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29 July 2012

  • 29th July 2012

    US: Michigan gay rights campaigners launch hunger strikes 5

    Michigan gay rights campaigners will take shifts in a hunger strike

    9:14 PM — Gay rights campaigners in Michigan, US, are launching an 100-day shift-based hunger strike to protest against the state's "extreme anti-gay environment". The strikers, from eight gay rights organisations, will fast for 24 hours at a time at LGBT centre Affirmations in Ferndale. The shifts end on election day.

  • Vietnam considers legal recognition for gay couples 22

    Vietnam is considering legal recognition of gay couples

    9:10 PM — Vietnam's Communist government is considering whether to legalise marriage or civil registration for gay couples. The Justice Ministry is debating whether to include rights for gay couples in an overhaul of marriage laws. It has been suggested that these rights will focus on inheritance, property and adoption of children.

  • New York City council speaker Christine Quinn wants Chick-fil-A to leave 19

    Christine Quinn said she does not want discriminatory businesses in the city

    9:07 PM — New York City council speaker Christine Quinn has called on fast-food outlet Chick-fil-A to leave because of its anti-equality views. Ms Quinn, who is in a same-sex marriage, wrote to the president of New York University where Chick-fil-A has an outlet, urging him to break off his relationship with the chain.

  • Oxford University changes dress code for transgender students 14

    Students will be permitted to wear clothes for their preferred gender

    9:04 PM — Transgender students at Oxford University will be permitted to wear formal dress appropriate to their new sex. The institution has changed its strict dress code for students taking exams or attending formal events after a campus LGBT group intervened.

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