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Lord Mayor of Belfast first DUP representative to attend Pride event

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Reader comments

  1. Whilst I never thought I would ever see the day a DUP politician would attend any LGBT event (officially and publically) – I am disappointed (although not surprised) at the vehemence of anti-equality rhetoric from the Lord Mayor.

    It is good that he wishes to engage with every section of society and that he realises that he has no more value than LGBT people. However, his approach to how policies impact on LGBT people is to treat them as unequal. That needs to change. The DUP are realising they are on the wrong side of history (in my view), recognising that changes have to be made but failing to make many of the changes and fighting against change.

    Until they categorically demonstrate a true grasp and measure of equality then they are the most homophobic party in Westminster and Stormont.

    1. He is utter scum.

      He does not want to ‘engage’ with the LGBT community.

      He wants to ‘cure’ them – like that adulterous, cradle-robbing harlot Iris Robinson also does

  2. The DUP, doing its part to keep the “Dumb Irishman” stereotype alive and well…

    1. On another thread you chastised people for stereotyping Christians as homophobic and then you come here and say this.

      I think you just blew your credibility.

      1. I didn’t say that I believed or supported the stereotype, but that positions like this help to perpetuate those stereotypes. Its not hard logic to grasp – well, not hard for people with an IQ in double digits. In fact, it ties in with my position on your hatred of christians – extremists lead to you perpeuating and believing the stereotype that all christians are homophobic. Positions like this only help to perpetuate stereotypes.

        Got back and learn to READ, you dumb Troll. You just blew your own credibility as an “intelligent” poster (not that I thought that of you to begin with though).

        1. Christians ARE stupid though.

          If you educated and believe in a sky fairy then clearly you are lacking intelligence.

          1. Since when were we discussing the intelligence (or lack thereof) of religious people? I know some extremely intelligent people who happen to be religious (not necessarily Christian, mind you), so I know first hand that the two are not mutually exclusive.

            Now, if we’re talking religious extremists, who place a belief in some mythical god above all other

          2. ….who place a belief in some mythical god above all other things, even reason and logic, then I agree with you. But not all religious people are like that. I know many who, for example, fully embrace evolution, seeing it as their god/gods tool of creation. A healthy symbiosis of religion and science I have no objection to.

            I do object to the extremists – but as Hayden points out (admittedly in a childish attempt to score ‘points’ or some such bollocks), I also do not believe that responding to the extremists with equally hateful language is the solution. And I do call out that hateful rhetoric. Just as I call out the rhetoric of ‘preachers’ opposed to equality.

            A couple of years ago I attended Manchester Pride with a group of friends. Once the parade had passed, we walked back along the still-closed parade route. At one point we passed a ‘christian’ with a megaphone going on about how ‘gays won’t inherit the kingdom of god’. Of all the people there, who responded? Me…

          3. I called out, loudly, “because it’s a myth!”. The cops running escort on this Extremist gave me looks that honestly were not friendly. And my friends were all dragging me away before it could go further. And you know what? They were right to do so. It was anstupid thing to do, responding to his hatred with more hatred is not useful or productive. Hopefully in time, others here will learn that lesson too.

    2. Actually the DUP identify as British. Sinn Fein identify as Irish and are delightfully supportive of GLBT equality. Perhaps they are influenced by the memory of Roger Casement, a martyr to the Republican cause, who was hanged for treason by the British in 1916. He was Gay and voraciously promiscuous. His ‘Black Diaries’ are full of anatomical detail of the naughtiest kind. Worth a read.

      1. I wish you were right about Sinn Fein … but alas the only thing Sinn Fein is interested in is Sinn Fein. They talk a good talk on this and many other matters but there is absolutely NO evidence of any affirmative action.

        1. On equality they are taking a very different position from the DUP. That is obvious whatever your suspicions are. Any party who speaks up for Gay rights in Northern Ireland are taking a risk. Hats off to Sinn Fein for their stance.

      2. I always thought it was like English and British – I’m English but identify as British as well. I guess I just thought it would be the same over there, Irish who identify as British, basically being two at once.

        1. Some do but a relatively small minority in my experience

          1. Huh, well, learn something new every day.

        2. It’s not as simple as English/British. Allegiances are heightened there because sovereignty of the 6 counties is contested.

    3. Except that the Lord Mayor is ‘British’.

  3. It was interesting to see the reference to Poor Mad Iris. Is it not the case that she spent some time in a lunatic asylum, a place in which many DUP members should be incarcerated.

    1. ‘Lunatic asylum’

      Thats Stormont!

    2. Has Iris ever been charged with theft from the taxpayer.

      She ended up in the nuthouse to avoid prosecution.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Aug 2012, 3:48pm

    “He reportedly added that he would defend party members’ anti-gay comments on the grounds of free speech.”

    Well then, don’t play the victim card when we and others denigrate and villify a religious cleric or congregant as a matter of free speech. Of course, free speech only applies if one happens to be religious and in opposition to LGBT rights. Drop dead, Robinson!

    Another thing, he needs to provide the evidence in saying that equal marriage makes marriage mean nothing. Eleven countries allow it, surely he can find at least one hetero marriage that has been diluted into nothingness?

  5. “The DUP are on a learning curve and it was good to see Gavin here tonight. I’m glad he accepted the invite and I hope it’s a sign of things to come.”?

    So he turns up and spouts a load of homophobic claptrap?

    Some learning curve.

    1. Well, attitudes seldom change overnight. Let’s hope that by turning up and listening to what others had to say his mind was opened up to new possibilities. Baby-steps …

      1. My thoughts entirely, Rehan; at least he went, saw and hopefully, learnt a little more about the lives and attitudes of some of the men and women he represents.

  6. This guy is scum.

    Utter scum.

    He is as extremist and homophobic as a politician can get.

  7. That There Other David 1 Aug 2012, 4:44pm

    Oh yawn. He’s doing this because the widening gulf between his own reactionary excuse for a party and the more forward thinking Sinn Fein is gaining traction with middle-ground voters.

    Sinn Fein will be the largest NI party after the next election, and the DUP are running scared. The demographics are against them and their fire and brimstone rhetoric.

  8. You would have thought that if he wanted to be on a learning curve he would just turn up, keep quiet and watch – after all thats how people learn by watching and listening to others rather then running their own mouth.

    1. BINGO!

      Hear, hear!

  9. DUP – BIGOTS, PR stunt nothing more, Sinn Fein succeeded in passing a motion in Omagh council in support of marriage equality, the DUP councillor Tom Buchanan stated that homesexuality was ”sinful” and an ”anbomination”. This was on Monday night. Fair play to Sinn Fein they have passed 3 marriage equality motions in Belfast, Cork and Omagh

  10. The DUP are nothing more than bigots.

    I’m a unionist, but that’s the only thing me and this party have in common.

    My local DUP MLA is a crook too, he was caught playing football whilst claiming benefits due to his inability to walk unaided. And yet the court let him off.

    They’re the most hypocritical, insensitive and backward bunch of absolute tossers.

    That’s my wee rant over lol.

    1. That There Other David 1 Aug 2012, 8:23pm

      They’re all on the take, just as Iris was. Having family in Ballymena I’ve seen this bunch of people operate first hand, and I utterly despise them, their corruption, their twisted ideas about religion and their hypocrisy. The day they lose office in NI I will be partying big time.

  11. The process of change has to start somewhere, and it’s not realistic to think that it will magically happen overnight. So Gavin’s initiative should be given a cautious and proportionate welcome in the hope that it can be encouraged to develop over time.

    The key point is that he’s only 27, so he’ll have plenty time to evolve, unlike dinosaurs such as 74 year old Ken Maginnis (formerly of the UU) who can be written off because they will never change before they fade away.

    Just being at the event was quite a radical step for the DUP, so it’s hardly surprising that he toed the party line; he’d have probably been expelled if he hadn’t !

    I suspect his evolution may be similar to President Obama’s: he might well be favour of gay marriage but is weighed down by DUP baggage so can’t yet say so publically.

    The important thing is to recognise that although starting from a very low base, change is slowly happening. The flickering flame of hope must not be blown out by undue impatience.

    1. Unless he wakes up and realises that the Buybull is a badly written, work of fiction, designed to give meaning to the lives of desert dwelling, illiterate peasants, 2000 years ago, then he will not change.

      He is being wilfully ignorant and stupid.

      Does the Lord Mayor of Belfast support the notion that Iris Robinson should be stoned to death?

      If not then why not? The Buybull is very clear on the punishment for adulterous harlots.

      1. Adulterous harlot. Love it. LOL

      2. @dAVID

        Gavin might well be much more intelligent than that, but with so many bigots in the DUP to appease he would be severely constrained in just how far and how fast he can go.

        I share your frustration, but a soft, softly approach is the best we can expect: half a loaf is better than no bread.

        If you persist in condemning ANY progress because you consider that it’s too slow, then you’ll get ensure that we get absolutely nothing at all. Gavin and others will just give up if they’re criticised by bigots and gays in equal measure.

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