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Australia: Tasmania to legislate for equal marriage rights if federal bill fails

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Reader comments

  1. A bold and great move by the Tasmanian Parliament. Let’s hope that other parts of Australia can follow suit too!

  2. Well done Tasmania, a brave and honourable move

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Aug 2012, 6:14pm

    Well done, Tasmania, show the rest of the English speaking world how it’s done. No dilly-dallying and no deferring to religious cults since it doesn’t concern them.

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 6 Aug 2012, 7:08pm

    I hope, Tasmania will became in the Australian gay rights history, what Massachusets already is for United States.

  5. GingerlyColors 6 Aug 2012, 7:39pm

    It is interesting to note that Tasmania has traditionally been one of the more conservative states of Australia and the island continued to criminalize homosexuality after the rest of the mainland decriminalized it. Tasmania didn’t toe the line until 1997, 22 years after South Australia although the last arrest happened in 1984. Like many other former British colonies Lesbianism was never outlawed. Since 1997 Tasmania has made considerable progress on LGBT issues, often outperforming the mainland and it will be the icing on the cake if Tasmania shames the rest of Australia should federal efforts to introduce marriage equality fail. If that is the case then will gay couples from the mainland be able to travel to Tasmania to marry and have their marriage recognized back in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, etc?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Aug 2012, 10:55pm

      It will probably end up like what we have in the UK. Currently, British gay couples marrying outside the country, returning and having their legal marriages downgraded to CPs which is a farce considering that the couple have proof of a legal marriage. At least France recognises same-sex marriages even though it doesn’t yet allow it.

      If my memory serves me well, Tasmania legislated for civil unions ahead of any other Australian state.

    2. No, the other states/terrorities don’t have to recognise other states SS marriage or unions. I think Tasmania is the only state that recognises foreign gay marriages from memory. The Federal system doesn’t have to recognise Tasmanian SS marriage. The federal system has no civil unions even at the moment and the terrorites don’t have civil unions. The states have a mish mash of things. The only thing that same sex couples have at federal level is de facto status which if you can prove then gives you the same rights as married couples in all things (I think?)

  6. Thank you Tasmania. But “same choices in life “…isn’t it more a point of the same rights for ALL Australian citizens under the law? Hey, Julia?

  7. radical53 7 Aug 2012, 5:23am

    It is at the federal level of Government who can block it.

    As they created the Marriage act and amended it in 2004 under John Howard.

    It will be a test case for the nation to watch.

    1. Actually, there’s a tricksy bit of legal logic to support them. Check out

      Simply put, Howard decided that all straight marriages are to be regulated at Federal level. The implication is that all un-straight marriages continue to be regulated by the states.

      Tricksy, but clever.

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Aug 2012, 2:49am

    I just love loopholes in thr law that allow same sex marriages!

    Got to love it!

    I noticed this in the legislation myself back in 2006!

    It took the government another 6 years to notice this hey?

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