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Scotland: Catholic Church calls marriage an ‘unhelpful’ response to gay feelings

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Reader comments

  1. How about we not care about the opinions of a group of people who base their lives on the babbling fairy tales of people who couldn’t understand why the sun rose.

    They offer nothing of use or insight to the real world, they have no qualifications, no training, no psychological background – nothing but a ridiculous, contradictory, nonsensical fiction.

    And the opinions of the cloistered, pampered and SINGLE are so spectacularly meaningless on the subject of marriage that all they do is invite mockery.

    1. Ditto from me Valksy :)

    2. Well said!

  2. One day, hopefully, the R.C. Church will become extinct like the dinosaurs they are.

  3. On today of all days about we juist focus on celebrating the good and just ignore the morons until tomorrow? :D

  4. House rules prevent me from telling this @*!# where to go…


    Oh! Wait. Of course!

    Ты, иди на хуй, блять!

    I feel better, now.

    (There’s always a solution if you look for it)

  5. “However, the church looks much further than the short-term electoral time-scales of politicians”

    That’s a laugh. The church spend more time looking back than looking forward, so how can they create any long-term gains.

    Additionally, maybe the church should be directed to the news, that same-sex marriage is actually good for the economy. Prime example, being New York where $259 million dollars has come from same-sex marriage (

    So apart from this move from the Scottish government closing another door on equality, it also has a long-term goal of improving the economy.

    1. Oops – I meant to put non-equality…but you get my drift ;o)

  6. Garry Cassell 25 Jul 2012, 2:29pm

    The catholic church has no reasons…just blinded hatred…I live in Canada and the sky hasn’t fallen in…same -sex marriage is alive and well…time to push these catholic haters(priest, bishops, etc) into the open for what they are…I bet they have a idea of how same sex feels..they certainly have the experience behind them…but of course with young boys..

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jul 2012, 6:58pm

      Yes indeed, and people think the molestation scandal is a recent phenomenon. It’s been going on and continues for almost two millenia. As of now, some boy or girl is being molested somewhere in the world where this cult has access to them, make no mistake about that. The coverups will continue.

  7. Catholics are non-helpful to the human race.

    1. Well actually they are very helpful to the human race on how and what not to listen to or not to follow or not to take any notice of or not go to and not to have anything to do with.. That fat pharisee of a Roman Catholic archbishop of Scotland is a clear example of incarnate hatred.

  8. Given that this man, who represents the Catholic Church in Scotland, doesn’t agree with the way that the government is going isn’t it about time that the government looked into whether it should still be funding Catholic schools.

    In fact all faith schools for that matter.

  9. Why are the comments not showing

    1. Once you make a post…you can see them…bizarre

      1. I think theres a weird cache bug thing on this site sometimes. a quick f5 usually does the trick

    2. If your comment does not display, refresh the screen by pressing control and f5 simultaneously, that should help.

      1. I did try that, but to no avail.

        Just tried again and I can see the comments. Go figure :o/

  10. Ugh it’s always religion that stops things getting done in this world. Just because a small percentage of the country are religious, doesn’t mean that we should change everything to please them. I live in Northern Ireland but originally born and raised in Scotland. And over here they close the shops are 6pm on a Sunday, so pretty much all of the country is dead because ‘some’ of the country are religious. Absolutely poposterous. This is the same thing here. Gay people want marriage and we should get it. It’s not like we’ll be inviting these religous nutcases to our weddings so why do they care so much?

  11. I don’t think that that the catholic church’s comments are very helpful either.

  12. Dave North 25 Jul 2012, 3:01pm

    “The Church does not see same-sex marriage as an appropriate and helpful response to same-sex attraction.”

    So just what has your churches response been to date bishop.

    Denigration, isolation, ostracism, lies, hatred.

    Go “boil yer heid” as we say in Scotland.

    Alternately, go f@rt in a can and rattle it.

  13. same-sex sexual relationships are detrimental to any love expressed within profound friendships

    Are these idiots for real?

    What really is not helpful is the catholic church – itself a minority in Scotland – broadcasting its unwelcome opinions at any and every available opportunity. Put up, shut up and, preferably, piss off.

  14. Graeme Harvey 25 Jul 2012, 3:15pm

    The Roman Catholic Church fight everything in sight as they can see that after 2000 years The Holy Roman Empire is under threat from education. The more educated people are the better able they are to see through the lies, myths and deceit. Pope LeoX circa 1520 is alleged to have said “It has served us well the myth of Christ” They do not care about society they are only interested in protecting their power base.

  15. Is there anyone in the Catholic hierarchy with the wit to wrest the shovel away from these hole-diggers?

    Even my Catholic in-laws now regard their church leaders as a clique of child-abusing, money-grabbing, sex-obsessed bullies, devoid of both compassion and common sense.

  16. Aryu Gaetu 25 Jul 2012, 3:20pm

    “Ты, иди на хуй, блять!” didn’t make much sense. It might be a more localized saying that doesn’t get translated well. I usually say “Перейти ебет себя!”, but that usually gets censored. [I never understood the concept of “bad” language, much less the censoring of someone else’s words because they may hold imaginary evil or danger of some sort. Much like nudity.]

  17. Oh bless their sad, empty, blackened and pathetic little hearts. What’s funny is how they have to resort to strangling the English language to avoid saying what they really want to say, but know they’d be pilloried for it, which is “We hate the dirty gays!”

  18. Confucius say:
    ‘when in hole, stop digging’

  19. RCC failed to stop gay marriages in catholic countries like spain, portugal or argentina, so what make them think that they can stop it in the uk.

  20. Paddyswurds 25 Jul 2012, 4:59pm

    Even in defeat these morons have the cheek to protest the unprotestable. The Church of Rome ceased to be relevant to the lives of the people of the twenty first century when it embarked on the wholesale sexual rape of the worlds children and when caught then proceeded to cover it up…..

  21. Pure poison from the Catholic freaks

  22. Can’t they just accept that their war has been lost after the SG’s announcement today and go away quietly? I suspect they’ll now be noisier, more hateful and more offensive than ever for a while until it gets through to them that equal marriage will now be a reality in Scotland!

  23. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the RCC in 10 or twenty years after gay marriage didn’t destroy the human race comes out and tells everyone it was their idea to allow gay marriage in the first place. They’ve always been a bunch of hypocritical SOBs.

  24. Guglielmo Marinaro 25 Jul 2012, 5:57pm

    So what DOES the Roman Catholic Church see “as an appropriate and helpful response to same-sex attraction?” Well, the present pope has made that clear: telling us that the homosexual condition [sic] “must be seen as an intrinsic disorder”, that gay sex is in all circumstances immoral, and that we are obliged to practise perpetual sexual abstinence whether we want to or not. In other words, psychological and spiritual abuse.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jul 2012, 6:55pm

      Because it believes that homosexuality can be prayed away. The fact that they have an almost two millenia old tradition of paedophilia is self-explanatory. Obviously not enough praying seemed to work let alone cast out the gay demon among some of their clergy but saw fit to cover it up. And this moron O’Brien has the affrontery to make any moral judgments against gay people or anyone for that matter?.

  25. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Jul 2012, 6:11pm

    ‘Profound friendships’. OK, very nice. But why Indian catholic church is appealing to Supreme Court the decision of lower court to legalize homosexuality? Even Queen Victoria was a little more tolerant towards (female) homosexuality, saying, that is just friendship, not sex,- and is no need to punish it.

  26. “However, in the short term and long term Anonymous does not see opposite-sex marriage as an appropriate and helpful response to opposite-sex attraction”

    See how dumb that sounds? People want to marry their girlfriend/boyfriend, it shouldn’t matter if they’re female or male.

    Appropriate? There’s nothing wrong with it at all.
    Helpful? Hey, guess what? Marriage isn’t yours! Not every marriage will cater to your cult

    Idiotic cultists

    1. It’s not just friendship, cultists

  27. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jul 2012, 6:53pm

    “The Scottish Government is embarking on a dangerous social experiment on a massive scale.However, the church looks much further than the short-term electoral time-scales of politicians.”

    So, where is the the factual evidence for that? There are 11 countries allowing equal marriage, can’t O’Brien come up with one official government report from any of them and present it to the SNP? If not, why not? Why doesn’t someone go after these hatemongers and force them to produce the evidence which we all know they can’t? Of course, they’ll scream abuse of religious freedom if that were the scenario.

    1. Dave North 25 Jul 2012, 8:23pm

      “Dangerous social experiment”

      Teaching children that a sky deity is looking after them as long as they pray to it and follow the dogmatic nonsence its “priests” make up as they go along is by far a more dangerous experiment.

      1. And all run by a billion dollar hierarchy in Rome.

  28. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Jul 2012, 6:59pm

    ‘any love expressed within profound friendships’. His excellence speaks here about straight men feelings towards his wife after 10 years of marriage, I am right?

  29. Mumbo Jumbo 25 Jul 2012, 7:39pm

    Calling the victims lying little whores, organising a cover-up and resorting to every legal trick possible to avoid paying compensation when the truth comes out is an unhelpful response to mass international child rape.

  30. Well, then we’re even because I call the Catholic Church an unhelpful response to the protection of children from rape.

  31. What the hell does the catholic church know about my feelings? They can’t even advise straight people about their marriages and relationships. I have and always will have a problem with a group who claim to KNOW what is best for your marriage, children etc when they don’t allow their priests to have sex, let alone marry!!

  32. Piper Peter 26 Jul 2012, 3:56pm

    ‘Dangerous social experiment’ does that apply to Holland, Canada, Argentina, Spain? What silly rhetoric is being used by the RC church. As to linking being gay with disease that is shear wickedness.

    1. Oh don’t be silly Piper Peter …. the RC church don’t expect us to be intelligent and examine what really happens in the world – they expect us to listen to what they say and accept it without question or deviation …

  33. “The Catholic Church in Scotland has responded to news that the government will proceed with equal marriage legislation by saying marriage rights are not a ‘helpful’ response to gay feelings.”

    We are fortunate that the Catholic Church and its clergy have helpfully shared with us their expertise and experience on sexuality and matrimony. After all, who else is better qualified…uh, wait!

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