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Marriage equality boosts New York City economy by $259m

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Reader comments

  1. Money talks. And it will play a big part in our advancement. The corporations that are supporting GLBT rights are making a huge difference. Cheering news.

  2. Yes, it is. And I agree. If nothing else talks, money does the trick. Good to see that marriage equality has given NYC a big shot in the arm.

  3. In the US this is definitely the way to change people’s minds. Talk money!

  4. That should also make the Roman Catholic Church, the Republicans and the other anti-Christ hate gay groups do a short sharp turn around. The Roman Catholic Church especially loves money.

  5. Phew that is great. Congratulations. Gays have always made a positive contribution to society and this is no exception The proof of the pudding etc… :-)

  6. NYC is the second state to allow equal marriages and reported a boost in it’s economy! maybe those that chose bans will see the error$ of their way!

    I know it is old but is still relevant and good for a laugh! “because it is so relative when Niel Patrick Harris spells it out!”

    1. Maybe I should rephrase that NY State is the second to report a boost in its economy since it allowed equal marriages. (I know more states allow it before I get corrected!)

  7. The US and its obsession with money – even civil liberties have a monetary value. They’re just not interested in anything that can’t be turned into cash. And the country is wall to wall bible thumping freaks condemning all manner of “immorality”, yet the miss this obvious one and their obsession with the dollar. The irony is lost on them.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jul 2012, 11:33am

    What is even more impressive is that an independent study in New York City two years ago revealed that allowing equal marriage would bring in an excess of $300 million within three years if the law were changed. It has exceeded expectations within only one year and the sky hasn’t caved in nor has the world come to an end. Take that C4M/CI!

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