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Video: Campaign promotes ‘worry-free sex’

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Reader comments

  1. The gay guys are in the toilet?? Why couldn’t the gay guys have the passionate autumn-leaf-sex setting? Shame.

  2. Where are they going to show it?
    Internet,TV, DVD, Cinema Schools?

  3. So we see straight couples having sex in an offoce, woodland, and on a sofa, and a gay couple having sex in a toilet.

    Talk about purpetuating a negative stereotype.

    1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 28 Jul 2012, 12:13am

      Well, one of the mixed-sex couples were in an alley by some bins, which isn’t exactly classy either, but yes, I see your point.

      Of course, surely a lot of their point is that it’s sensible to discuss condoms (and any other points of similar importance) somewhat earlier in the proceedings? And it may even be that the trusty condom is not in fact the worlds greatest weapon (horrible image to associate with sex) against HIV and so forth: that good communication comes first.

      And it doesn’t help that they are equating unplanned pregnancy with “sexual ill health”. Um, not exactly, and condoms are far from being the most effective contraceptive in existence (and if fewer people thought they were, we’d have fewer unplanned pregnancies). It feels rather like several issues have been shoved together as if they were all exactly the same.

      The weird slow-motion expressions on everyone’s faces weren’t great either. Nice idea, this ad, but I’m not convinced by the execution or marketing.

  4. actually the camera work was so bad in the “gay” one i had trouble noticing it was actually two men. And i agree about the toilet thing- i and probably 80% of gay men have never had sex in a toilet and its both demeaning and yet more ammunition to the god squad that we are law breaking perverts. Poor show THT.

  5. Gay men having sex in a toilet?

    Is THT of the opinion we are all into sleaze?

    Is Hard Cell 2 just round the corner? (red

    Perhaps if THT paid more attention to the news of most gay men who lead normal sex lives and stopped pandering to the sleaze and sauna scenes it may actually start making a few waves.

    As it stands, theirs and GMFA’s output invariably portrays gay sex as sleazy and they are contributing to the scene’s “sleazification”.

    Again, as ever, they are a part of the problem, not the solution…

    1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 30 Jul 2012, 7:21pm

      I agree. I must say that as a queer woman in a mixed-sex relationship, I felt completely alienated from that video. It didn’t seem to apply to me.

      My partner and I don’t use condoms, and this is true of about half of mixed-sex couples. Unlike a lot of other couples, we take care to discuss sexual health, monogamy and so forth, so that our decision to stop using condoms was based on a trust founded in good communication.

      However, there are far too many people out there who think it’s rude to ask your partner their sexual history, or to discuss whether you’re naturally a monogamous person, who think that condoms don’t really apply to them, and who end up getting a nasty shock. Ads like these, aimed purely at the casual sex market, will go completely over their heads. (And people wonder why the rate of chlamydia in this country is through the roof.) They need to be talking about a variety of sexual situations so that they reach the greatest number of people.

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