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Russian social network only allows users to post straight relationships

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Reader comments

  1. Leigh Hamilton 2 Aug 2012, 5:50pm

    I think there’s a small error in this article – “same-sex relationship” should be “opposite-sex relationship” in the second paragraph.

  2. Like most Russian-speakers (and some learners) I’ve been on VK for ages, and it’s always been this way.

    VK has attempted to get more europeans to sign up, and even offered Russian-members iPods as gifts if they could drag in more European punters. It’s even possible to switch the interface from Russian to English.

    But Russia is decades behind the west on social matters (sexism is also alive an well) and the VK team will simply be bewildered that anyone would want to display their same-sex relationship.

    I get around it by simply mentioning I’m gay in the “About me” section

  3. So what’s the point of using it? If a service doesn’t meet my needs, I simply choose another service.

    1. If it is the only one in your country offering same sex contact, you have little choice.

      Not everyone can hop on a plane to the next most enlightened country.

      1. It’s really not. :D The idea of VK being the only social network or the only website where Russian people can meet each other is utterly ridiculous. :D

      2. Spanner1960 3 Aug 2012, 8:22am

        I thought Russia was full of rich entrepreneurs.
        I’m sure there are plenty of people out there aware of the power of the Pink Rouble, so it should’nt be difficult to create a ‘Gaydarski” or some such.

        Necessity is the mother of invention.

  4. Just use facebook lol.

  5. Yet more backward thinking from those Russians!

  6. Omar Kuddus 3 Aug 2012, 12:56pm

    First the uproar about Facebook, now that VKontatke, which has, in the past, reported around 120 million active accounts, only gives the option of an opposite-sex relationship on user profiles, speaks volumes of what Russia thinks about us LGBTS.
    This does not violate Russian law, due to its stand on equality and with the anti-propaganda laws shows that Russia has no intent to welcome its LGBTs.

    1. vkontaKTe

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