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Welsh footballer’s account sends Tom Daley ‘prank’ anti-gay tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Left his phone unattended my a**e! If he did, why on earth wasn’t the phone locked to stop someone else from using it?

    1. My phone isn’t locked.

    2. It’s called ‘plausible deniability’.

    3. Rhoderick Gates 2 Aug 2012, 2:14pm

      lol, I don’t use a lock.

    4. Spanner1960 20 Sep 2012, 5:48pm

      I don’t need a lock. I never leave my phone lying around.
      If I did catch anyone fiddling with it I’d break their fcking fingers.

  2. Why are they not investigating who *did* send the tweet if it wasn’t him??

  3. Everything’s gay these days. I’m surprised people aren’t bored of it yet. It comes as no surprise though, I’m sure it won’t be long before gymnasts and other sportspeople get this when they don’t get gold.
    ‘bum each other @teamHIV’???? Yes, offensive, but to the extent it’s boring and unoriginal I feel.

    1. Have you considered that ‘everything’s gay’ (which everything is NOT) is that way mostly STILL because of homophobic idiots…? If your straight community hadn’t sidelined gays to the margins for centuries you wouldn’t now be having to complain about them speaking out, would you?

      1. You assume I’m straight which amuses me and leads you to your reaction which couldn’t be less to do with my comment.

        As a gay man I happen to have my ears and eyes open, hence my comment ‘everything’s gay these days’. I see and hear it everywhere and I don’t like it. However, the @teamHIV and use of the word ‘bum’ just made me sigh as it was clearly so childish and idiotic. I’ve never liked name calling, trolls and abuse etc, but this tweet almost made me not care any more. If that’s the best they can do, well they’re not going to get very far.

        Seems a lot of people misunderstood my comment as I have a lot of dislikes.

  4. Yeah, and my dog ate my homework.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 31 Jul 2012, 11:18am

      Either that or big boy did it and ran off.

  5. I’m glad to see the issue is being treated seriously, as it is downright hateful, so very pleased that twitter is dealing with issues and so are the cops. There’s no room for this kind of behaviour, never should be.

    1. But yet again, the person responsible for the homophobic tweet gets away with it.

  6. Oh, and it would be of GREAT consolation to me if I didn’t get gold but could then go and bum either of them :-)

  7. “was the victim of a very misguided ‘prank’. ”

    A likely story!

    Seems to be the stock excuse of homophobic footballers after a homophobic tweet: someone grabbed my phone and posted the tweet without my knowledge.

    1. And funny how often the ‘pranks’ are homophobic, isn’t it?

  8. Keith Farrell 31 Jul 2012, 11:09am

    It is too easy to blame others for what goes wrong, if it is your phone or your computer then it is your responsibility to make sure nothing is posted, I know virus’s have been a problem, I tend to think that it is mostly the anti virus companies that manufacture the virus in order to get more business. but if you are a responsible person you make sure to prevent anything like that

  9. This player needs to be immediately suspended.

    If his phone was left unattended then he needs to report all people who could have stolen his identity and report these people to the police.

    (Of course this won’t happen – Daniel Thomas is a lying bigotted scumbag who wrote that tweet himself. He brings the game of football into disrepute).

    1. Further into disrepute, I’d say.

  10. Is there a police investigation into the alleged ‘identity theft’ of Daniel Thomas.

    If not then why not?

    1. Reasonable point.

      Of course, the police could jointly investigate the homophobic hate crime (which Thomas denies he perpetrated) alongside allegations from Thomas. You never know they might come to a conclusion that even more strongly links the two matters together

  11. Whatever he’s done or not done – he is cute

    1. The photograph is of Tom Daley, not Daniel Thomas.

    2. How shallow are you?

      1. Spanner1960 31 Jul 2012, 2:54pm

        He’s gay. It comes with the territory.

        1. Speak for yourself.

  12. I’m going to be in a minority here (I usually am) but I don’t see the problem with this. Particularly in view of the other reported tweets that had been sent to Tom Daley.

    Is it the hashtag #teamHIV that has got everybody worked up? Or is it that anyone who is straight that makes reference to anything gay is automatically “anti-gay”.

    I think the guy should man up and admit that he sent it and take whatever punishment comes, if any.

    1. I’m with you Steven. I don’t see it as a big deal. In fact my (gay) friend texted me something very similar yesterday. It’s flipping joke – just because it insinuates they are gay is not homophobic. Unsurprising to see the usual comments here about the player being suspended, fined, arrested etc. etc. (Admittedly the #teamHIV bit is pretty disgusting).

      1. I think it is pretty homophobic, and what he said about the guy’s dad was really horrible, but police investigations/suspensions are taking it a bit far. If everyone who ever said anything stupid on a website lost their job the economy would be empty.

        1. If I called my colleague a racist term I would be fired on the spot and rightly so.

          Why do you think sportspeople should be subject to different rules to the rest of us?

        2. You’re confusing two different people. The 17 year old who tweeted about his dad has been arrested.

  13. ‘“Upon being informed of the matter, we immediately distanced ourselves from any offensive messages whilst investigating the matter further.’

    From a distance?

  14. So proud that my s**thole of a home town has made pink news – yey. This is typical of the very small minded town that I left as soon as I could!

  15. We all have our suspicions about Tom being gay/bi. And any one that says they dont are being untruthful! But a comment like that is unwarranted and disgusting .

    “bum each other @teamHIV”

    How distasteful and shows this persons intellect and understanding of LGBT people and sports men a like .

    What good does a comment like that to anyone?

    1. casparthegood 31 Jul 2012, 7:02pm

      “we all have suspicions” – really? It’s more like wishfull thinking I suspect. sorry guys even if he is gay I doubt if he is going to jeapordise all that lovely sponsorship loot by coming out any time soon (sadly)

  16. It’s the teamHIV bit that’s the most offensive here- It’s serious Robert because HIV IS serious. You can’t ‘joke’ about someone having a potentially fatal disease- and you can’t joke about the people who get HIV getting it through”bumming each other” We all know that the overwhelming HIV cases in the world have been obtained through heterosexual sex and intravenous needles.

    1. You assume too much again about my comment. And please do not lecture me about ‘the seriousness of HIV’ as I am fully aware.

      I don’t believe in dictating to people what they can and cannot say. I also think this poor footballer probably has immaturity issues and needs to assert his masculinity. I feel sorry for him.
      I would much rather however, the FA and other organisations start rolling out proper training and awareness in its clubs and across schools than waste time chasing after some idiotic upstart who enjoys himself with childish taunts. He is simply acting in a way that is acceptable in his culture, and without changing culture we’re just instigating witch hunts for idiots.

  17. Meh. It’s a disgusting thing to say but I can think of dozens of better uses of police time than hunting down who made what stupid remark on the internet.

  18. That’s a blatantly lame excuse.
    I knew people back at college who used other people’s unattended facebook accounts to pull dubious stunts like this, and homophobic jibes/ bogus outings such as that are invariably aimed at the poor sap who left their facebook account open, NOT third parties whom neither person has met. Most immature pranksters aren’t that machiavellian.
    Someone got caught red handed and is making a poor attempt to cover their ass.

  19. Maybe he’s just unknowingly expressed his own repressed desires and fantasies.

  20. Jesus Moran 31 Jul 2012, 1:49pm

    There is always a brainless footballer making this type of derogatory comments about gay people , the reason is probably the large amount closeted gay cases in this sport , footballers are all gay , sorry victoria!!!!

  21. Katie Kool-eyes 31 Jul 2012, 1:52pm

    “someone stole my phone and tweeted it in my name” my left foot!!!!
    He wrote and and he knows it. He vented at Daley via the internet and did not expect his actions to have consequences.

    Well guess what, they do. The time of footballers saying what they want about anyone they want is over. Maybe if he wasn’t so homophobic and actually took a moment to think about who may be effected by what he tweets, he wouldn’t be in trouble.

    This is happening in the football community far too often to be considered the “laps of judgement” or “prank gone too far” labels anymore!!! There is a serious issue and this very situation has come up time and time again.



    1. Rhoderick Gates 2 Aug 2012, 2:17pm

      How can you know that, for certain? You’d have to be there with him at the time.

  22. Spanner1960 31 Jul 2012, 2:55pm

    Well, is it me, or am I seeing a whole hog of innuendo and hints about Tom Daley’s sexuality? I’m not saying anything for or against, but it would be wonderful if he did turn out to play on our side. What a role model!

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 Aug 2012, 2:31pm

      And lose potential sponsorship? Hardly. Daley won’t come out until he’s caught gobbling off some elderly man on Clapham Common (I hear Kevin Spacey still hangs out there).

  23. I saw the documentary on TV the other night about Tom Daley. My god, what a year he’s had! At only 18, losing his father, his mentor and constant supporter in his life… I cried when I watched it.

    For this comment alone, he wants locking up. The world is such a hateful place and the internet gives these trolls the perfect chance becasue they are COWARDS! They sit at home feeling all big and important and cause mayhem and even suicides. They need to pay. They need to learn that actions have consequences!

  24. I just wonder what this cretin has ever done to make his country proud of him?
    Talk about lowlife – the bast++d should be branded with a hot iron..
    From the programme I saw on TV , however, it’s obvious that Tom is made of sterner stuff than this and hopefuly he’ll recognise the pathetic, lying idiot for what he really is.
    No matter – the whold country is proud of you, Tom – and your dad would have been proud of you too.

  25. I see HIV stigma is still alive and kicking

    1. Very much so – Sadly

  26. Oh dear god its sad that our community is so uptight and sensitive that people cant even make jokes about gay people.

    I make jokes about muslims, black people, women and about my own homosexuality. does not make me racist, sexist or a self hater . . . just a person with a good humor.

    On this very website there are loads of jokes/jibes towards the christian community.

    One comment on this page calls for the player to be suspended! ridiculous.

    until the readers of this website grow a backbone and learn the difference between real homophobia and a joke im not gonna read the comment sections. it gets on my tits.

    from a 19 year old more grown up than most of you dithering losers.

    1. Actually you sound remarkably immature.

    2. I suspect that the difference is that your standards of propriety and morality are significantly lower than some others.

      Humour is good when it is funny. This was not funny.

    3. When you consider that such ”jokes” can have immense consequences to people’s mental health when repeated on a regular basis… it really isn’t funny.

    4. Scott the sad thing is you don’t realise just how incredibly immature your post is.!!

    5. The jokes/jibes, as you call them, about the christian community don’t actually end up in bashings of christians, in constant bullying in schools, in suicides, in murders, etc.
      You need to grow up a little bit more.

    6. I agree with you people need to lighten up, if it was a joke then people should take it as a joke, my group of friends are always doing stuff like that on each other’s Facebook, if one of us leaves the phone in the room when we leave.

      Does anyone know how they took the comment? (As it does not say and I have not researched it) they might have taken it as a joke! and if they did then it’s our community that are saying you have to take it offensively because that’s what we say.

      although the last part #teamHIV is pretty wrong and should not have been said.

      1. In this instance it counts as a disciplinery offence given that Port Talbot FC more than likely has similar rules on homophobia that it does on racism.
        If professional footballers wouldn’t want their boss to hear about their racist rants on facebook, the same goes for the homophobic ones.
        And as I said before I don’t believe Daniel Thomas’s bogus excuse that someone else hacked his account for a laugh, otherwise the homophobic jibes would be at his own expense, not Tom Daley’s.

  27. Tweeting or twatting or whatever you want to call is is used by so called ‘celebrities’ in order to gain publicity.
    They shouldn’t be to surprised if every now and then it backfires.

  28. Doesn’t sound like a ‘prank’ to me, as its normally aimed at the person themself. We do this to each other at uni – nobody sends something to a 3rd party.

    The excuse didn’t work when it was someone sending racist tweets – so the same conclusion should fit here.

  29. Quirkey Kirkey 2 Aug 2012, 7:54pm

    I donn’t belive that this was a prank……….. you dont say someone is gay…….. its not right……….. anyways, it doesnt matter is tom or the other dude is gay or not, its their choice

    1. It’s not a choice. :)

  30. Quirkey Kirkey 2 Aug 2012, 8:02pm

    And i Bet that the football team cant dive like Daley or the other dude……….. so there is no point in sending a message to someone about something that you cant do better youself……….. xxx

  31. Does he think we are all as stupid as he obviously is. Good job footballers need little brains or his career woud not go far.

  32. Why does he need to ‘apologise’ if he didn’t do it? Someone got hold of his ‘unattended’ phone and decided to – lo and behold – tweet Tom Daley of all people randomly? I would have more respect for him if he just stood up, said, ‘it was me, and I’m a devoted homophobe’ then at least everyone knew where they stood. Frankly, it’s sick what was said, especially as a fellow sportsman.

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