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Trans pupil ‘had to show head Equality Act’ to wear female clothing for exam

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Reader comments

  1. Huge kudos to Ashlyn for her composure and courage. And a great deal of respect for her strong and supportive family.

  2. Protect Our Police 24 Jul 2012, 12:13pm

    Great courage shown by this young lady but really why do ‘Adults’ have such a hangup about it?
    I hope this school receives some training on the subject and any discrimination met with the relevent legislation.

  3. The Headmaster should be fired.

  4. “Giles Academy is an Ofsted Outstanding school in a caring environment with robust equalities policies”. Unless of course you happen to be transgender! What a bunch of idiots

    1. Must be lying, if you are actually outstanding you would apologise for being transphobic and fire the headmaster

    2. Lynda Yilmaz 24 Jul 2012, 12:26pm

      School Governors are notoriously scared of what other parents think about their behaviour. It shows what a weak willed, narrow minded bunch of dinosaurs they are that they are supporting the head here. Their message should be loud and clear. We support ALL our pupils in every way possible. Their ‘robust’ equality policies need reviewing! This teenager should be applauded for her bravery in asserting who she is at such an early age and in an environment which she must have known would cause a problem (why else would she have had a copy of the Equalities Act in her school bag?) Bravo to her and ya boo sucks to the Head and the Governors!

  5. What a brave young woman! You change the world, one person at a time! Xx

  6. The school’s website gives their contact details as & 01205 870693 if you want to tell them what you think about this.

  7. de Villiers 24 Jul 2012, 2:04pm

    It is easy to declare on the basis very little information, that the head-teacher should be fired. Perhaps he should. Alternatively, he may not have known the history and his actions may have be an error. The article is not yet clear and swift execution rather than generous persuasion is not always the best way to persuade people to show others respect.

    Such a quick reaction leads to a mob-mentality, ready to call for heads to be guillotined without pause or reflection on the whole of the situation.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 24 Jul 2012, 2:55pm

      To Lynda Yilmaz,
      Mob Mentality??? That head needs a wake up call. Why did the student have to show him the Equality Act when he should have already known about it.

      I applaud the student and her parents for being so supportive of her.

    2. de Villiers 24 Jul 2012, 3:43pm

      Someone below has posted the following:

      > Get her out.
      > Better still, find out who she is.

      This is part of a mob mentality which rushes to judgment before the facts are all known.

  8. So the head teached only let Ashley wear the clothes she wanted once she showed him the Equality Act? Sounds like fear of legal action rather than compassion, especially when he went on to segregate her from the other pupils. Disgusting. He should be sacked and the school investigated.

  9. PretaniVirago 24 Jul 2012, 2:22pm

    A school spokesman said: “…The governing body of the Academy rejects all the allegations.”
    Sooooo, it didn’t actually happen? On top of everything else Ashlyn is also a liar apparently. Niiiice….

  10. Sounds like the headmaster needs some schooling!
    How can he have no knowledge of the equality act?

  11. I’ll whistle while I’m waiting Lumi.

  12. The teacher should be fired and named. The teacher in question humiliating the way a pupil walks by imitating her in front of others. This sick bigot shouldn’t even be allowed near children.
    Get her out.
    Better still, find out who she is.

  13. “a female teacher was warned after imitating the pupil’s walk in front of other students”
    Good luck with rejecting those allegations. Sounds like there were lots of witnesses.

  14. The Giles Academy is in dire need of thorough scrutiny.

  15. Omar Kuddus 24 Jul 2012, 6:21pm

    I Hope she sue not only the school via vicarious responsability under Misfeasance and Malfeasance in Public offfice [2001} UKHL 29 [ my laws designed just for people like her in such situations] via vicarious responsability and also the teachers independantly.
    It is disgusting how she has been treated and I sincerly admire her courage and stand.

  16. Good for Ashlyn and her mother (who is apparently recovering from cancer). It’s disgraceful they have been so badly let down by this school. Hopefully her new Sixth Form College will appreciate her a bit more.

    I have to take a moment to point out that The Sun covered this in a reasonably respectful and sympathetic manner. Perhaps the hard work of trans activists, including at Leveson, is starting to pay off.

    Other papers, less shamed at Leveson, still have a lot to learn. The Telegraph ended up toning down misgendering in the original draft of the article, while The Mail misgendered throughout and toned down not a word. Even the HuffPo managed to misgender Ashlyn in the story’s title.

    My 66 y.o. stepfather recently asked me how to address trans people. I told him I was only an ignorant cis person, but respecting a person’s gender identity is basic manners and would cost just a moment of his time. He thought that was fair enough. If he can get it, why does our press struggle?

  17. I’m slightly confused!

    Was this the first time Ashlyn had turned up at school dressed as a female? If so, I understand the head teachers initial reaction as it would have been very off putting for the other students as they would have been more interested in looking at Ashlyn than concentrating on the exam.

    However, I am assuming that Ashlyn has identified as female for a while and as such must have been at school dressed in female clothes. Therefore why didn’t the head know of this, I’m sure someone would have told him about a trans pupil in his school!

  18. It was a lesson in love indeed.

  19. I find it kind of funny – at the same time I fnd it kind of sad that she’s taken to carrying around a copy of the Equality Act just in case she needs it.

    1. OrtharRrith 25 Jul 2012, 8:36am

      You do what you have to in order to prove that you have the right to be treated equally.

  20. So this kid ambushes the School by turning up dressed as a girl for the first time on exam day…..bang out of order but pretty well illustrative of some *trans activists* attitude of screw everyone else as long as our *rights* are respected. What about the rights of all the other kids sitting their exam that day not to have a male class mate suddenly turn up in Drag?

    1. Katie Kool-eyes 25 Jul 2012, 1:01pm

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about

      1. Seconded.

      2. Of course not,you are obviously the only transsexual on this site… are the one who has no idea who I am so you,Im sorry to say are the one whistling in the wind.

    2. Seriously? Is your comment for real or are you just trolling? You must feel proud. Being able to make fun of a 16 year old anonymously over the Internet.

      I applaud her strength of character to be true to herself!

      1. Yes,its for real,as am I. But that is none of your business,my past is my own,I dont come on here looking for a pity party or to be the centre of attention. An exam hall full of nervous 16 year olds is not the place for anyone to take a stand that with any sort of clarity of thought will clearly cause a distraction for the other students as without prior warning and a lot of education a boy turning up dressed as a girl is,to most people,a boy *in drag*.
        Why *come out* on Exam day?
        Why not *come out* in the new trem or in College?
        Stunts like this only get peoples backs up,they gain nothing and the almost psychotic over reaction from some members of the *trans community* ,especially via social networking sites frankly pander to the old stereotype that we are all psycho bunny boilers wanting to be the centre of the universe.

        1. I realize this is old news, but Eydis, nothing in the article said she chose to come out now, or that she hadn’t dressed as a girl before that. You made an assumption about that. Try not to be such a hater.

  21. Hi – I am Ashlyns Mum and would just like to thank you in the main for your kind and sympathetic comments, Ashlyn is a very strong person and we have gone public (reluctantly I may add) to get people talking about this very subject and encourage debate – the more people that know about trangender children the more understanding there will be (we hope!) although there have been some unpleasant comments (its easy to be abusive when you have a computer screen to hide behind) in the main people have been lovely and I hope that continues. Ironically the school iteself is not a bad school, but at the top there are issues – all we really initially wanted was an apology from the head and education for the teachers about children who are different – what a shame it has to come to this.

  22. The Headmaster should be sacked,the ‘Governing Body’ should be replaced as obviously unfit for purpose and the idiot ‘spoksperson’ ought to be sent on a course on understanding the meaning of English words ‘as his/her statement indicates that they obviously don’t!

  23. You go girl !

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