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Video: Matrix director Lana Wachowski speaks on film after transition

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Reader comments

  1. Not such a bad woman she is becoming, specially considering her age. It’s a pity I am just not a fan of their work since Matrix 1.

  2. Cloud Atlas is going to be fun and adventurous. Great to see Lana in the light.

  3. Good job guys.

      1. If “myself” is anything like me, then I doubt it was meant as an insult – personally, I use the word “guys” in place of “folks”. I routinely great female friends with phrases like “hey guys”.

        1. Ben Foster 2 Aug 2012, 4:58pm

          An American tutor at my (english) university said that over there people use ‘guys’ to mean men and women in a group. He regularly bounced into the tutorial room and said ‘hi guys’ and when the female students objected he explained that to us. I don’t know if the habit has spread to the UK generally, but I hear it more often these days. If it has become a gender neutral word, thats a good thing, surely?

  4. That There Other David 31 Jul 2012, 9:48pm

    Dig the pink hair 8-)

    1. It’s interesting, but I didn’t like the dreadlocks. Doesn’t look good on her.

      1. I happily disagree :)

  5. After the Matrix and V I cant say Im all that surprised, they both had some weird connection for me that Id just put down to being *the outsider* ,seeing the world from a secret perspective for so long etc. One question though,is this David Mitchel the posh one from Mitchel and Webb? :) ps, *guys* is a pretty common plural for a mixed group of people these days,well,since about the 1960s actually…..

  6. Loved the Matrix and V – not so keen on Matrix 2 & 3 though. Hope this film turns out to be a corker. And loving the dreadlocks, they look great.

  7. Damn, the comments in the youtube video are a perfect if disturbing display of the wretched society that plagues even the internet.

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