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Connecticut federal court finds DOMA unconstitutional

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Reader comments

  1. …So where does this leave things? How many judges must rule it unconstitutional before something is done about it?

    1. The courts that have spoken out on it have been mostly district. However, there have already been at least one appeals court I think. Anyway, some of the cases may end up before the Supreme Court this coming term.

  2. More and more pressure on the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional!

  3. Hurrah! USA, slowly but surely you are getting there!

  4. SilenceIsGolden 2 Aug 2012, 1:02am

    You forgot to mention another crucial reason why DOMA has to go: immigration rights for foreign partners of US citizens! My partner’s been forced to live in exile for 12 years now because her country won’t give me a visa. Thankfully we have other options, but many don’t. Besides, we should have the freedom to choose were we live, like straight folks.

  5. its going to our supreme court.

    I certainly cant speak for them but they tend to follow the populace and precedents on an issue.

    the court is typically 4 – 4 with Justice Kennedy a swing voter on many issues

    If you see the insanity of the repubs, its because the next president will most likely get to nominate two new judges. Two of the liberals are quite old

    And the senate must concur in these nomination.

    In America its like watching the battle of the bulge unfold with the next election.

    the bad people know that as America goes on this issue (and to some extent England) the future of gay rights in general hangs in the balance.

    We shall see.

  6. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 2 Aug 2012, 12:40pm


    It is not just about immigration rights. It is the fact that over 1,157 rights, obligations, benefits, entitlements and responsibilities are banned for same sex couples – just because of section 3 of DOMA.

    I am very surprised that Vermont, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia has not had any cases challenging DOMA as of yet!?

    Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and New York State have all challenged DOMA as of now.

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