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Amazon founders give $2.5m to equal marriage in Washington

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Reader comments

  1. I hope people do NOT shop at Amazon as a result of this news.

    Do a quick internet search about the working terms and conditions at Amazon and you will realise that Amazon is one of the most appalling, disrespectful employers around.

    Do you like browsing in bookshops? Well if you buy books at Amazon then you are speeding up the closure of your local bookshop.

    Get the IBC number of your required book from Amazon and then take this number into your local bookshop and order it through them.

    1. That There Other David 27 Jul 2012, 1:32pm

      Once I tried an e-reader I totally abandoned buying books. Much lighter to carry around and if you’re in poor light conditions you can adjust the text size and keep on reading.

      1. Good for you.

        But remember that Amazon is one of the US’ most abusive employers.

        1. That There Other David 27 Jul 2012, 1:46pm

          According to an article on HuffPo I found as a result of Googling as you suggested the company is finally listening to the concerns of its workers. Does this put the donation in a new light, with Jeff Bezos trying to counteract the negative publicity with some positive? Maybe.

          Thanks for pointing this out, and raising my awareness of it. I’ll keep my eye on the situation now, and make sure to contact Amazon if improvements stall.

          1. Amazon is ‘listening’ to the concerns of its workers?

            Listening costs nothing and sound nice

            But until concrete steps have been taken to improve the terms and conditions of employment in that terrible company, it simply cannot be trusted.

            Companies like Amazon have massive PR budgets. I would not be remotely surprised if this donation to marriage equality is a PR stunt.

            A couple who abuses their employees in the way the Bezos do, cannot be trusted.

    2. Well said dAVID.

      Why are some gay men so afraid of truth?


  2. That There Other David 27 Jul 2012, 1:28pm

    Five stars out of five. Thanks very much indeed :-)

    I’m hoping that a win for equality from the Washington voters might finally put an end to the ridiculous idea that peoples’ rights should go to a referendum. A win on this one is very important.

    1. Hardly 5 out of 5 if you are an Amazon employee.

      Look Amazon’s working conditions up.

  3. This is yet another ridiculous Pink News article whereby Pink News is giving free advertising to a company, without doing ANY background research on the company in question.

    How many LGBT Amazon warehouse employees did Stephen Grey speak to about this ‘story’.

    Or did he merely paraphrase the press release from Amazon’s PR department.

    1. In reply to your first paragraph, this is yet another relevant article by Pink News article whereby Pink News are reporting on a story which is directly linked to LGBT people. It’s a site for news stories, not a trade union.

      In reply to the rest of your comment then by all means feel free to start up your own news site where you can apply all the criteria you like on what you do or do not publish

      1. I never said this was meant to be a trade union.

        But the fact that LGBT employees are exploited and abused by Amazon (along with their straight employees) is surely of equal interest to Pink News readers. That is clearly of interest to an LGBT readership,

        Which is why I asked whether or not Pink News had reached out to these LGBT Amazon employees to seek their feedback on this story.

        if it has not then Pink News is serving as a PR flack for Amazon (only not getting paid for it).

    2. From what I can understand from this story, the Bezoses as individuals have pledged the money – and very kind is it of them, too. Unless you know better, this has nothing to do with Amazon the company.

      Personally I find it endearing that a heterosexual married couple should be so disinterestedly generous.

      1. And the founders of Amazon are rich through the exploitation of thousands of mistreated employees.

        Amazon abuses its employees – including its LGBT employees.

        Is this acceptable to you simply because they make a donation to a cause that you like.

        1. OK, from Googling it does indeed appear the company has a poor employment record, though it’s unclear the degree to which the Bezoses’ personal wealth is directly linked to exploitation any more than any other extremely rich person’s wealth.

          Would you advocate the return of the money?

          1. Yes, as a point of principle and a stand for the LGBT employees it abuses.

            Surely a no-brainer or does money trump all else these days and we are prepared to turn a blind eye at wrong-doing?

            And for the record, if it was the Bezos that made the donation, why the hell mention Amazon in the PR if not as a strategic business move?

          2. The Bezoses have declined to speak publicly about the gift.

            Whose PR?

            Just out of interest (I’m not seeking to justify Amazon’s working conditions), is there any obscenely rich person whose money is completely free from the taint of exploitation somewhere along the line?

  4. Below are 2 articles detailing the horrific conditions in which Amazon employees work.

    Remember that these are also the conditions in which Amazon’s LGBT employees work.,0,7937001,full.story

    1. Annoyed_dude 27 Jul 2012, 2:00pm

      Okay dude we get your point, you don’t like amazon, but I don’t need to see you repeating your comments over and over again like some anti-amazon Jesuit

    2. The article concerns Jeff Bezos, not his company.

    3. Paddyswurds 28 Jul 2012, 2:48pm

      …I suppose you are aware that one disgruntled employee can be the author and poster of this stuff about Amazon. Looking at the warehouse pice it definitely does not look like the conditions are bad. I do think if the owners can afford 2.5 million dollars to give away that they would spend a little on employee conditions were it needed. Time to climb down off your high horse and accept that everything you read on t’ interweb is factual.

      1. ALL CORPorations of this size abuse their employees – that is how they get to be this big and powerful in the first place.

        They enforce codes of practise passed by their corrupt and heavily lobbied Congress that are equatable with slavery practises of old.

        But then how would gay men be supposed to know that when they depend on Gaydar Radio as their trusted source of in depth global news.

  5. dAVID making a comment voicing your concerns questioning or drawing attention to Amazons etics is one thing, immediately attacking anyone who has a view you don’t agree with is another. Ranting and raving like this isn’t going to hurt Amazon its just going to annoy people and make you look a bit sad.

    1. I haven’t attacked anyone.

      It is not an attack to point out that the owners of Amazon have systematically abused their employees since the company’s foundation.

      If I am attacking anyone it is Pink News for publishing this article without a single reference to the thousands of LGBT employees who have been abused by Amazon.

      Do they not matter?

      1. Well why the need to post on each and every comment on this page? that seems to me to be an attack. You have made people aware of your opinion on this matter in the comment you posted originally, you don’t need to reiterate it on every comment.

      2. Well done making your stand here dAVID.

        You have proven how extremist many gay men on these boards are, and who are prepared to “buy” gay rights at any unconscionable cost no matter what.

        There was a similar debate a few weeks back when that vampire squid Goldman Sachs came out in support of gay people.

        Selfish, self-absorbed, “it’s all about me”… fragile little egos that sweat the small stuff while always failing to see the bigger picture.

    2. David Myers 28 Jul 2012, 12:59pm

      He is sad. He’s nothing but a bigoted homophobe troll. Please ignore him from here on. Don’t feed the troll!

  6. what topic are we on again? is it about support for equality or is it about knocking someone for equally applying bad working conditions?
    imo yes it’s acceptable if they make a donation to a cause i like, just as it wouldn’t be acceptable if they made a donation to someone i didn’t like!
    i suggest you go and hijack another story to get your cheep dig in, just cos you don’t like them! troll

  7. Small fry from someone who owns a company that owes billions in UK corporation tax…

  8. WOW! Amazing.

    1. Paddyswurds 28 Jul 2012, 2:49pm

      He’s not sad. He is just taking everything he reads on the net as factual when in fact very little is.

  9. I love shopping on Amazon and spend quite a lot there. This makes it that much sweeter. Thanks for your donation for a wonderful cause.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jul 2012, 12:16pm

      Me too, and you can get some very good buys than you would in a real shop. Plus, you avoid the hassle and waiting to get served or dealing with attitudes of people working in shops. I do most of my shopping online, much more convenient too.

      It’s a wonderful the Bezos family have done for LGBT people in their state. Well done and thank you.

      1. Yes, you can get some very good buys compared to “real” shops because Amazon is a global company that buys stock in the millions and has the power to dictate the prices it pays while sending the shops you speak of – remember, those places where you can (still) pick a real book up, flick through the pages and get intoxicated by the bouquet of fresh print! – that give you individual attention and employ a dozen or so people in your local community.

        Amazon is just another multinational corporation determined to wipe every other seller of books and CDs off the global map, and this is avery cynical move on its part to court popularity.

        But of course this was an obvious move because gays and shopping are such a perfect match, aren’t they?


  10. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jul 2012, 5:00pm

    I bet if corporations started donating vast amounts of money in support of equal marriage in the UK, especially to the Tory party, many backbenchers would have an epiphany all of a sudden and throw their support behind it. Money talks it seems.

  11. Thank you Amazon, this is important and from more than just a financial view point.

  12. Paddyswurds 28 Jul 2012, 12:31am

    Up yours Don Wildmon/One Million Moms. You are clearly on the wrong side of history….the hate filled side.

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jul 2012, 4:43pm

    Arguably the best marriage ad ever, applicable to every country.

  14. Great to see

    Thank You the Bezos’!

  15. Which, even if it this donation boosts their multi-billion dollar profits by 0.01 pr cent, will have turned out to be a shrewd investment.

    We need to be more aware of the motivations behind these empty gestures and start demanding that our causes are not hijacked by corporate interests.

    You an be sure there was a PR and marketing campaign links to this announcement:- real charity comes from those who donate and giveth of their time quietly.

  16. I can find no evidence either on Amazon websites (corporate or otherwise) or on the Bezos foundation website that they made any reference to Amazon in the contributions.

    Washington United for Marriage in their media announcement made reference to where Jeff Bezos made his name – which seems a legitimate reference.

    If Richard Branson is referenced in a story then whether it is in a private capacity or not then Virgin usually is mentioned – legitimately the same can be expected of journalists when Bezos are mentioned.

    To be fair, many might well not have known who Jeff Bezos was if it was not included in the story.

    1. Jess Lansdel 20 Aug 2012, 9:58pm

      Now I know why I love Amazon so much.

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