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Leading scientist renews hope in a ‘cure’ for HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Another ray of hope.


  2. 30 years on, and you’d think at least LGBT websites would know that you don’t say “HIV virus”. Remember what the “V” in HIV stands for.

    Even the scientists you quote say just “HIV” without the need for the redundant word “virus”.

    1. indeed, its kinda like when people say PIN number lol

    2. Staircase2 26 Jul 2012, 4:00pm

      I see absolutely no reason why there’s anything wrong with the phrase ‘HIV Virus’ or indeed ‘PIN Number’
      …there is nothing intrinsically natural about abbreviations – they are useful as a shorthand but they often make no grammatical sense when used in everyday spoken or written language. That’s the reason why adding the word ‘virus’ on the end (or ‘number’) makes perfect sense…
      Whether you add those words on the end or not depends on the grammatical context and meaning – not on what the abbreviations actually stand for…
      …next you’ll be be telling me we don’t need the word ‘pipe’ on the end of ‘hose’…

      1. Spanner1960 26 Jul 2012, 5:28pm

        Well it seems many others who actually respect the English language do:

  3. there is nothing new in this aerticle. The Berlin patient was discussed in the press a year ago and there is no information on how the cure would be made practica. Two chemos is hardly a solution.

  4. Jock S. Trap 26 Jul 2012, 3:18pm

    Hope indeed and I do believe a cure will be found. With controls we’ll established for HIV, it is no longer a death sentence however that remains so only to weathy countries.

    I do hope that when the cure if finally successful not only will this benefit the western countries but also the many in the poorer countries by making such a cure universal for all not some.

    1. Spanner1960 26 Jul 2012, 5:31pm

      Unlikely. Pharma co’s need to make their research investment back somehow, and they won’t do that giving cures away.

      1. Jock S. Trap 26 Jul 2012, 5:48pm

        Sad but Very true!

  5. Staircase2 26 Jul 2012, 3:53pm


  6. Hope springs eternal and we have endured 30 years of false hope so far, but who knows?

    A life without the fear of acquiring HIV and a life dependent on a regime of synthetic toxin drugs is almost possible to comprehend for most of us born into the HIV age.

    One really wonders whether a cure would ever really be allowed to be made public too quickly when you consider that a multi-billion dollar industry and tens of thousands of jobs depend on that not happening.

    That is not to suggest for one minute that the cure is out there and is being repressed, but there are certainly many, many vested interests for whom HIV is a money spinner and career path.

    1. For 14 years I worked in the hiv/aids field.
      I have heard every conspiracy theory going.This is the first one I heard, on day one, in my office 20 years ago:

      “Hiv is the result of president Nixon ordering the US biological weapons engineers to develop a weapon that attacks the human immune system, the results of this research are missing from the Us public records archive.”

      I replied with a “really?”

      1. sadly, those who preach the “HIV doesn’t exist” or “HIV was man-made” conspiracy theories are all too prevalent.

  7. There has been a great deal of optimisim over the past 18 months with various studies being able to demonstrate proof of concept, & I firmly beleive that a functional cure will be found in the next 10 yrs. Work to totally eradicate HIV may be a little further down the line, but I beleive there needs to be more political will to make these both realtiy.

    I do not agree that the Pharma Co’s will resist the development of vaccines or other methods as a functional cure is likely to involve several drug related interventions.

    It would be great to see a cure in my lifetime it has to be said.

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