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Catholic Church in Scotland: Society ‘should not facilitate gay relationships’

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  1. Sky daddy gets angry when you cretins in frocks and pointy hats can’t stop lying. The claims of the Scottish Catholic Church have not one SINGLE piece of proof behind them and constitute nothing but hate speech.

    1. They aren’t worried about “Sky Daddy” they are worried about losing what bit of control they have left. That goes for the evangelicals also who are busy in Africa right now. It’s all about loss of control and influence, and of course, further down the line, money.

  2. Wow. They are really letting it all out now. There’s strong desperation in this one…

    1. They’re just throwing the toys out of the pram. Bad loosers.

    2. I’m actual grateful to the Catholic church: they actually articulate their bigotry very clearly and coherently. Much better than the ‘nice to your face’ homophobia of the CofE. Champions of muddle and double-standards.

      Good work, keep digging…

  3. Society should not facilitate that Catholic Church!

    How dare he say that my relationship with my husband, the man who I have been in a CP with for almost five years is damaging to both myself and my husband!

    It is amazing how he talks of evidence about suicide rates of gay men yet he does not appear to be able to back it up. Well, let me tell you Mr Kearney that youg gay men take their own lives because cretinous idiots like you spout this horrible rhetoric and makes them think they are not worth the life they were given.

    If there was such a place as hell I hope you rot in it!

    1. Notice he doesn’t talk about the suicide rate in the victims of priestly sexual abuse.

      I have has enough of these goons.

  4. Oh and with a middle finger raised to the crusty cloistered virgins of the Scottish Catholic church (and bearing in mind that the language is very very NSFW) I give you Tim Minchin

    1. Love the video there Valsky!

    2. Jock S. Trap 26 Jul 2012, 3:12pm

      That was f…. hilarious, haven’t laugh so much for ages!!

    3. Thank you for posting that. If I could give that 20 thumbs up, I would.

  5. Is this what we shall call a warning shot before the war?

    It’s only been one day and already the hate is starting to fall out of him. They can’t seem to help themelves. If this is their idea of war it’ll be over before we even get out boots on.

    1. Clearly the priest has a sad empty life.

  6. Clayton King 26 Jul 2012, 2:05pm

    Mr. Fogarty,with all due respect… “…The suicide rates among gay men, the reduction in life span, among those involved in the practice…”

    Try living your entire life, growing up in a homophobic and bigoted world, walk a mile in my shoes, and then you’ll understand why I agree with you. If these societal issues didn’t exist, your so-call statistic wouldn’t either…

  7. New Aussie 26 Jul 2012, 2:09pm

    They are getting hysterical about this now. I am beginning to wonder whether it will go the way of abortion and have crazed Catholics gunning down gay people to “save marriage”

  8. What I love is how throughout the consultation the Catholic Church repeatedly claimed that their opposition had nothing to do with homophobia, but their desire to “preserve the special nature of marriage”. Now they’ve realized that they’ve lost the gloves are coming off.

  9. Extremist homophobia.

  10. The Catholic Church continues to makes itself appear ever more ridiculous, hypocritical and intolerant. They would do well to consider their position very carefully, especially in the light of their own ongoing legal difficulties.

    Religion is, for many, no more than a habit, and bad habits can be discarded.

    1. The more the clergy talk on this the more their pews empty and bank accounts run down.

  11. But facilitating and encouraging child rape is ok?

  12. Catholic Church should pay taxes first before they can argue against gay rights

  13. Allow me to rephrase the line with “Human Beings from around the world: Society should not facilitate child-abusers and organizations that protect them”

  14. Can someone tell me the difference between the Catholic Church and a hate group?

    Oh, wait! I can. Hate groups generally don’t view abusing children as acceptable behaviour.

    I therefore apologise to hate groups everywhere for comparing them to Catholicism.

    1. The dresses, the catholic church do a far better line in dresses for their staff

  15. Let them keep talking this same old nonsense. Eventually everyone, LGBT or otherwise (including actual Catholics) will get tired of hearing these useless proclamations and will stop giving them platforms to assert their bigotry.

  16. So just to be clear, it’s A-OK for priests to rape defenceless children, but it’s emotionally destructive for two consenting adults to enter into a loving relationship sanctioned by the state?

    Dubya tee ehf, Catholic Church.

  17. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 26 Jul 2012, 2:53pm

    The church has to look at what’s best for the individual ? Like when the church refused to stop the abuse then covered it up ? Gay men committ suicide because they can’t handle the abuse of not being accepted by bigots like you!!

  18. Jock S. Trap 26 Jul 2012, 3:08pm

    That’s why the country is governed by the state government Not by the church…seriously get over yourselves.

    The only reason gay people may commit suicide is because of your appalling attitudes to society and if all you can think about is ‘same-sex ‘behaviour” the really that is your problems as an individual if all you can think about is what people do in bed.

    Yet again the church uses inaccuracies to promote it’s homophobic agenda. They clear believe killing and wars are better than love and stability but seriously, what does that say about you as a religion? So sad, so misguided and so Very pathetic.

  19. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2012, 3:11pm

    What galls me in all this that not one individual or authority takes idiots like this to task and really nails them on the false, fraudulent information by those hate groups promulgating the lies that have all been debunked by legitimate authorities on the subject. The catholic hierarchy should not be allowed to get away with it. Spreading false information flies in the face of one of the commandments regarding the bearing of false witness against one’s neighbour. Clearly this is just such a case and a major one which needs to be addressed and dealt with.

  20. Screaming all the way down the plug hole.

  21. Mike Homfray 26 Jul 2012, 3:21pm

    I think this is the mark of a rather desperate and sad group who know they have lost every one of the campaigns they have supported. the state does and will facilitate gay relationships, and that’s why gay people can form civil partnerships and will be able to marry. And they will do this no matter what sort of bigoted medieval nonsense the church spews out

  22. The Scottish Catholics have stooped to the ridiculous. this is getting into the bounds of inciting hate based on falsehoods.

  23. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2012, 3:32pm

    Who are these people passing moral judgment and condemning an entire group of people simply because we do not fit into their belief system? Is it any wonder there is so much anti-catholic sentiment when people like this invite it by such hateful rhetoric?

    People of this ilk have absolutely no understanding of the word ‘christian’ because they are so far removed from it, by thought, action and deed.

    What is amazing to me is that this is a minority cult wielding so much hate and power and nobody in government dares to take them on for fear of being labelled anti-catholic and anti-religion. I can’t believe there isn’t one atheist MP in any of the three parties.

    1. Didn’t Nick Clegg say he was an athiest? But you are right that the church gets away with far too much and governments don’t stand up to them enough.

      For example, both the SNP First Minister of Scotland and the gay Labour leader of Glasgow City Council have said how they’re looking forward to regularly meeting and working with the new Arch Bigot of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia.

      Quite why leaders of national & local government would need to regularly meet a Catholic Archbishop is beyond me.

  24. If I had charge of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland (a minority group trying to make a very loud noise), I’d get this imbecile Kearney out double-quick and get some capable PRs working overtime.

    As it is, great job Kearney! You’re helping make your employers sound more loony and more desperate by the day!

  25. Har Davids 26 Jul 2012, 3:35pm

    Now I get it: it’s not homophobia, is the welfare of the LGTB community that’s the reason the RCC is fighting same-sex marriage.They could have let that one known sooner.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2012, 3:37pm

    And the Scottish and English secular governments shouldn’t facilitate a cult which deigns to interfere in the political process and threaten those we have elected in order to impose it’s distorted beliefs on the rest of us, both gay and straight. In another time, such behaviour would have been construed as treasonous and the penalty would have been execution.

  27. Catholic Hierarchy is now down in the dirt with right wing protestant brethren. How did that happen?

    Ok what’s happening is that the RC Church realises it cannot win on the grounds of religious debate, so goes on the offensive (literally) with spuriously attributed facts about homos. Let’s reissue a few facts back. In societies where minorities are mistreated with abusive inequality, depression, addiction and mental are not uncommon. To try manipulate this is downright unethical as choice or lifestyle factors is as disgusting as fiddling with children. Bring it on men in frocks….

  28. It is a great pity that we do not have a large organisation in this country which would designate the Roman Catholic Church, the Christian Institute, the Christian Legal Centre and Christian Concern as hate groups.

  29. Paul F Cockburn 26 Jul 2012, 3:59pm

    Brazil supposedly has the largest Roman Catholic population in the world, but average life expectancy in that country is around eight years less than in the UK. Does that mean Roman Catholicism cuts years off your life? Of course not; poverty-related health inequalities are far more likely to have something to do with it. But that’s the kind of biased, simplistic thinking that this corrupt and corrupting global institution keeps trying to peddle when the rest of us have the audacity to not follow their loathsome habits.

  30. Might I point out that the ‘Scottish Catholic Church’ is,within Scotland, a very small minority.At most they number about 600,000 (16% of the Scots population) probably just over half of whom are actually practicing members. What they are good at is giving the impression that they are more important than they really are. There are 4.5 million scots who are NOT Roman Catholic. Kearney is simply creating an idea that they actually have some influence within Scotland.

  31. Sadly i was brought up as a Catholic. I was made to go through the whole process from Baptism to Confirmation. All of it was filled with finger pointing and hate. The Chatholic Chruch in Scotland, the rest of the UK, In fact in every country is an antiquated institution. It is an exclusive body not an inclusive. It has no place in the modern world.

    Thankfully now I am an atheist. A much happier soul without religion.

    The UK government should distance itself from the church in gerneral. Religion should be treated like any other business. Why doesn’t the Driscimination Act apply to these businesses?

  32. ‘If it is legal then it is appropriate’ I heard some MP (Bill Cash I think) say during the height of the expenses scandal.

    So presumably the same will apply to marriage when it is extended to include same sex couples.


    1. Is that the best you can do as a sore loser, Doug?

  33. Paddyswurds 26 Jul 2012, 4:11pm

    The Roman cult has still to say how society should deal with Paedophile and Sadist priests. We all know how the Roman Catholic church deals with them. Once found out the church simpply moves them to a parish ar diocese that hasn’t heard of their crimes so they can continue on as before to rape and physically abuse boys and girls as young as seven years old. Then they have the cheek and temerity to opine as to how society should treat homosexuals!!! When are these evil people going to wake up to their own shame and repent for their errors.

  34. ‘We know what’s best for you’. Well, I think we can all say that. I know what’s best for the Catholic Church – that it is shut down because it makes people mad, sad and angry. Or it abuses them as children. These ARE facts. So Mr Kearney, I have more evidence for my claims than you do for yours, so therefore you should follow what I say.
    Thank you

  35. Peter Kearney is emerging as a key nexus of hate in Scotland. He peddles the lies over and over. I’ve written to his
    Employers in the past but sure they are as bad.

    Peter – cite your evidence!
    Journalists – get him to cite his evidence!

    Peter, if you read Pink News, know this. You are a promulgator of lies.

  36. High time some of these homophobes were done for HATE SPEECH!!!!

  37. Tim Brierley 26 Jul 2012, 4:17pm

    ”But the Church can’t take that attitude, we have to look at what’s best for the individual, whether it be someone who has an addiction to drugs, tranquilisers, alcohol, whatever, or same-sex behaviour and say ‘That’s not what’s best for you’’.

    Is that what they said to the kids before they were buggered by their paedophile priests?
    The most vile institution on the planet.

  38. OK, there have to be limits.

    This just comes across as hate speech.

    At what point will people DEMAND that their governmental representatives step in and put an end to this?

  39. I really dont understand how religous uptake with these churches is so high compared to progressive religions like my own.

  40. Spanner1960 26 Jul 2012, 5:17pm


    Has it not occurred to you that LGBT people are *part* of that society?
    We are not on the outside looking in, like so many of your bible-bashing brethren.

  41. The church is digging itself a gigantic hole to bury itself in. The sooner the better.

  42. Guglielmo Marinaro 26 Jul 2012, 6:04pm

    “No society should facilitate or encourage anyone to enter into a same-sex relationship.”

    Every time an evil statement like this is made on behalf of the RC Church, its ability to play games with people’s lives is weakened still further. That, at any rate, is something to be thankful for.

  43. Jack Scott 26 Jul 2012, 6:16pm

    I always knew the top brass of the Catholic Mafia were authoritarian idiots but now it seems they’re liars too.

  44. Don Harrison 26 Jul 2012, 6:49pm

    The Catholic Church is digging its own grave. Who will take the funeral?

    1. who cares?

  45. Jason Feather 26 Jul 2012, 6:54pm

    Bigotry & homophobia dressed up as misguided & disingenuous ‘concern’, the pathetic & illinformed opinions of someone filled with hatred who can’t even see the reason behind the higher suicide rate in gay people is due to people like him not accepting gay people as they are. I’m so glad we are winning against such institutionalised homophobia indoctrinated into people by belief in sky faries and medieval superstitious garbage. In fact these people are unwitting destroying the church as it falls around them so these lone idiotic voices are doing us a favour!

  46. Pavlos Prince of Greece 26 Jul 2012, 7:40pm

    Oh yes, it was so ‘simple’ at the times of Spanish Inquisition… And now Eminence or Excellence must write to ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Telegraph’, calling to best friend of British catholic church Mark Thompson from BBC and give ‘advice’ to Church of England. Bloody difficult job, I know…

  47. Sorry, as I would not expect anything new from the RCC cult of bigots, I decided it was just a waste of time to read this article, just as it has been a waste of time to write it….
    In short: The RCC continued their bigotry after the announcement of the Scottish ….. equal marriage.
    Would have been way more than enough….

  48. If “..the Catholic Church should stop peddling this nonsense.” what would it do? Peddling nonense, often, as here, hateful and murderous nonsense, is what it exists for.

  49. All of this would sound far more convinving if the Catholic Church itself hadn’t directly facilitated decades of predatory clergy pedophilia through concealment, bribery or denial. They have no moral authority whatsoever on this issue

    1. Linsey Young 27 Jul 2012, 11:09am

      They relinquished any moral authority whatsoever through their child molestation. They amount to little more than the worlds’ largest paedophile ring in my opinion.

  50. Too bad, haters, that government has finally seen fit not to pander to you and keep your hatreds as law. Suck it up–Scotland is not a Catholic Country;.so you can no longer try to control GLBT people through hateful laws.

  51. This video for “PRIEST OFF” has been around for quite a while but maybe you’ve not seen it before.

  52. Perhaps we should head the call of the Catholic church. According to church leaders, the only sexual relationships that are healthy are ones between adult priests and small children. That’s why it’s been so important to protect wrong-doers and cover up systematic abuse. A fine moral discourse they set.

  53. The vast majority of catholics in Britain do not agree with the bishops on the issue of LGBT rights and are instead supportive of the idea of same-sex marriage. The bishops better watch out as to how far they can keep pushing people.

  54. Linsey Young 27 Jul 2012, 11:03am

    I live less than a mile from the residence of cardinal O’Brien, the head of the catholic church in Scotland. I propose that we as a community stage a protest there against this continued hate speech. Is anyone interested in joining me?

  55. The Catholic Church is an antiquated institution.

    Sadly, my parents brought me as a Catholic and made me go through the whole process from baptism to confirmation. Religious classes were full of finger pointing and hate. That clearly hasn’t changed. Catholicism is exclusive not inclusive. The church wonders why people are leaving their institution.

    I am now are recovering Catholic = an atheist. A happy gay atheist in a CP.

    I think the governments of the world should distance themselves from religion and treat it like any other business. The Equality Act applies to every business in the UK. It should also apply to religious groups/businesses.

    An inclusive society is the only way forward. Thankfully some western governments realise this and are inplementing the necessary changes. Hopefully the UK will soon join the existing 11 countries who have ensured their citizens are treated equally.

  56. Keith Farrell 27 Jul 2012, 5:00pm

    I have a new argument for gay marriage that should totally work!

    So since the bible clearly states that divorce isnt permitted other than death ,adultery, or your spouse is a non believer in God, and that even with that, if you remarry after being married once you are considered to be living in Sin, no matter how much you pray.

    And Christians make all kinds of excuses to excuse it and say God forgives… WELL……
    If they just give in and let gays get married….. then if their marriage ends in divorce they can blame us for it. They can be like… well our marriage didn’t work cause of those pesky Gays!!! Then… Jesus will HAVE to forgive them and give them “immunity” cause us damn homosexuals caused their downfall!!!! See… it all makes sense!

  57. What we should have in many countries are referendums whether people want the ‘Roman Catholic Church?’ Now that would be very interesting?

  58. In studies of criminality, Catholics are consistently found to be the worst offenders while Jews and especially the non-religious are the least delinquent. Franzblau’s 1934 study found honesty inversely related to religiousness. Ross (1950) found non-believers more likely to help the poor than people who profess religion. So, if you want an honest employee, your best bet is to choose the non-religious candidate. Catholic youths, taught religious morality in a reformatory, ended up more religious but no less criminal. Youths who believed in hell fire and the devil were no less likely to commit crimes, and church attendance had no effect in making people less criminal.

    In studies of criminality, Catholics are consistently found to be the worst offenders while Jews and especially the non-religious are the least delinquent. Franzblau’s 1934 study found honesty inversely related to religiousness. Ross (1950) found non-believers more likely to help the poor than people who profess religion

    1. So, if you want an honest employee, your best bet is to choose the non-religious candidate. Catholic youths, taught religious morality in a reformatory, ended up more religious but no less criminal. Youths who believed in hell fire and the devil were no less likely to commit crimes, and church attendance had no effect in making people less criminal.

      So, perhaps – the state should make efforts not to facilitate religion?

  59. In research in Northern Ireland “Catholics tended to have higher GHQ-12 scores (worse mental health) than Protestants, the
    differences between the two communities being most marked at younger ages.”.

    Does this mean we should not facilitate the Catholic church because it has a negative impact on peoples health?

  60. and why is there a higher rate of suicide in the LGBT community? because of homophobic abuse from people like him!

  61. burningworm 1 Aug 2012, 10:08am

    They thought for example that slavery was perfectly fine, absolutely okay. Then they didn’t. What is the point of the Catholic Church if it says, Oh well we couldn’t know better because nobody else did;then what are you for!? SF

  62. Society should not facilitate supernatural belief, especially in authoritarian and heirarchical forms.
    We can start by pulling taxpayers’ money out of religious schools and kicking bishops out of the House of Lords. They have been displaying contempt for reason and science and an indulgence of irrational bigotry while modern society has treated them with ludicrous deference.

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