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8,000 sign year-long petition against restrictions on gay blood donation

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  1. Spanner1960 6 Aug 2012, 1:42pm

    Just because you get a big list of people wanting things doesn’t mean it’s they right thing. There’s a big list of Christians out there that don’t want us to get married – do you want to apply the same rules?

    Gay men donating blood is simply, at the current point in time, unsafe.
    Once an accurate and fast method of HIV detection has been found, then it should be reconsidered.

  2. I, as a gay man, would not donate blood to save any hetrosexual person under any circumstances. I lost my job, of 12 years as a state officer, due to gay-bigoted neanderthals after legally marrying my partner of 21 years and changing my name to have the same name as my step-children.

    1. Isn’t that rather prejudiced? Everyone would be screaming about hate if a straight man said he’d not donate blood to save a homosexual under any circumstances.

      With your thinking one hopes you stick to your principles – should you ever need an urgent blood transfusion, insist that you’ll not accept any blood until it is proven it comes from a gay man. Else it’s a bit hypocritical, that heterosexual you’d have let die might well have saved your life.

      A vlie statement Aydin.

      1. A statement I WILL back with my life. Not all of use live with rosey glasses on. I will end my new found prejudice when all hetros end theirs, or no longer will shrug their shoulders and say “what can I do about that?” I have lived years and years with prejudice forced upon me and my kids. It is now time to treat hate and prejudice with equal treatment. As for dying due to no transfusion, that is a real possibility. I have no medical insurance and cannot get any due to my losing my job because I am gay. Preach to someone else kelvin.

  3. I know lots of heterosexuals who have unsafe sex all the time with different partners (strangers) and never get tested for anything let alone HIV, and that includes anal sex. I have been for screenings and I’ve been with the same partner for 11 yrs. Who is more likely to be infected with something? I rest my case.

    1. Spanner1960 6 Aug 2012, 2:46pm

      Wheel out the old “They do it so why can’t I?” straw-man argument every time.

      Because we have to base it on demographics, and the statistics state that gay men are at considerably higher risk of HIV infection than straights.
      That is a FACT.

      You haven’t got ANY case. Sorry.

      1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 6 Aug 2012, 3:29pm

        We don’t have to base it purely on demographics. Individual donors are screened before giving blood, and they are alive, conscious and able to answer questions. It would be a different matter if we were talking about, say, organ donation, where the donor is unable to answer questions.

        The problem is that they don’t want to offend straight customers by asking them questions about their sex lives. This has been admitted by the BDS when they were asked about the discrepancy with female partners of bisexual men being banned for longer than the men are. They’d rather make blanket bans, even though they screen out perfectly viable donors, than bother to screen people properly. They’re inconsistent in other ways: people with ME are banned from donating blood for life, but allowed to donate organs.

        The countries which have dropped this homophobic blood donation ban have had no increase in HIV transmission through blood donation. There’s no reason why why shouldn’t follow their example.

        1. Spanner1960 6 Aug 2012, 7:18pm

          There you go again with this over-reactionary knee-jerk “homophobic” crap.

          Gay men have only themselves to blame. If they want to donate blood, they need to reduce the prevalence of HIV spreading by keeping their dicks in their damned pants.

          1. or maybe our straight brothers need to man up and visit the sexual health clinic as much as we do, out of all my friends ONLY the gay ones go to the sexual health clinic – NONE of my straight friends do. Therefore my gay friends know whether they are positive or not whereas my straight friends don’t know/care because they think it won’t happen to them.

  4. It isn’t a ban, you can donate if you have not had such a sexual experience in the last twelve months. That is not a ban, it is common sense.

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