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Target releases a gay-friendly ad

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Reader comments


  2. Cute. Thank you.

  3. Christopher 27 Jul 2012, 2:37am

    Seeing as Target is about to take over most of Canada’s Zellers stores (the budget division of the Hudson’s Bay Company), it is fitting that they appeal to a market/society that enshrines all gay rights in federal legislation.

  4. Have target realised that anti-gay = anti-money

    1. More importantly has Target stopped funding homophobic extremists?

      Considering that the Target CEO Greg Steinhafel is an evangelical christian, I suspect not.

    2. No they think an advert which is by its own nature an appeal to get people to buy stuff from you makes it all go away – they get some positive press for trying to sell stuff and they make money of those gullible enough to believe it

  5. Cooperhawke 27 Jul 2012, 8:31am

    I haven’t shopped at Target since their support of Emmer. Still not interested. They’ve got to do a lot more to get my money. They really disappointed me. Not interested.

  6. This story fails to mention whether Target continues to support homophobic bigots?

    Having a gay-friendly advert does not mean that it is a gay friendly company – it simply means that it is targeting the gay market.

    Why does Pink News continue to offer free advertising to companies who are making money off our community while remaning silent on whether or not they are still funding the denial of our civil rights.

    Shame on Pink News.

  7. This ‘article’ does not confirm whether or not Target continues to fund extremists?

    Why not?

    And I think Pink News should be deeply embarrassed that it now offers free advertising to companies like Target, for creating products to target the gay consumer, while not actually doing any research on the companies in question.

    It is so incredibly amateurish.

    1. Well, it *would* be free advertising, but as PinkNews is UK based, and Target isn’t, I don’t think it matters. It’s like advertising a Spanish mobile phone company or something.

      1. And Pink News is read in the US as well, so they ARE giving Target free advertising.

        Pink News is giving free advertising to a company, where it is unknown if said company is still funding candidates who would remove our civil rights.

        That is lazy, irresponsible ‘journalism’.

        Does Pink News simply paraphrase press releases from the PR departments of multi-billion dollar companies?

        1. As I’ve said elsewhere feel free to set up your own site and apply all the critieria to publishing stories that you want

        2. Pinknews is reporting a news story.

          Thats what Pinknews is about.

        3. dAVID, instead of perpetually whingeing, please do some research and answer your own question !

          Then if you find they’re funding fundies you can tell us and legitimately criticise Target.

          Until I hear to the contrary (and yes, I accept that it may prove to be the case), I consider it’s a piece of relevant and good news.

  8. A very nice ad. Too bad that at the same this ad was released, Target has reaffirmed its “neutral stance” on the Minnesota marriage amendment, a discriminatory amendment, that would write the ban on same-sex marriage into Minnesota’s constitution.So this ad, as nice as it may be, is nothing but calculated pandering from Target.

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