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Singer Mika: If you ask me ‘am I gay?’, I say yeah!

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Reader comments

  1. Not that I want to be cynical or reductive, but “I don’t like being labelled” to “bisexual” to “gay” is hardly an unusual or unpredictable trajectory, is it?

  2. I think a lot of gay people evolve this way.
    First, it’s a dislike of ‘labels’ (which is always ironic as they don’t mind labels such as ‘man, teacher, doctor, son etc’), then it becomes an ambiguous bisexuality, and then they come out as gay. He has my sympathy, but I hope he’ll eventuallly admit he was gay all along but simply scared to come out. Nothing to be ashamed of, and closer to the truth than some excuse.

    1. Possibly, Robert – or maybe simply not quite sure, hence the ‘bisexuality’ label. Some people know from an early age that they’re gay, but it takes longer for some people, and although some of those may be scared of what they know inside to be true, others take longer to realise their true feelings.

      1. I’ve got to agree with Iris, for some it is not straightforward and you genuinely go through “predictable trajectory”. At no point have i been dishonest, but went from having a girlfriend, to being very confused, to having a boyfriend and shared 10 very happy yeras to date. I have no idea why, but maybe it wasn’t cynicism on Mika’s part and just late development… Or graduated degrees of self acceptance is his background culture is far less tolerant than our own. Either way, i’m pleased he finally feels at ease about it.

  3. Who cares? Never even heard of him. And this is news? Why?

    1. Never heard of him? How’s life in Siberia?
      When any person comes out I consider it good ‘news’. Some people find it hard to understand the impact that people in the public eye coming out can have on younger people who may be struggling with their identity. Better late than never, Mika.

      1. I don’t live in Siberia either and have no idea who this Mika is.
        There’s no need for the drama-queen snark.

        1. Relax, Mikey. Just a joke. x

          1. really, just a joke, and an opportunity to bitch and down-rate people?

          2. You don’t know me. I’m nice.

          3. Mika’s song, Grace Kelly, was number one in the UK for 5 weeks. He has been nominated fourteen times for major awards such as MTV, Grammy, World Music and Brit – with 5 wins. But, My Dad probably hasn’t heard of him either. He’s 77. With the amount of airplay Mika has had it is unlikely that anyone who has listened to any music station in the last 5 years will not have heard him. If you never listen to pop music why comment? BTW, I only listen to Radio 4.

        2. If you think what Cal said is a ‘drama-queen snark’, what do you think of jafuf’s original remark?

          (I have never knowingly heard Mika’s music but even I know about him, from reading about him on PN as much as anything else.)

  4. Dan Filson 5 Aug 2012, 12:09pm

    Best unkept secret!

  5. He’s as camp as Christmas and is only now being honest as his career is over – pity he never had the courage to come out when he had an audience who would listen to what he was saying – another missed opportunity to show a gay man in the public eye – he took the easy way out for the sake of his music career – shame

    1. completely agree!!!

  6. Didn’t he recently bring out Golden? That was a hit wasn’t it.. hey, I think Mika is awesome but I think everyone with atleast a 50% operational gaydar knew Mika was 100% gay

  7. We are Golden was released 3 years ago though hardly recent

  8. Same old same old-first ambiguous-then nobody elses business-then bi- and FINALLY-THE TRUTH!
    Sad thing is it will go on happening-look at John Travolta! How old is he now?

  9. Why is it that when someone gives different stories at different times, people assume the one they wanted to hear all along is the “true” one? Much more likely, people just get fed up of people continually harassing them to fit into one of the two socially sanctioned boxes, until eventually they just throw up their hands in resignation, and say, “Okay, I’ll get into this box,” just to get those annoying, narrow-minded people to shut the hell up. Mika has pretty much said that this is what he is doing: he didn’t say, “I am gay”, he said, “If you ask me ‘am I gay?’, I say yeah.” In other words, “If you won’t listen to what I am actually saying, and just keep on asking the same inane question over and over again, there’s no point in my trying to explain. I’ll just tell you what you want to hear.”

    1. Truth is if he had the balls to say “yeah ” when he was actually relevant it may have made it ( only slightly) easier for youngsters to come out – we need more positive role models
      Now he’s no longer in the media it’s too late and of no importance

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 6 Aug 2012, 1:53pm


    2. I’m so agree with you !

    3. Where does that leave Tom Daley and Colin Jackson then? They both keep saying they are not- but keep getting asked if they are?

      1. I m from Wales and its pretty much assumed that Colin is gay – of course it would be great if he would just come out and say it – but I understand it takes courage being in the public eye. Thing is I don’t think people will be surprised so maybe not as big a deal as Colin ( and Mika ) may think
        As far as Tom is concerned, if he is gay ( and I for one don’t think he is ) then same applies only as he is such a big name then it will be more difficult especially as he’ll break some many young girls hearts ! If he is indeed gay then it would be great to see him be proud and come out – my feeling is he’s straight though (sadly !)

  10. Bi now, gay later.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 6 Aug 2012, 1:55pm

      Sir/Madam I salute you!

  11. Last chance to revive a flagging career. Is he expecting me to go an buy a record now that I know he’s gay? Is it really that harder to come out in the public eye (any harder than for normal people in everyday life?) He should have had the guts to answer questions truthfully when he first ahd the chance.

    1. Yes but truth is he may have sold less records if he said he was gay so he was probably made to say he was bi by his record company so as not to alienate any of his fans whether girls or boys .The music business is all about one thing MONEY

      1. I don’t think that’s fair. Everyone needs to go through their journey – only once you are truly comfortable with your sexuality can start running to the press proclaiming it. He probably was experimenting and couldn’t even admit to himself that he is only attracted to boys – for some of us it takes a looong time to accept this. Big up to him for being open – I know tons of homos who have been living together for half a decade but still won’t confront their parents with the truth let alone the planet!

        1. The problem is it will always be like this until people in the spotlight have the courage to be honest – I m not saying its easy but it’s the only way things can change for the better and being gay is not seen as such a big deal . Every little step helps

  12. well, his new album is coming out in september after a two-year absence… giving the prints something to talk about perhaps?

  13. Suddenly Last Bummer 6 Aug 2012, 1:52pm

    Headline should have read; “Career Over, Pop Star Comes Out”.

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