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New Hampshire: Chick-fil-A manager to sponsor gay pride festival

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if this man will be fired for this.

    1. I suspect that branches are on a franchise basis so in effect it his business which trades under the Chick-Fil-A name. However it does raise the question of whether the company would then try to prohibit him from sponsoring the event.

      1. will his franchise be renewed, will his product show up on time, and usable when it does?

        1. As I understand it, you don’t renew franchise. Once you have purchased it then it is yours. Unless someone else knows how franchises work?

    2. Hopefully he will be removed from his position, as Chick-fil-A is a private company, they should terminate his contract, as a form of gross misconduct against the company.

      1. If they do, it would be a breach of Chick-Fil-A’s own diversity policy!

      2. Sean, you are trolling a gay website. Anything you’d like to get off your chest???

      3. You clearly have no idea how the franchise system works. If this is indeed a franchise then this man is free to do whatever he wants as it is his own business trading under that name.

  2. A brave move, one which I hope he suffers no bad repercussions?

  3. Very brave stand and to be appaluded

    1. I’d be appalled if it wasn’t applauded… :-)

      1. Oops yeah applauded !!! ;-)

  4. Well done that man. That takes cojones.

  5. Too Little Too Late

  6. If more Chick-Fil-A managers took this stance, then the company might well have serious pause for thought before promoting bigotry.

    On a similar vein, the silent christian majority in churches who don’t support bigotry need to get off their arses too and let the homophobic minority be aware of their views.

    To take a leaf out of their book.

    “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

    [Edmund Burke]

  7. All money raised by this ‘gay-friendly’ Chick-Fil-A will contribute to the suppression of LGBT rights.

    Chick-Fil-A (all of them) indirectly fund the suppression of equal rights.

    1. Not necessarily. The more franchisees that follow suit, the more the Head Office will have to back pedal.

      1. Wrong – ALL franchises have to pay Chick-Fil-A headquarters for their franchise.

        Therefore this so-called ‘gay-friendly’ Chick-Fil-A will be payng headquarters out of their proceeds.

        Buying food from this company at Pride simply means that LGBT will be funding their own oppression as Chick Fil A headquarters fund the suppression of LGBT rights.

  8. As far as I am aware, Dan Cathy never said he didn’t want gay people eating his greasy food. His issue was with equal marriage based on his perception of biblical guidelines. Anthony Picolia has said nothing to contradict Cathy so I would be very surprised if he was fired. Indeed, Cathy may even be grateful to him (or behind it?). Anyway, Gay friendly manager or not I won’t be eating there.

  9. Any picture would have been more appropriate to illustrate this article than a logo promoting the homophobic company. PN still has a lot to learn …

    1. That might just be a good thing – they have no operations in the UK to “promote” as such, and personally the only thing I associate their logo with now is homophobia. In a country where very few people had previously heard of the company they’re making an extremely negative first impression – if they ever planned to expand into the UK market I can’t see them being particularly welcome at this point.

      1. Any publicity is good publicity. That’s the reason celebrities go to any extent to appear in tabloids and magazines. You may consciously associate this company’s logo with homophobia, but your subconscious will associate it with food.

  10. It’s good to see someone with some authority in the company doing the right thing, one can only hope it spreads to other branches in time and gives the head office pause.

    1. This man has no authority in the company. He simply owns a franchise. Under their franchise agreement, Chick-fil-A could stop him if they wanted. But since he has not stated that he disagrees with the coporate position, they can enjoy this as a win for their company and a loss for the LGBT community.

      The company is getting good press in progressive areas where people can now justify going to the restaurant because this franchisee is not a bigot. The company will face no backlash in conservative areas because this is just a rogue franchisee in New England and dosen’t reflect the true values of the company.

      All that the New Hampshire Pride Fest has done is given cover to a homophobic company, and helped to rehabilitate their image. The local franchise will take in more money to send directly to Cathy’s pocket and to the various anti-gay and hate groups the company actually sponsors.

  11. OutMaturity 4 Aug 2012, 7:03pm

    Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I suspect he is a franchisee, but I am sure there are “rules” on how he is supposed to play by as it relates to the “Chick-fil-A” brand and I wonder if they will let him sponsor this festival using the name.

    Great though that he is taking a stand in support of fairness!

    1. He is not sponsoring the Pride Fest. He is simply renting a booth space just like the local Humane Society and other local groups and businesses. They are letting him pass out free food (he is not allowed to sell his product).

  12. I hope and pray that he does not lose his job or his business as a result of his courageous stand. Well done for standing up against your ignorant anti gay bosses. Even a positive sponsoring of a pride event may backfire, but then again if your bosses look at the falling figures they may change their minds. Money speaks volumes. However the damage has already been done. Your company will never be the same as it was. People may be willing to forgive, but history never forgets.

  13. GingerlyColors 6 Aug 2012, 12:09am

    LOL!!! I hope Antholy Picolia doesn’t cook his goose over this! It is wonderful to see someone like him stick two fingers up at homophobia! Turkeys voting for Christmas…..

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