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George Michael: Gays have ‘so many things to celebrate these days’

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Reader comments

  1. Welcome back George, I missed you and can’t wait to hear the new album.

  2. It’s true that many of us in the west have much to celebrate. The world is not a perfect place but sometimes it is right to reflect on the good things in life. Glad George Michael pulled through and has a positive outlook on life.

  3. “…well it’s not new it’s eight or nine months now which is about five years in the gay community!”

    Groan. Did he really have to say that? Five years may not be five years in his gay community, but it is in mine.

  4. While there are some gays who have a lot to celebrate, a lot don’t have that much to celebrate

    I’m glad he’s fine though

    1. I was thinking just that Lumi. Keep reading about men and woman who have been harmed or killed by bigots, like that poor woman in Nabraska. That was just awful….

      I count my lucky stars all the time, but I know how lucky I am…But I’m also not foolish to assume I’ll never come face to face with a bigot!

      But like yourself, I am glad Geaorge is well again. It sounds like it was a very close call for him.

    2. “a lot don’t have that much to celebrate”

      Yeah, like bigots like you attacking Trans people as “wrong” and “immoral” – looks like the religious bollox you got indoctrinated with has given you all the tools and language to persecute others, eh? Congrats on your return bigot, but we don;t forget a twisted little b.itch like you easily.

      1. Its best to just ignore that hateful cow, Lumi Bast. There’s something wrong with her. And she wonders why she can’t find a partner? Maybe she should try the AFA or some other religious right wing hate group, she’s loads in common with them.

    3. Great, Lumi is back. Lets see how long she lasts before we hear another hate attack against Trans people followed by a a little whine about why people don’t like her and she can’t find someone to love her *rolls eyes*

  5. All the best George. All the best. You carry your Cross with Pride.

  6. The Australian concerts have been sold out for a while now.

    Wish I was going, could not get a ticket.

    Good to hear he is on the mend and feeling comfortable with himself again and HAPPY in a new relationship.

    Life is too short. Must enjoy life.

  7. Good to have you hack George. I agree with what you say but we still have some way to go before we can say that all is well in the garden. Keep fighting for our rights. Sadly all too many of us have had unpleasant experiences but we emerge stronger and perhaps more aware of our role in society, our commitment to one another in the LGT Community and the Lord God Who made us. But time is short and there is still much to do…..
    The Bird of Time has but a little way
    To fly, and lo the Bird is on the Wing.

  8. Typo (sorry) …. back George.

  9. Maybe George has finally grown up , I hope so we could do with a positive gay public figure . Much better than one who is photographed crashing his car whilst off his head on drink or drugs . Good luck to him , hope he carries on

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