Give us some idea of the kind of work that goes into organizing an event like this…

*Laughs* At the moment I’m working 12 maybe 15, 16 hours a day, it’s crazy, but it’s because now we have less than a week to the event and everything is going crazy preparing all the production and stuff, but it’s an amazing, huge, exciting adventure.

Has the economic crisis in Spain and around Europe affected ticket sales this year?

Well I was worried, and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. There is fear of spending money, even in the relatively safe economies of France, UK and Germany, but by now, touch wood, ticket sales are going perfectly, in fact the All Access passes are close to being sold out, and the single advance tickets, we’re selling even more than other years – so by now, we’re confident that at least it’ll be the same as last year. But it took more days than previous years to sell the same amount of tickets.

Find out about rival Circuit events, Girlie Circuit and Circuit stereotypes in Part 2, coming soon.