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Australia: Extremist preacher bailed on Mardi Gras terror charge

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Reader comments

  1. A religious-extremist nutcase (a convert, no less) with images of child abuse. Why does that combination not surprise me?

  2. What is the Sharia Law punishment for images of child abuse?

    1. Given that the prophet Mohammed is said to have consummated his 3rd marriage when his bride Aisha was 9 or 10, probably none; there probably are punishments for having images of people (though, curiously, that prohibition seems to have lost force in the age of photography).

      1. Maybe the ‘images’ are Sharia ‘punishment’.

      2. Spanner1960 25 Jul 2012, 8:58pm

        It is forbidden under Islamic law to create images of nature, be that human, animal or plant, which is why Islamic design is almost entirely pattern-based. This is because nature was created by Allah, and man should not attempt to copy him.

        This rule is generally only attributed to artwork and illustration, somehow photography is not treated in the same manner.

  3. John MSINMD 25 Jul 2012, 4:31pm

    Child Abuse? What is that exactly? Beating? Bordering on child porn? It doesn’t surprise me either. What does surprise me is that they let him out of jail. They should keep him in jail and maybe some big brawny guy will make the “Preacher” take a permanent position on his knees and become the guy’s new girlfriend! It would teach him a nice HARD lesson about hating gay people and serve him right!

    1. Rape is never a right answer to anything.

    2. What makes you think male rape is going to make a victim alter his views on gay rights?

      1. Spanner1960 25 Jul 2012, 8:59pm

        Islam does not recognise rape within marriage, and it is always considered a male on female act.

        1. What are you saying, that if he’s raped in prison he will refuse to recognise it because he’s a Muslim? FFS.

          There have been reports elsewhere that, since the victims of male rape in some Islamic societies are seen as homosexual, male rape has been used to shame men and boys into becoming jihadis. So I’m not sure where you get the idea that ‘Islam’ doesn’t recognise male rape.

    3. Im fully in favor of this. He obviously secretly craves it.

  4. Hey, be careful what you say, he is a holy man, a “preacher”

    The absurdity of the opposition grows almost by the hour.

  5. In other words, I hate myself for possessing images of child abuse, but will instead blame everyone else for it because it’s someone else’s fault..

  6. So an Australian born national, converts to Islam and wants to Sharia Law. Well, I would have him sent to live in a country where Sharia Law is the law of the land, I am damned sure that he would soon be screaming to return to his native and more liberal home.

    And why does it not surprise me in the least that he has also been charged with possession of child abuse.

  7. It is a sad and pathetic man who is such a loser he has to convert to a superstition that tolerates his pedo tenancies and applauds his inhuman opinions – I am ashamed to be a man.

  8. Michael Breen 5 Sep 2012, 1:08pm

    While in prison some big hairy butch daddy should take his virginity and reach him how to really pray to God. Oh God, Oh God OH my ass!.

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