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Small HIV study raises hopes of ‘functional cure’

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Reader comments

  1. This is another exciting strand of the quest to find a functional cure – early treatment intervention not only preserves vital memory T cells, but also reduces the amount of latent virus hiding away in the various body compartments.

    So far we have failed to replicate the mechanism by which “elite controllers” are able to keep the virus under control.

    Whilst the Delta 32 doubledeletion gene concept is well understood (people without this gene sequence do not exhibit the main co-receptor needed for HIV to enter & infect healthy CD4 cells) gene therapy studies are still on-going & may one day provide a functional cure.

    HIV is a fast moving science & there are many studies in the pipeline which will hopefully bear fruit in the years ahead.

  2. Let’s hope that people with MONEY are inspired by this news and that they DONATE to researchers like those described in this report, so that the CURE will be found SOON.

  3. PinkNews, could you not have provided more information with this report? The scant data you have provided is rather meaningless without, for example, a clear indication of how many people were involved in the study. You have reported that 12 patients have maintained a low level of virus for a median of 6 years, but you have not indicated how many patients were involved at the outset. In other words, you have left the reader wondering if perhaps a large number embarked on the study/trial but only 12 have come out of it with a degree of success. Furthermore, your reference of a “median of six years” suggests that the study/trial lasted longer than six years. But how long?

    Maybe you could do some research and furnish readers with a more meaningful report.

  4. thanksforthat 27 Jul 2012, 7:52pm

    shame that NICE have been penny pinching and treating people as late as possible after diagnosis then isnt it?

  5. Further details of this study as published in the Guardian

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