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Lebanon: ‘Anal probes’ used on 36 detainees at gay cinema

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Reader comments

  1. Typical muslim freaks.

    1. The New York Times estimates that 63% of the population of Lebanon is Christian – so your suggestion might well be mis-placed.

      1. Stu, the Muslim population is more like 45/50% now, Christian population is about 38% with lots of other Christian denominations.

        The New York Times is out of date with their figures.

      2. Only furthering my current dislike of Christians and their stupid religion.

      3. All religions are pure and utter evil, islam is the most common in the area.

      4. I must admit I always thought Lebanon was one of the more Christian of nations in the Arab world.

  2. “The policeman who lashes the whore has a hot need to use her for the very offense for which he applies the lash” [Hitchens, “God Is Not Great”]. Nuff said.

  3. Sounds like the police are the perverts. What a bunch of ignorant tossers – sounds like the 60s/70s here – couldn’t imagine going back to that. Of all the countries in the middle east that I fancied going to, Lebanon was probably top of the list. Not now.

  4. All over the Muslim world, it’s the same appalling attitude towards gays and lesbians.

    I’ve lived and worked amongst Muslims in a number of Middle Eastern countries. They have much the same sureness that devout Christians and Catholics have that homosexuality is an absolute EVIL.

    And that means they are dangerous.

    Yet there are just as many gay men and gay women in every Middle Eastern country as there are in liberal Western countries. And, sadly, all of those gay men and gay women in Muslim countries are suffering under Muslim homophobia.

    1. They don’t treat women that well either ?

      The supposedly heterosexual men in these countries are an utter disgrace.

  5. “Nonetheless, he said, “it shouldn’t be surprising… that the country where Hezbollah lives still has a long way to go.””

    This is shameless propaganda. For God’s sake, focus on the story and less pinkwashing. This is a serious human rights abuse than merits more serious and mature commentary than this.

    “The Islamic Republic of Iran is Hezbollah’s main patron and both groups are part of the same global terror network. The Mullah-clerical regime practices lethal homophobia in Iran.”

    How about Israel’s strategic allies in the Middle East; Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

    1. It’s not pinkwashing to report on the struggles of LGBT people in the Lebanon who face a tough struggle (but conditions are better in the Lebanon than the rest of the Arab world – certainly better than Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Iran (which of course is not an Arab country).

      However there seems to be something very fishy with the agenda of this story.

    2. This article didn’t day anything about Israel. It points out the fascist oppression of gays in Iran and points out that Iran’s partner in it’s fascist ideology, Hezbolah is influencing a persecution of gays in Lebanon.

      Not everything is about Israel. But if I had written the article, I would have pointed out that Hamas also oppresses gays like Iran,

  6. Enta Horr” (“You’re Free”) on Murr TV (MTV).

    “You’re Free”. Yet again those who like to use (misuse) the word freedom are the worst offenders against it. Who in their right mind would consider spending their hard earned in these places?

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Aug 2012, 6:36pm

    So, if there are gay porn cinemas, I assume there are straight ones? If that’s the case, do the police do a penile search of the male patrons to prove they’re heterosexual?

    Nobody could pay me enough to set foot in any of those countries. I wish all of their gay people could leave their respective hell holes and come to the west.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Aug 2012, 10:44am

      If they did come west I think they’d not be too welcome in South Kensington Robert.

  8. I stopped reading when you blamed Hezbollah. You know nothing of the group and that’s obvious here. Hezbollah does not impose any morale or social code on the Lebanese.

    This means that on issues that are sinful in Islam like alcohol and pork consumption, homosexuality, and night clubbing, Hezbollah does not restrict these things. Instead, it leaves it up to the public to choose which side of the fence to be on.

    This is in line with a democracy. The issue here is more of old laws that haven’t had enough attention in a long time.

    If you have done an ounce of research you would have known this.

    1. Stuff the religious and there ignorance.

      No research needed, they clearly excel in perpetuating handed down traditional nonsense, without question.

      “This means that on issues that are sinful in Islam like alcohol and pork consumption, homosexuality, and night clubbing”

      In other words. Ignorant Mob mentality.

      All well and good, but if you so desire such archaic nonsense to prevail, please keep it where it belongs.


      1. I find your comment very offending. I did not say anything like that about the gay community. Why would you attack a religon like that?

        It seems like Hezbollah is more democratic than you. They at least leave the option up to the people without offending any community with ignorant comments.

        The same can’t be said of you.

        1. I’m neutral toward religion – let people worship (or not) in their own time according to their conscience. But Hezbollah is a hateful, violent, indefensible terrorist organisation. Shia is a religion. Hezbollah is a disease.

    2. Hezbollah is a terrorist group, who took to the streets with guns when the state tried to exert authority on their statelet. And while the killing of civilians is never justified, most of the civilians killed by Hezbollah (in Lebanon or Israel alike) have been Arabs. Hezbollah is cynical and dangerous.

      1. True

        But it has zero relevance to this story.

        1. I was responding to another person’s comment.

  9. Noblesse_Oblige 2 Aug 2012, 7:51pm

    What kind of a f****d up world are we living in? Is poverty, famine and war not enough to occupy ourselves with? This illustrates the worst of our species traits. To dominate… someone, anyone, it really doesn’t matter. There are times, (and this is one of them) when I’m ashamed to be human.

    1. Just found that out. Lucky you…

      1. Noblesse_Oblige 2 Aug 2012, 9:58pm

        Nope, not ‘just found that out’. Knew it already. The reality of it all, the disgust, jumps up and slaps me in the gob periodically.

  10. Terrible story and I hope pressure can be exerted on the democratically elected Lebanese government to release these men.

    But who are all these ‘experts’ commenting in the story?

    There are lots of comments which by ‘experts’ who seem to have an agenda other than helping the LGBT population.

    Please explain how specifically they are experts on LGBT life in Lebanon – in particular Michael J Totten (isn’t he a neo-con who was wildly in favour of the Iraq war. What’s his agenda?)

    And considering Lebanon and Israel’s fractured history why is the American Jewish Labor Committee regarded as an expert on LGBT rights in Lebanon?

    Very strange and weird reporting here.

    I think this article should be labelled a ‘comment’ piece.

    1. And isn’t the author of this article – Ben Weinthal the Berlin based correspondent for the right-wing Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post (and doesn’t the Jerusalem Post favour war with Iran? And what is his history about reporting on LGBT life? Or has he ever done so before?

      (Google is very useful – the answer seems to be ‘NO’).

      And vile as Hezbollah and the Iranian government are – do either of them have any direct link to the arrest of these men?

      If so then what is the link?

      If not then why are they being linked to the story?

      Agendas seem bubbling beneath this story.

      I would appreciate if Pink News would be a bit more clearer about the political agendas of the writers.

      Why wasn’t an LGBT journalist living in Lebanon asked to write this story?

  11. In fact isn’t this article simply an unacknowledged word for word reprint of today’s Jerusalem Post article?

    1. I thought it was common editorial practice to acknowledge the originating publication of an article?

      Something like ‘This article appears courtesy the Jerusalem Post where it was published today’.

      Just asking.

      1. Who is voting this down?

        It’s a very reasonable question.

        Why is Pink News posting articles by right wing Israeli journalists with no history of or experience in writing about LGBT life in Lebanon and not acknowledging who they actually are and what their other agenda is (war with Iran.)

        This reminds me of last year when Pink News posted a piece by extreme right wing, racist, Russian-hooker Michael Lucas about the Arab Spring, without mentioning his history of extreme racism.

        It really makes you wonder about Pink News.

  12. friday jones 2 Aug 2012, 11:31pm

    So the penalty for watching a “sodomite film” is to be officially sodomized by a State “doctor” whose license apparently came out of a box of Cracker Jax? Their top national import seems to be Irony.

  13. Have the police never heard of condoms? Sheesh.

    1. Has Pink News ever heard of a Lebanese LGBT journalist?

      (Instead of getting neo-con, right-wing, pro-war heterosexual journalists with no history of LGBT reporting; pretending to give a crap about the LGBT population.)

      It’s very irresponsible of Pink News.

      But Pink News has history in this.

      1. I think we can all agree that a Lebanese LGBT journalist (or at least someone with experience of life for LGBT people in the Lebanon) would have been a FAR more appropriate and credible author.

        Check out the link in my comment above for Dan Littauer’s article – that’s a FAR more credible article than this neo-conservative, pro-war nonsense.

        1. Have to agree about Dan Littauer (and usually his pieces are very reasoned, balanced and thought provoking).

  14. Unlike this neo-conservative heap of crap published by Pink News.

    Why did Pink News seek out heterosexual, neo-conservative, pro-war rightwingers with zero experience of reporting on LGBT issues to write this story?

    And why did Pink News not acknowledge who they actually are?

    Remember that Pink News has a very bad record when it comes to this.

    It is now twice in the past year that Pink News has used rightwing, prowar neo-conservatives to report on the Middle East, where they have not acknowledged teh writer’s rightwing agenda – Michael Lucas and now this one.

    Fair enough if Pink News supports war and is racist, but at least be honest about it.

    And apply the same standards they expect from the BBC to their own reporting.

  15. What I meant in my condom comment, was that a lot of men, if they do have sex, will use condoms. Probing for anal semen wouldn’t find that. The police are already wasting their time with this hateful, homophobic action.

  16. Attempting to blame Hezbollah for the arrests is nothing more than appalling propaganda, regardless of their position on homosexuality.

    If PinkNews would bother with someone who speaks the language of the region, then you would know that the campaign against gay cinemas leading to the raid on Plaza was initiated by Murr Television, which is closely linked to the fascist Lebanese Forces and supported by the US Embassy.

    They claim that the cinemas should be closed because they are filthy and disease-ridden. Although they support (clean) homosexuals. They had campaigned against migrant workers, leading to several attacks by racists and police.

    You would also know that most other major media organizations denounced the raids (on 3 cinemas) and Murr TV and that the Lebanese minister of justice called for a moratorium on rectal examinations.

    The article also forgot to mention that those methods are used by Israeli occupation forces during interrogation of Palestinians.

    1. agree with that. laying the blame on hizbollah seemed a very strange thing to do when the company responsible for this wave of homophobia is owned by a christian and hizbolla doesnt figure into this story anywhere. Murr TVs coverage of the event has been riddled with homophobic language. this is true to type for them. whether it is migrant workers, palestinians or queers, mtv just feels the need to demonise minorities. and why was this not reported on by a lebanese person who had some knowledge of the climate in lebanon? surely there must be somebody there who would be willing to write on this issue? the write of this article has motives that are suss.

      1. Even more bizarre is why Pink News deliberately hid the far-right, neoconservative, pro-war, heterosexual nature of the jourbnalist.

        What with this story and the article by renowned racist last year Pink News clearly has zero credibility on reporting from the middle east

  17. And old Bendydick XVI is off there quite soon…?

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