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Hate crime vigils organiser brings Olympic torch to Soho

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Reader comments

  1. So good to see such positive and good news. Well done and thanks for your hard work and in bringing your torch to Soho.

    1. Mark Healey 24 Jul 2012, 4:20pm

      Thanks Bazza x

  2. Keep it up Mark. Its needed.

  3. When you troll through some sad news about our fellow LGBTs across the world it is always uplifting to read something so incredibly positive! Thank you Mark!!! x

  4. GingerlyColors 25 Jul 2012, 7:46am

    I hope the Olympic Torch will bring light into the lives of people whose lives have been blighted by hate. Earlier this week we saw Doreen Lawrence, the mother of the teenager murdered in a race hate attack bear the Torch. Mark Healy’s vigil was not just for the people murdered or injured at the Admiral Duncan but also for those targeted at Brixton and Brick Lane. The Olympic Torch Relay was first carried out in 1936 in a regime that advocated hate, murder and intolerance and ironically it has become a positive thing, bringing hope to the people of this country.

    1. Mark Healey 25 Jul 2012, 11:46am

      I first met Doreen Lawrence at a reception held by Gordon Brown at Downing St which was presenting awards to people who had been nominated for their work tacking crime in their communities – the invite followed the first Vigil against Hate Crime that we held in Trafalgar Square when 10,000 people (the largest gathering against hate crime in recent history) turned out to say no to hate. As you say – the vigil has always been more than just homophobic and transphobic hate crime because we realise that all hate crime is unacceptable and that we will only beat it by working together. I had the honour of sitting with Doreen on the Torchbearer’s bus on Monday – she was number 006 and I number 021 – a remarkable woman who has turned something so bad into something so good to inspire others to be the best they can be. I hope to follow her lead.

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