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Travel: Barcelona’s ten-day Circuit Festival returns (part one)

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Reader comments

  1. Nice to have some clear background info on this. When do we get to see Part 2??

  2. Wish I could go :(

  3. Circuit is just an excuse to do drugs and risk end up having unsafe sex. I know I’m going to get pulverized for thinking this but Circuit parties are like gin parties during prohibition – they had once had a purpose, but they have had their day. If a bunch of pretty boys with 6 pak abs want to attract attention, go to the beach. You can work on your tan and avoid a hangover or worse.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Aug 2012, 10:50am

      You’re going to unleash the fury of a thousand Dolce & Gabbana worshipping queens with that comment Eddies, as will I no doubt.

      1. I am gonna put my Dolce & Gabbana chain somewhere where the sun don’t shine Suddenly Last Bummer and you will enjoy it ;-)

  4. Bless!

  5. Maybe you should read both parts of the interview before making such a negative analysis Edward.

  6. The vast majority of gay guys do not have 6 pack muscled bodies, but these type of ‘parties’ seem to consistantly advertise these events with this type of body type. I’m sure the vast majority of guys who don’t have bodies like this, like me, will be instantly put off in attending due to this one sided advertising of guys who just don’t represent the average gay guy. Is this party only for muscled 6 pack guys? Would they state this? Proberbly not for fear of offending others, but the imagary leaves you thinking this really is the only type of guy they want attending. So i will not.

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