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Florida: Jennifer Carroll apologises for ‘inexcusable’ lesbian affair comment

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Reader comments

  1. Apology NOT accepted.

    This woman is a christian after all.

    And dishonesty and bigotry are required characteristics of christianity.

    She is scum.

  2. ” For 29 years – I’m the one that’s married for 29 years.”

    Nice to have that option luv.

    1. She also has a son that plays for Miami Dolphins called Nolan Carrol

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jul 2012, 12:44pm

    Exactly what does he mean when shes says ‘type of woman’? Assuming that the allegations are ture, does she imply that because she’s married, no woman, black or not, could be bisexual let alone gay? I suspect this is the rant of a self-loather who can’t accept who she is. Sorry Ms. Carroll, but hiding behind a 29 year marriage doesn’t quite hack it. Apology not accepted.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jul 2012, 1:37pm

    “Instead of simply denying the claims, she stereotyped black lesbians in order to deflect her own With that one quick statement, Lt. Governor Carroll appealed to racial and homophobic stereotypes that do real harm.”

    Alternatively the woman could have been extremely upset about allegations that she had been dishonest with her friends, relatives, family and everyone that knew her, and as a result of that when defending herself, expressed it in a way should never intended.At the end of the day I think some people are forgetting who is the victim here.

    The woman did not run down anyone else although the person that said she was a lesbian accused her of living a lie and deceiving those she loved.

    Its disappointing that some people can only see this from the side of a down trodden underclass.

    We are not, and we should be mature and gracious enough to accept an sincere apology when under duress people make mistakes.

    1. David Waite 27 Jul 2012, 5:52pm

      Sister Mary Clarence, I will be glad to accept the Lt Govornor’s sincere apology when she actually makes such a thing. I agree with you that she expressed herself in a way she never intended. She told her true belief about black lesbians unintentionally.

      You, Sister MC, are the one forgetting who is the victim. The victim isn’t Ms. Carroll. The victims are every lesbian she stereotyped and dissed with her statement “under duress.” BTW, she was not under duress.

      Yes, Sister MC, the Lt. Govornor did run someone else down. She ran down and ran over every black lesbian, past and present. Even if the accusation against her is a lie (and I HOPE it is) nothing justifies a politician insulting an entire class of her constituents. Nothing.

      I am disappointed that you don’t see the GLBT community as a downtrodden underclass; it renders suspect any other opinion you post in PN. I won’t try to educate you to the reality of our disenfranchisment here. It would take more space than comments allow.

    2. Sister Mary, I don’t know anything about the people involved in this, nor the likelihood of the veracity of the allegations, but based on this article I too see this possible interpretation. She went too far in her denials and has apologised for doing so. No doubt the truth of the underlying accusations will find its way out in time.

  5. Sorry but i dont believe her. The things she said were to hateful to be forgiven, i bet that if it werent for the public outcry she wouldnt be saying sorry now. (If only the Democrat Alex Sink had became governor in 2010 instead of that Republican Rick Scott and his Lt Jennifer Carroll. :( )

  6. I’m always very sceptical of apologies like this. It’s usually more about damage control than genuine remorse for what the person has said or done.

    I don’t think this particular case is any different. Lt. Gov Carroll could have denied the allegations without resorting to offensive remarks.

  7. All she had to say was “its not true” … not difficult.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jul 2012, 3:30pm

    If she hadn’t been exposed, no ‘apology’ would have been forthcoming, make no mistake about it. It wasn’t spontaneous but only elicited because of the situation she was in. She should have retracted her comment immediately and spontaneously without any prompting after she said it, not wait until someone calls her out and then resorts to damage control because of her political position as Lt. Governor. Very disingenous in my view. Really shows the ‘type’ of woman she is.

    1. I agree. The statement was one of ignorance and one that is prevalent in the Black community. That Black lesbians don’t look as good as her is of the mindset that Black lesbians are all “bulldykes”. Although I would say how a person looks has nothing to do with character, I will say that there are some very beautiful lesbian, professional women out there that would blow her mind. By the way, some of them are also married. We should send her some pictures of some very beautiful Black lesbians, just so she knows not to get it twisted again.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Jul 2012, 7:57pm

    “I am disappointed that you don’t see the GLBT community as a downtrodden underclass; ”

    I apologies for disappointing you!

    That seems to the crux of the problem doesn’t it. I don’t seem myself as a victim or the member of an underclass, neither because I’m gay or black. I have no intention of identifying myself as such because I am a member of either minority group.

    You might find people stop seeing you as part of an underclass when you can start seeing yourself.

    Yes I accept she was careless with her words, but it was acknowledged and an apology was given.

    If someone apologises to me for something they have done wrong, I accept it with good grace … I’m sorry whatever issues you have got prevent your from doing the same. However I think that speaks more about your issues than theirs.

    1. Amen!

    2. I totally agree. We can’t endless go through life with a chip on our shoulder about every last thing

      I actually feel sorry for the woman. The situation is very personal to her, and I am sure it has been very unpleasant, and not something she is familiar with or comfortable with dealing with.

      She accepts she made a mistake, and I suspect whatever she said in her apology it wouldn’t be enough for some, but I am happy to accept her at her word and I wish her the very best in resolving the problems she is currently facing.

  10. Apparently folks in Florida are so fed up with Rick Scott and Jennifer Carol with there harsh polices, ID voter laws, and handling of there jobs. A poll in Nov/Dec 2011 showed that if Scott were to face his 2010 opponent again. The LT governor runs in a joint ticket with the governor, in elections He would lose juding by the polling figures. Here’s the figures.

    2011 (2014 hypothetical rematch polling)
    Alex Sink (Democrat) 53%
    Rick Scott (Republican) 37%
    Undecided 10%

    2010 Result
    Rick Scott (Republican) 48.87%
    Alex Sink (Democrat) 47.72%

  11. Interesting that her apology does not say that she is not homophobic. She just claims that she loves and respects everyone. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann say exactly the same thing.

  12. Palin/Carroll for the White House in 2016 !!! Don’t ya’ think ??

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