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Travel: Barcelona’s ten-day Circuit Festival returns (part two)

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Reader comments

  1. Nice ad

  2. Great to see some positive comments about inclusion here!

  3. What a load of crap !!! These events are advertised by guys with near-perfect bodies, for guys with no fat on their bones and attended ESSENTIALLY by the same stereotypes. There is no stereotyping, just the plain truth. Sad but true.
    this article is nothing but a free advertising for the organisers, rather shameful

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The pictures used to advertise the avent speak for demonstrate your point well

  4. I’m with you guys. I’d rather stay at home, pour me a tea and curl up with a good book than hang out with those five alley cats with the distorted abs in the PR photo. At least I’d be able to get up and go to work the next day.

  5. I came away from the article still without the foggiest idea what Circuit is.

    1. A circuit party is a dance party , that you preferably attend in a country where you don’t live. The crowd is composed a vacuous clones that wear the latest fashinable underwear, designer shades. You will meet the exact same guys you had met at the last party. the tickets are fashionably overpriced, the music predictable.
      I did attend a few so i know what I am talking about.
      If you are not interested in predictable fashion, taking a lot of illegal drugs, dropping “fabulous” and “gorgeous” every other sentence, you will be looked down on as a freak – at best.
      Shallowness at it’s pinnacle.
      Oh and if you go with your boyfriend, it’s considered kewl for half the attendees to have a taste. Enough said.

  6. The statements in this article are a bit disingenuous. Matinee who puts on Circuit started it a few years ago by piggy backing on the efforts of people putting on Loveball (which wasn’t great either).
    Matinee uses all their money on promotion and advertising. The parties are notoriously poorly planned and executed with the minimal amount of entertainment and no notion of what a circuit party was really about. Circuit parties started as disco parties in the 70s and reached a peak in the 90s before dying out for heavy drug use (it’s hard to have a dynamic party with lots of synergy if everyone is in their own mind space). I live in Barcelona. Here there is a big gap between the tourist and local drug addled gays and the guys who you’d actually like to meet and hang out with. Circuit is the worst example of the lowest common denominator of gay lifestyle you can imagine. Lot’s of drugs and people trying too hard. The stereotypes of a vapid gay party are in full swing.

  7. Disrespectful for someone else to put on an event?! Theirs should be the only one and only they should make money out of herding gays around a bunch of identikit clone parties?

  8. Whatever haters – if you spent less time being negative and more time at the gym maybe you’d have a different position! Circuit parties are the most fun ever, and everyone is up for a good time and super-friendly, regardless of pec-size or abs! Of course there are always going to be some nasty bitchy queens about that love themselves, but that is the exception rather than the rule in my experience.

    1. Haters? Nobody here is talking about nasty, bitchy queens…it’s the drugs and unsafe sex that worries the sane. I’d say the same about rave parties.

  9. Hi guys! If you are looking for a central hostel in Barcelona, this is a nice one and its next to the venue of tomorrow’s party megawoof.

  10. it seems to me the guys who need to go to gym the most always have the most jacked up faces…

  11. Its funny about the advertising because 90 percent of the models they use are straight! :-)

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