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Elton John: ‘Madonna is a fairground stripper whose career is over compared to Lady Gaga’

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Reader comments

  1. Another playground tantrum

  2. Looks like Elton needs publicity again, I’m sure Madonna is having a good laugh at him as usual!

    1. yup, he does have a book to promote. Isn’t it ironic that his new book is titled, “love is the cure” :)

      practise what you preach, Elton!!

  3. He is a dried up old queen and was rubbish in concert when I saw him a couple of years a go on New Years Eve

  4. Who wrote this article? It’s rammed full of typos and errors!

  5. Robin Evans 5 Aug 2012, 11:43pm

    Ohhh Please, what do you take us for PN – your stuff gets more and more tawdry by the day… REPORT THE NEWS PLEASE and leave your opinions out…

  6. GingerlyColors 5 Aug 2012, 11:49pm

    Recently, Lady GaGa was described as ‘The New Madonna’. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Madonna is a has been. Madonna is probably the world’s most successful female single and still enjoys popularity although she is not as prolific with the hits nowadays. Young people like to seek out new talent and Lady GaGa with her brand of techno music now enjoys the popularity that Madonna once enjoyed. I must admit I quite like Lady GaGa (I’m 46) but I still enjoy Madonna plus many other acts from the 1980’s some of which are still performing. One day some one else will step into Lady GaGa’s shoes.

    1. David Myers 7 Aug 2012, 7:32am

      I don’t think anyone will ever step into Lady GaGa’s shoes in terms of her political dedication to fighting for GLTBQ rights and opposing bullying – of everyone.

  7. He needs to jump off Gaga’s dick. Like, seriously. Did Madonna push him away in the past when he tried to find a fag hag?

  8. Bitch fight! Really though, both Elton and Madonna should have hung up their heels while at their peaks. It is just embarrassing now to watch Sir Elton trying to be cool and Miss Madge imitating Gaga. They had their time in the spotlight, so why not take the millions and enjoy themselves? Because neither can stand not being the centre of attention…

    1. First of all, I respect Lady Gaga tremendously for all that she has done for the LGBT comunity, she’s with no doubt our most important ally in the entertainment industry. Her music, well, not so much. And to say that “Miss Madge” is “imitating” Gaga is quite funny. All that Gaga has ever done was to imitate Madonna in everything she does.

      Just my two cents.

  9. The only time Elton gets in the news these days is by slagging of Madonna! Because she is the most successful chart act in the world of all time, the most successful Solo touring act and is arguably the most famous person on earth! Also please remember that gaga started this btw feud by lying to the press and saying Madonna’s people had given her permission to steal her song, which was a big fat lie, and now she is playing victim because she is feeling the wrath of THE QUEEN, little girl should shut up and Elton should simply stop being!

  10. motorocker 6 Aug 2012, 1:23am

    Evidently Elton isn’t aware of the amount of money that Madonna has made so far with this tour. He is a sour old woman!!!

  11. grammar check???

  12. let’s see: Dame Elton is criticizing Madonna for criticizing Lady Gaga?

    He doesn’t think that Madonna has the “authority” to say anything about the simple truth that there are MANY similarities between Madonna’s “Express yourself” and Gaga’s “Born this way”?

    Who the hell gave Dame Elton the authority to make that sort of insane statement?

    He’s a talentless hack. He’s a freaking POP singer. What the hell does he know about music? Nothing.

  13. radical53 6 Aug 2012, 6:15am

    All these stars of the past have past their used by date.

    Madonna has even cancelled her Australian tour again. Getting very repetitious. Forgotten how many times she said she was coming here.

    She should have the decency to just retire now as she does not need the money. Just be a mum.

    1. Just be a mum. Don’t be a queen.

  14. I was a huge Madonna fan back in the day. I lost interest in her following Truth or Dare…and haven’t been moved to hop back on the Madge train since. As for Lady Gaga I don’t own any of her music and never will. She’s interesting but nothing more than a passing fad like Britney, Beyonce, Mariah, etc…None of them have the staying power like Madonna.
    And yes, anyone with the slightest bit of musicality can tell Born this way borders on the brink but falls just under the 16 bars one can legally use of anothers work without facing copyright issues. Which is why Madonna has not pushed the issue…although if it were Elton John and not Madonna his ass would have had Gaga in court so fast her meat dress would still be mooooing. But then again he’s a washed up old queen which makes it funny that he would dare say such things about Madonna. He hasn’t had a hit since he had the “brilliant” idea to re write the lyrics to his earlier hit Candle in the Wind for Princess Diana’s memorial.

  15. Carl Rowlands 6 Aug 2012, 8:05am

    Dreadful language. How on earth can you pretend to profess to be a role model of any description and feel it appropriate to use such foul language. What an absolute pleb!

  16. Thank God someone had the balls to say this out loud. You were amazing Ms M and a trail blazer in your day, a innovator and a dirty dirty girl! There will NEVER be another like you, you are unique. But every dog has its day and yours my dear is growing to an end, please be gracious, be the Queen you are & gracefully exit stage left before you embarrass yourself

  17. Well said Elton John. It’s about time someone put that old has-been in her place.

  18. Madonna currently has two law suits against her for copyright issues. First one is her complete copy of ‘João Brasil feat. Lovefoxxx – L.O.V.E. Banana’ and also for track samples the 1977 song ‘Love Break’ in “her” song ‘Vogue’.

    The sheer fact she keeps trying to accuse GaGa of copying ‘Express Yourself’ is hilarious to me.

    Elton John is spot on with his comments.

  19. He sounds even more desperate and bitter than he normally does

  20. Oh – and there is not a ‘feud’ between Madonna and Elton.

    She never mentions or acknowledges him

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Aug 2012, 9:41am

    Those are brave words coming from a man in a wig.

  22. @dAVID – And why does she not mention him? Ask yourself that. If she feels so brass to mention GaGa, why not mention Sir Elton? Madonna wouldn’t dare try and take a “pop” at Sir Elton because he’s more successful than her and has had a longer career than she has. Madonna fans have no angle to attack Sir Elton credibly; just look at these comments for example. All the pro-Madonna comments are all silly nonsense like “Elton is a dried up old queen”. All they can resort to is petty high school name calling. Their is no real substance to their agruement against Sir Elton. Fact.

    1. “Madonna fans have no angle to attack Sir Elton credibly”

      Aside from the fact that last year he prostituted himself for cash to be the wedding singer for extremist homophobic bigot Rush Limbaugh?

      And also because he repeatedly performed gigs in South Africa at the height of the Apartheid regime there?

      I suspect that Madonna doesn’t mention Reg because she simply does not care about him or his opinions or his music.

      Elton John on the other hand cannot seem to go a week withou throwing a tantrum.

      As I said – he is a desperate, pathetic man.

      1. Are you seriously trying to say Sir Elton has “prostituted” himself for money and Madonna hasn’t? Madonna has done and continues to do it. So dAVID, get over it. It is his career. Just like Madonna’s career is in the music industry. It’s all about money these days. You’re making out as if Madonna is whiter than whiter and everything she does is for Human Rights and the greater good. It isn’t and she doesn’t. Furthermore, Sir Elton is desperate and pathetic? Really? Compare his career and life to yours. How exactly is he desperate and pathetic? Because he has an opinion on Madonna? Because he chooses to defend Lady GaGa against these petty attacks by Madonna? If you’re so pro-Madonna dear, why are these attacks by her on GaGa justified by you and the majority of PN readers? Are they not just as pathetic as Sir Elton’s attack on Madonna?

        1. Madonna does not profit from the proceeds of homophobia or racism like Elton JOhn does – that shameful series of concerts he performed in South Africa during the apartheid era; and the wedding singer gig he did for that extremist bigot Rush Limbaugh.

          He is a desperate, bitter old man.

          1. David Myers 7 Aug 2012, 7:36am

            So again you fail to mention that he donates his fees – particularly from Rush Limbaugh’s wedding to his AIDS organizations. Get some perspective – oh that’s right your a troll! So you’re excused for your lack of perspective – because you don’t care anyway!

      2. dAVID, let’s not get off topic here; we’re talking about their music and their careers, not their opinions on Human Rights issues. If you do not like Elton John because of those two items, then that is your choice darling, but get things in perspective here. If you’re going to debate with me on a topic, stay on the topic. Thanks.

        1. OK – well Madonna’s music career is in a far healthier place than that of desperate old hasbeen Elton JOhn

  23. I’m not sure you could pay me to care about this stuff. It doesn’t matter, people. Move along, nothing to see.

    For the record, I can’t stand any of their music.

  24. Wow really, Elton?

    I like Lady Gaga just fine, she appeals to the young, but she imitates not only Madonna, but also Grace Jones (who has also criticised Gaga for lack of originality) and Lisa Minelli, Queen and whomever else who did everything that Gaga does long before Gaga was even born…

    Gaga is not original, but so what? Everyone thought Deep Purple was so original with Smoke on the Water, but they copied it from some Jazz duo.

    Very few people are original.

    Elton on the other hand, is very tedious with his tantrums. It’s not as if he saves his PMS for Madonna, I remember several stories in the news of him slagging off on reporters and whomever.

    At least Gaga and Madonna have the class to ignore Elton Crybaby John.

  25. That There Other David 6 Aug 2012, 12:48pm

    What a great way to embarrass yourself in public. Seriously Reg, at your age you should know better.

    1. And Madonna at her age should know better than making unfound, catty remarks and actions against GaGa who also embarrasses herself in public. GaGa has 0 lawsuits against her in terms of copyright issues. Madonna has 2. Go figure.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Aug 2012, 1:06pm

    When is this washed-up attention-getting-drama-queen going to quit? He needs to get over himself. Madonna has made more money than he can shake a stick at and has spoken out in support of equal marriage. Where is he on this? Nowhere!

    1. He said a while ago that civil partnership is enough …

  27. I hate to be mean, but Elton John is really no oil painting and it’s been a very long time since he had a song in the charts your average punter on the street could hum. So, I don’t think he’s in any position to criticising anyone’s looks or career.

    1. Really? Nor is Madonna. Especially when she’s got several lawsuits against her for copyright issues.

  28. wow talk about being a bitchy old queen, when was your last award winning album elton?

  29. Haha, the bitchy comments here are as bad as Elton’s.

    Why are any of you bothered about which celebrity said what about whom? And as for arguing over “who is better”, please! How old are some of you?!

    Crazy how this gets so many comments when it isn’t even news.

    Less celebrity tittle-tattle and more journalism please PN!

  30. Kathleen C. Nesbitt 6 Aug 2012, 1:28pm

    I’m sorry, were the copy editors on a bathroom break or something? It’s very hard to take an article seriously when it is full of spelling, grammar, and usage errors. Please be more attentive in the future. Thank you.

  31. I like Elton Johns new album.

  32. Suddenly Last Bummer 6 Aug 2012, 1:46pm

    Elton criticises a performer for criticising a performer. Ironic huh? Will Elton please just fluck off and die already.

  33. I like Elton but this is so unnecessary. It’s between Madonna and Gaga, he has no business poking his nose in. Gaga can fight her own battles. He doesn’t look very well though (at least in that photo.) :/

  34. Didn’t she just whip her titty out on stage again…..Now Now Madge…behave, its not as if you (or your tits) are young.
    Bold Madge…very bold

  35. “Sir Elton, who had previously described ‘Born This Way’ as “the new gay anthem” said that Madonna had no authority to criticised others in the industry.” – But clearly he does have the authority then, after all, his career is going great guns???

  36. Sir Elt seems to have the same scriptwriter as the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, who this week claimed Madonna was once a prostitute. Shouldn’t that give him cause to reconsider?

    She is out there in homophobic countries making very positive publicity, even writing the local causes on her body to ensure their being noticed at concerts, and indeed paying fines for “promoting homosexuality”. What has Sir Elt done recently? A photo-call on the Riviera with another millionaire gay couple that bought a baby?

  37. I never liked him. I did love some of his music, but not his attitude. And saying Madonna’s tour is a disaster? Please… she’s breaking the record of her previous tour which happens to be the holder of the world record. Nothing unusual for Madonna. If anyone can talk about a dead career that’s Sir Elton.

  38. I absolutely love Madonna and I also love GaGa. I don’t get why Ms. M likes to critique her every now and then honestly. I don’t approve of Elton’s pure hate towards Madonna but really… she needed to be told somehow.

  39. lola ciconne 18 Aug 2012, 6:27pm

    ELTON JOHN IS COWARD , madonna come out gay first ( after JML Video) than elton ellen and many Other Coward than now want to take a credit for to be the gay pioneer artist . madonna bring gay to spotlight and we thankful for that . gaga is untalented without Originality what so ever Not smart people behind of her tell her what to do . and elton John is a disgusting he doesn’t represent me as gay .

  40. Madonna rules, Elton and Gaga suck.

  41. Elton has produced two masterpiece albums in just two years (number 3 and 4 in the American charts) and he is THE AUTHORITY to tell when someone like Madonna has lost all her energy and has become a shadow of her past.

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