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Olympics accused of lack of action against discrimination ahead of LGBT sports event

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Reader comments

  1. MycroftBrolly 2 Aug 2012, 3:20am

    Well done Peter! I fully support and back your campaign. I really hope the IOC will listen and take note this time round!

  2. It won’t have any effect for these games but protests like this my make a difference for Rio. I hope there is a good turn out.

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Aug 2012, 11:53am

    Can’t someone please buy Peter a fleshlight to keep him occupied for the next number of weeks until the Olympics are over?

  4. Matthew Mitcham is hot ;)

    1. That picture is very distracting from the article I have to say :P

      1. Yeah i know very . :D

  5. I’m very surprised that there isn’t a ‘Homosexual Olympics’ specially created with special ‘rules’ for the poor homosexual – after all there are all other homosexual-only haunts.

    If homosexuals want to take part in Olympics, then do, its about how you perform, not about your sexuality.

    1. Perhaps you should compete in the bigots only Olympics!

    2. Homophobe of the year award?

      1. Aiden would like to think of himself as a leading homophobe, but he lacks the ability to be a leading anything.

    3. Spanner1960 2 Aug 2012, 6:05pm

      There is, it’s called the gay games.

      That shut you up, didn’t it? Dicksplash.

  6. Spanner1960 2 Aug 2012, 1:01pm

    Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has once again opened his fat gob over utter trivia. Hasn’t the man got anything better to do than his incessant whining over such minor issues, just to keep his face in the media.

    Like I suggested earlier, maybe he should go over to Central Africa, where they have genuine problems, instead of boring the arse off the rest of us here.

    1. Spanner by name…..

      1. Spanner1960 2 Aug 2012, 6:01pm

        “Spanner in the works”
        Why else do you think I picked this name?

    2. Staircase2 2 Aug 2012, 2:38pm

      You are such a dildo…

      1. Spanner1960 2 Aug 2012, 6:02pm

        An d you are a lefty neo-Marxist sycophant.
        Takes all kinds. sunshine.

    3. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Aug 2012, 4:53pm

      You’d think so but in Central Africa he wouldn’t garner any of the attention he craves and receives here.

      1. Spanner1960 2 Aug 2012, 6:00pm

        It might if they found his head stuck on a pole…

  7. Didn’t spot any reference to the battle for GLBT rights in the much lauded Olympics opening ceremony.
    A lot of people like Aiden below want us to keep quiet and be invisible.
    We must still be out loud and proud!

  8. While Peter’s efforts to make a change is admirable, I doubt IOC will listen to his plea. IOC have denied ‘One Minute Of Silence’ for 40 years in order to please Muslim countries. It feels like the death of those Jewish athletes are being ignored. Why hear the plea of the minority when it could result unrest among Muslim nations? Should they withdraw, those fancy sponsors would withdraw too when there is less sponsorship to claim at other nations. Thus, I am not suprised if IOC ignored LGBT community because it is just the way they are.

  9. Correction. Aiden above!

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