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Elton John thanked Jay-Z for marriage equality support

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Reader comments

  1. But doesn’t Reg himself think that we should be satisfied with CP Apartheid?

    Or has he ‘evolved’ now that it is more popular to support full equality.

    Reg truly is a shameless idiot. He wh0res himself out as a weddiing singer for a disgusting bigot Rush Limbaugh fior the cash.

    Elton John phoning Jay-Z to thank him personally for supporting equality?

    We all know that if Jay Z had spoken out against equality Elton would still be phoning him desperate for a duet to keep himself relevant (remember Reg’s duet with the scuzzbag homophobe Eminem?)

    Retire Elton. The world is begging you.

  2. But I thought Reg opposed marriage equality in favour of CP apartheid?

    Or has he evolved now ?

    And who on earth does he think he is – the Queen Mother of the Gays?

    Ringing JayZ to thank him?

    (Although if Jay Z was a bigot Reg would still call him – Reg will wh0re himself out at any opporunity – whether it be to perform as the wedding singer for a bigot; or to duet with a bigot – Eminem.

    I wish Reg would retire.

    1. Its polite to say thank you, and rude not to.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jul 2012, 12:14pm

      You’re right. He was most certainly not in favour of equal marriage not so long ago and echoed the sentiments that other idiot Ben Bradshaw uttered some months ago. I find it odd that Elton John is calling an American artist to thank him for his support for equal marriage, yet he hasn’t even joined the Out4Marriage campaign, not mentioned anything in the press or spoken out in support of the government’s plan to introduce legislation, let alone thanked the governments north and south of the border for supporting it. Yet here he is, thanking Americans Jay-Z and President Obama’s for their support.

      My recommendation to John and his Canadian partner is to fly to Toronto, get married and return to the UK to make a statement that barring British gays from civil marriage is discrimination.

      It’s all very well thanking foreigners for their support in their own country but what about his own?

      1. That’s because Elton wants to do a duet with either Jay Z or Beyonce.

        Reg is all about Reg. He thinks he can benefit from being linked to Jay Z, so he made this ridiculous phone call (even though he supports CP apartheid over equality and has no problem pr0stituting himself for bigots).

  3. Give Elton a break guys! He is of an older generation!

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