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New condom guide for gay and bi men launched

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Reader comments

  1. Outreach volunteers?

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jul 2012, 6:07pm

    Could we please have a demonstration on proper use please, lol?

  3. Spanner1960 30 Jul 2012, 6:43pm

    Like we really need this? It’s preaching to the converted:
    “Stick a rubber on your willy or you will die.”

    Good enough?

    1. Another level.

    2. Not all are converted – and surprisngly many who think they know how to put on a condom, do not

      1. The same can be said of straight men – why not educate everyone on condom usage?

  4. Unbievable!! 30 Jul 2012, 7:18pm

    New condon guide for gay and bi men launched!! Don’t hetties need to put one on to?? But then again hetties don’t get HIV the way tht targets gay men, etc!

  5. So, the most HIV-ignorant and vulnerable in our community must somehow stumble upon to find information about condom use?

    Sorry, I just don’t get it.

    Why isn’t the THT taking the condom message to them and putting ads in popular media seen and read by gay men, particularly the under-25’s who, we all know, were deprived on any decent, if any, HIV education at school?

    Yet THT, which is richly funded to educate them, is depriving them twice over and then has the gall to lament the record-rates of infection that they have played an intrinsic part in due to such short-sighted policies and downright negligence.

    Where HIV concerned, THT may be funded to come up the solution to record HIV rates, yet it has proven time and again that it is very much a major part of the problem.

    1. It does help if you read the article fully! :

      “Summer Lovin’ campaign, funded by the Pan-London HIV Prevention Programme, will provide information via adverts in gay media and posters in gay venues. Terrence Higgins Trust will also be distributing 5,000 Summer Lovin’ condom packs in clubs and bars across the London gay scene.”

      I would have thought that the under 25’s use the internet the most, as many will have smart phones & use social media constantly. THT has social media accounts such as Twitter & Facebook to help promote these initiatives – what more do you want Samuel???? I am guessing the sex police or THT volunteers to personally put condoms on the under 25’s that you so obviously have a penchant for!

      1. Yes, W6, but what about young gay men beyond the London scene and are out of reach of free condom blitzes?

        How does THT intend to reach them beyond the pages of QX and Boyz?

        Not all gay men go to gay bars and clubs:- why not a little out-of-the-box thinking for a change?

        Why does THT only cater for the demographic of those who appear to come up with these smiley, happy HIV prevention campaigns?

        1. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr social media – whilst you may not use social media Samuel it is a very effective mena of getting messgaes out to people -also this is a London based campaign, there will be other such regoinal campaigns through the CHAPPS Partnerships which you have been so critical of.

          What out of the box thining would you like to see? I personally want to see a National Campaign aimed at the whole population – but currentrly the DoH will not come up with the money to fund such a campaign. Before you go off on one saying THT need to cash in the Legacy / Endowment portfolios any National Camapign should be funded by Government – start lobbying your MP, get on social media & start doing something other than have a pop at these initiative. Change the reocrd its very scratched!!!!

          The fact is Samuel you dislike anything that THT or any other HIV charity does, because you want to perpetuate fear, stigma & discrimination & discredit the advances that have been made in HIV care & treatment.

        2. In Manchester, we have the LGF, (Lesbian & Gay Foundation). They put free condom and lube packs, (2 condoms, 2 sachets of lube), in all the bars and clubs around the Canal Street area. They also organise free outreach clinics around the village and at their offices every Monday where you can get a full sexual health check, and if necessary, hepatitis vaccinations.

          It would be nice if the likes of THT etc could be a bit less ‘Londoncentric’ in their approach to these matters.

          1. From looking at the LGF website it looks like a great resource / charity. I get your point about THT being “Londoncentric” but I also think it is important for local areas to have their own charity & identity. THT through the CHAPS partnership does provide funding to LGF, last year this was around £52k which will probably be money for prevention activities for MSM.

    2. “So, the most HIV-ignorant and vulnerable in our community must somehow stumble upon to find information about condom use?”

      Samuel again likes to portray young gay men as ignorant without an ability to think for themselves – I am sure that most young gay men, particularly those who socialise on the gay scene are much more savvy than you give them credit for Samuel – shame on you for your constant put downs about younger gay men!

      1. Spanner1960 30 Jul 2012, 11:24pm

        So if that is the case, considering the gay scene is constantly bombarded with safer sex messages, why are young gay men the fastest growing group of HIV+ people?
        Either they really can’t be bothered, or they are as thick as pigsh|t – either way, all this propaganda is a waste of time and money.

        1. So in your view HIV prevention is not worth investing in (both time & money)? Very short sighted I do think!

          Much of the problem around safer sex is that young people feeling invincible & risk taking for some is exciting. Young people do not think about their mortality and they take risks in all sorts of different ways, driving fast, experimenting with drugs, new sexual experiences, these are all factors that play a part in the way they perceive their own level of risk.

          There are social & economic factors that also result in lack of self esteem, which can result in risk taking behaviours – prvention & behaviour change is very complex, if it was as easy to say use a condom every time with every person then we would not have the rapid rises in STI’s & HIV that we are seeing. Young people today live in a very complex world & there is so much advertising & media aimed at them that I am sure much of the information around them simply gets filtered out.

        2. I seem to remember that an awful lot of gay men do not use the gay scene.

          1. Spot on, Batmanz.

            Time and again the HIV Sector has provided campaigns targeted at the demographic of those who put these ads together.

            Which is why there has been more activity in these organisations targeted at the London-centric sleaze scene than the average – ie. non scene – gay man.

            THT has gone out of its way to endorse hard sex clubs and drug rampant saunas with its Play Zone nonsense:- squandered thousands from the HIV prevention budget on hard which initiates gay men into HIV-transmissting behaviours (felching, scat, barebacking anyone?):- and has gone out of its way to defend the right of bareback clubs like Play Pit in club mags like QX which are generally read by young London gays.

            Yet how are they targeting the average gay man who doesn’t live on the scene?

            Many young scene-goers today are genuinely ignorant about the hazards…

      2. There was an independent survey conducted a couple of years ago that found that the younger the age group, the more likely were today’s HIV campaigns to incentivise gay men into having unsafe sex, not safe sex.

        So blurred has the safe sex message become in a welter of confused campaigns with double meanings and mixed messages that appear to sexualise the HIV that some youngsters today can’t even identify the difference between getting HIV or something treatable like syphilis.

        Has everyone really forgotten that scary Newsnight report about three lads who contracted HIV on a porn shoot, and one of them, just 21 years old, casually spoke of the inevitability of catching HIV?

        And then you have ads like the THIVK campaign which subliminally program that inevitability into the minds of the ignorant, naive, gullible and wilfully reckless?

        Where is the responsibility of those who put out these irresponsible campaigns, which are shown to fail time and again as HIV rates rock ever skywards?

        1. Do you ever stop and read your comments before posting them Samuel???? In what year was this survey conducted Samuel? Is this the survey sponsored by Garry Leigh per chance of Life or Meth fame????

          How long ago was this Newsnight programme – you may have a very good longterm memory but sadly I don’t think gay men in general will be too bothered about survey results & Newsnight programs.

          What is blurred about this guide to condom use?

          Why in your view are gay men “ignorant, naive, gullible and wilfully reckless?” you are a total homophobic biggot – pi$$ off with your crap I’m in no mood for a tw@t like you today!!!!

          1. Spanner1960 31 Jul 2012, 2:58pm

            I would refine that comment slightly:
            “ALL young men are ignorant, naive, gullible and wilfully reckless”.

    3. Personally, I think anything that achieves a better awareness of safer sex and better condom use technique is valuable.

      Its not about a mere website – there is marketing that leads to the website (which is clear from the THT information release).

      I know you have a venomous anti-THT attitude, SamuelB – whether that is justified or not, it should not prevent a reasonable person seeing that the aim of the campaign is worthwhile. Safer sex benefits individuals and society.

      Many people think they know how to put a condom on – but are incorrect in their views.

  6. Just to lighten the mood am I the only one who thinks Samuel B and W6_bloke should just get together and get it over with? :P

    1. Lol……..can you imagine!!!!

      1. No empty seats there, sell-out!


        1. I think in 2016 the Samuel B & W6 side show will be an Olympic sport – as you say a complete sell out lol

          1. I’m game if you are, sweetie!

          2. Sadly I don’t think we are compatible as I identify as a gay man rather than a “homosexually inclined” man lol.

            Good to see you being so very popular Sammy B (brought a big smile to my face reading the Gay Athletes comments page)……..

          3. You miss the point entirely W6.

            You laugh at me because I think differently and outside of the box.

            And I laugh at you because you all think the same.

            I have no intention of conforming, jumping into line or joining the group think concensus because the PC thought police who patrol these boards don’t or can’t grasp alternative concepts or areas of shade that challenge their narrow and limited worldview.

            I don’t want to end up writing in a robotic monotone because I am merely repeating parrot-like what I have been indoctrinated into believing is the only explanation for any given situation.

            I maintain my right as an individual to think how I want in a world where freedom of thought is itself being criminalised by stealth.

            Amen to that!

          4. However, in your endeavours to be an “individualist”, SamuelB you use language that is far from individualist and appear to attack those you claim to support eg your use of sloppy and offensive language such as “homosexually inclined”

          5. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2012, 1:13pm

            Yes, that was a sloppy choice of word, agreed, and I was not aware of the connotations behind it.

            But I maintain that the word “gay” is itself a construct that people consciously choose to buy into, and unless you define yourself as such then it does not make you gay if you are same sex-attracted.

          6. SamuelB

            I disagree about your perception of what being gay is.

            I see the word homosexual and gay as interchangeable.

            Indeed, as the OED states:


            a homosexual, especially a man.

            Whether you buy into what you perceive as a culture or not, and whether you perceive others do or not – does not change the orientation of you or those you perceive. If they are homosexual, they are gay.

          7. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2012, 5:10pm

            Of course the definition of the word gay will include the word homosexual (a word, incidentally, that many on here strangely view as offensive, presumably because they want all same sex-attracted people to identify as gay).

            Conversely, do a Google search on “Homosexual definition of” and most results refer to “same sex attraction” and the word gay is nowhere to be seen.

            Curiouser and curiouser…

          8. Samuel B. 1 Aug 2012, 5:21pm

            Ok Stu, if we accept that those who identify as 100% homosexual are also by default gay, then what about the far greater number of people who psychology has proven is neither 100% homosexual nor %100 heterosexual, but somewhere between the two?

            I am sure there must be many, many Olympic athletes who fit in this bracket, but would not occur to them in a million years to describe themselves as gay.

            This is what I think frustrates the militant gays who want their numbers bolstered to make us more visible, but the fact they must get used to is that we are entering an enlightened, post-gay/straight/bi world where people will no longer conform to sociey’s demand for us all tto fit into the narrow confines of labelled boxes.

          9. Do I take it you are a militant bisexual who seeks to attack gay men, SamuelB?

          10. Samuel B. 2 Aug 2012, 3:42pm

            Well Stu, considering one of your many, many Pink News personas is the lovely Elaine, shouldn’t you be seen to be batting for the transgender community also?

            We could assume from the fact that you don’t is you have something to feel ashamed of each time you put your alter ego back in the closet and re-emerge with your fishing tackle intact…

          11. Was that an attempt at transphobia, SamuelB?

            Or just an attempt to deflect the justified criticism of yourself?

          12. Samuel B. 4 Aug 2012, 5:36pm

            Note also there is no word in the English language called “gayphobia”.

            It is homophobia.


  7. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 4 Aug 2012, 7:01am

    Many of my friends and sometimes myself are into barebacking, however we all do those ELISA tests first!!!!!

  8. This very well timed article on the BBC news web site, 7th August 2012:

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