supposed to eat and I’m surprised they dont’ include croissants. I guess that makes the majority of straight Frenchmen not masculine even though some kick, bat throw or catch balls, no pun intended.

  16. If what is alleged here is true, then then the wretched rag should at least be pressurised into calling itself ‘Straight Men’s Health’ instead. This would at least avoid the insulting character of the current title, which clearly implies that gay men are neither men nor concerned about health, or possibly that we just don’t exist.

    1. yes and Diva should be called Lesbian Diva and Pink News should be called Gay and Lesbian Pink News…

      1. You are ignoring social reality. The current title appears to address 49-50% of the population while apparently ignoring a substantial minority within that percentage, and does so by reinforcing a still-pervasive and insidious social perception that everybody and everything is and ought to be straight. At the very least that needs to be challenged. Neither of these things can be said of Diva or Pink News.

  17. This is exactly why I stopped buying it and cancelled my subscription. It assumes heterosexuality throughout.
    I dont want it to be a queer magazine but I found it’s offensive that it persistently ignored that some of its readers are queer.

  18. a lot of fuss about nothing! can’t wait until i pick up a gay mag full of tips for straights…. would i be back here reading posts whinging on about that! i wouldn’t be surprised. if the magazine doesn’t include you, you are reading the wrong magazine! just look at the pictures(which is why you bought it isn’t it?) and get the mag that doesn’t include them, for your cheap sex tips!

  19. The value of the content found in this magazine equals zero…ad after ad, survey after survey. As a fitness and nutrition oriented male I would not waste my money or time to read this garbage.

  20. I noticed that the MH Dating Lounge has options of –

    man looking for a woman
    woman looking for a man

    but NOT

    man looking for a man / woman looking for a woman

    Is that legal? I’m not sure it complies with the Equality Act rules on provision of goods and services.

  21. I personally get plenty of joy reading my Men’s Health magazine precisely for the reason that it can show off hot men without talking about cock…

  22. While I totally agree with that they should recognise their gay readers – I’m not all that fond of the “they have topless men, muscle fest = gays must be buying it to wank over” angle.

    I’ve bought a few copies of it over the years and I can honestly say it was because I wanted to get fit. I obviously skipped over all the articles about women, but yeah there was a nagging feeling that I shouldn’t have been so excluded as a reader.

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