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New Zealand: Prime minister to support MP’s equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Notice how John Key already notes that religion is going to be the stumbling block. Bloody christo-fascists demanding everyone believe in and obey their nonsense retards social progress every time.

  2. Well done NZ

    NZ have a strong liberal and humane society that respects diversity and individualism – whilst maintaining a strong sense of Kiwi identity.

    Fabulous to see John Key supporting the bill.

    I suspect that the vehemence of the campaign against will not be as strong as the grotesque subversions of humanity exhibited by the likes of Cardinal O’Brien and Sentamu in the UK.

    I think there is growing evidence of support in NZ (even in the established churches) for equal marriage:

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jul 2012, 11:53am

    And to think NZ will get a bill and have it voted on this year while ours wiil languish and France will probably legalise equal marriage in 2013. Well done New Zealand.

  4. Exciting to hear NZ moving so calmy in the right direction :)

    Extra shame on Australia.

  5. Congratulations New Zealand!

    I am sure the fantastic Kiwi people will ensure fairness, equality and humane integrity as quickly as possible via this bill.

    Keys measure response is fantastic:
    “I think it’s quite healthy that New Zealand has the debate, I suspect it won’t be what it was when you looked at homosexual law reform in the’70s – I don’t think it will be that dramatic.”

    Interesting to see that an anti-equal marriage website is suffering from attacks – long may those attacks continue!

  6. bobbleobble 30 Jul 2012, 1:43pm

    Is the implication that this is likely to pass? Key wouldn’t come out in support if he didn’t think it would. If 14 Greens and say 30 of the Labour members support it they only need 16 of the National Party to vote in favour and Key has already said he will. He won’t want to be on the wrong side of this one.

  7. Yes, in its history NZ has passed a great deal of humane and liberal legislation ahead of other nations, BUT don’t run away with the idea that there aren’t thousands of bigots who oppose every forward movement in NZ because they’re there and they fight dirty. I can tell ya! There are some real red necks in New Zealand. And there are some wonderfully openminded people.

    1. Of course there are bigots in NZ, but this bill will succeed and become law.

      NZ will be on the right side of history.

    2. There are some bigots in NZ, for sure.

      Not enough of them to leave any doubt that this sane, legitimate and fair piece of legislation will pass in the Beehive and become law.

      The support for this in NZ society (including politics and the church) is growing. NZ may well be one of the next nations to have same sex marriage.

  8. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 30 Jul 2012, 3:33pm

    It is true that New Zealand is well ahead on gay rights and Maori rights!

    Meanwhile here in Australia we are considered dumb, drunk and racist!

    Australia has become a laughing stock and an embarrassment – because of our politicians on both sides such as Abbott and Gillard and the Australian Christian Lobby!

    You know when we Australians are way way behind when the Australian Labour Party is more bigoted and behind than Conservatives in both the UK and NZ!!!!!!!

    If NZ does approve gay marriage, then I will be moving to NZ!

    Meanwhile here in Australia we still ban gay marriage, still treat aborigines like a piece of dirt, we are now the most obese nation on earth per capita, politicians are extremely xenophobic over asylum seekers, alcohol and violence on our streets (eg Kings Cross), police shooting two 14 year old aboriginal boys in a racist attack and total loonaticks such as Hoons on our roads doing deadly and dangerous stunts that have killed people.

    1. Not as bad as you are making out Paul. Although I do agree that Australia lags behind with back-ward self interested politicians we the population don’t seem to protest too much. As far as the racism goes, yes, it is well and truly here and being played out accross the ethnic spectrum ie latest wave of immigrants cop it from the wave before, NZers cop are fair share too by accent mimicking ect, ect ect. But when a government has a minute advantage in its numbers in the House Of Reps, don’t expect difficult social legislation to pass. The country has as many right wing bigots in both the Labor and Conservative parties to do much. Gillard is way ahead as preferred PM for me.
      Bravo NZ.
      By the way I vote Green and always will.

  9. Go New Zealand. Evry country that make marriage equality law makes the US look more and more backwards and irrelevant.

    1. Kay from NZ 31 Jul 2012, 1:54pm

      One of the reasons for NZ PM John Key’s support of the measure is US President Obama’s support for similar marriage equality rights, NZ is courting USA for a favourable trade deal.

  10. I think some of the gay campaigners in Australia for SS marriage will now lose their argument against bringing in cvil unions at federal level in Australia.

    They used to argue that NZ had stopped with civil unions and there was no impetus for more. But it does show that in countries where CPs have been brought in there is some kind of breakthru and marriage is next.

    Australia just doesn’t seem to have the numbers for gay marriage but even the liberals are saying they would vote for a civil union there. I don’t know, I just wish they’d bring in something in Australia, it could be a stepping stone?

  11. Surely embarrassing for the homophobic `leaders’ Gillard and Abbott in Aus??? Especially since Key is a conservative.

  12. Key is actually a very liberal ‘conservative’, but do not let that fool you. The Majority of National is very socially conservative. The speaker of the house, Lockwook Smith, voted against the decriminalization of homosexuality in the 1980’s and Chris Finlayson is in the top five of the party and is OPENLY ‘GAY’ and yet has already said that he wont support this bill because he is a self hating gay christian and believes gay sex is wrong blah blah blah.

    I think the bill will pass, but expect it to be very close and to bring all the bigots out.

    I think the rest of the world has this idea that NZ is this utopia of progressive social norms…it isnt. We are a very rural country and have in the last couple of decades had a great influx of HUGELY religious pacific islanders……

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