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Video: Bristol Palin’s three-year-old son uses gay slur in reality show

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Reader comments

  1. What a vile family this lot are!

    1. de Villiers 23 Jul 2012, 10:06pm

      He must have learned this word from somewhere – and seen it used negatively. I fear it is from his home or family.

      1. More than likely!

  2. They start ’em young in the GOP. Won’t be long before he’s at a church singing “ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven”.

  3. Inbred homophobia?

    1. Ben Foster 23 Jul 2012, 9:22pm

      or possibly just inbred if half the things i’ve heard about the Palins are true.

  4. Parenting at its finest !! :-(

  5. That vile brat has obviously had no discipline, never mind time out, he needs a damn good smacking, instead of his so called “mother” laughing at what he is saying, she is just as bad!

  6. James As Well 23 Jul 2012, 10:23am

    A three year old can’t be called homophobic. He’s just saying it because he knows it’s a ‘bad’ word.

    What’s disgusting is that they laugh at it. The other woman’s reaction seems slightly more appropriate, but the mother needs a talking to.

  7. Awful, inbred American trash.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Jul 2012, 10:39am

    Can’t imagine how he picked up that word.

    I can imagine though other parents are going to love that child (and his parents) when he starts going to nursery school and other children pick it up from him.

    I’m sure it will be a word that the other children haven’t heard, so they’ll be trotting it out at every opportunity for a day or two after they hear it from the Palin offspring.

    I’m sure that will be a real vote winner.

  9. Bella Brahms 23 Jul 2012, 11:07am

    Well at least she is aware that she is doing a terrible job as a parent. That’s something. #clutchingatstraws

  10. Shows what counts for everyday language in this household!

  11. Trip’s homophobic mother and aunt didn’t want to go down to the pool because there were “boys drinking beer by the pool”, making it appear they would be a bad influence. Yea, right. They just didn’t want their fowl-mouthed brat to be in public.

    I have great concern for the world when this is what they want as entertainment. Everyone I know was outraged at such parenting. The religious conservatives laughed.

    1. They made him want to go outside by going “O look at that pool” if they kept quiet about it because they didn’t want to go then he wouldn’t be demanding to go and people on holiday at a hotel, drinking by the poolside *SHOCK HORROR*

  12. Kerry Hollowell 23 Jul 2012, 11:26am

    Sarah Palin did a great job of raising her daughter! FFS! and now the ignorant daughter is doing an equally great job of raising her son. And what dumb people actually want to watch this sh*t!?
    They are a vile bunch and shouldn’t get airtime.

  13. I’m more surprised anyone watches this garbage. Now it seems any lowlife in this country can get their own ‘reality’ tv show, if they have a ‘famous’ relative. My 2nd cousin was the 2nd man to walk on the moon! Can I get my own ‘reality’ tv show, please?

    1. They went to the moon?

      1. Paddyswurds 23 Jul 2012, 2:52pm

        Yea they went to the moon, but that was when America had some real ambition and the Soviets were watching them willing to spill the beans on any skulduggery. Now that the Soviet Union is gone and they are all the same criminals with their snouts in the same trough they can do as they like and boy are they. Haven’t you noticed?

        1. iDEA: Let’s raise some money for a TV show where we follow the Palin’s on their journey to the moon. One way.

          1. Batmanz likes this!

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jul 2012, 12:16pm

    Not surprising. These right wing so called ‘christian’ zealots are a bunch of bullies (on both sides of the pond) and thrive on this sort of thing, they actually condone it by their failure to counter it. This stems from institutionalised homophobia. A lot of these slurs lead to bullying in schools and where is it learned? Why, in the home of course. It begets one generation to the next. Bullying will never be eradicated as long as parents raise their children this way. Ironic that it’s tolerated and yet if that same child used the ‘n’ word, there would be public uproar and outrage by political leaders and civil rights organisations. They get a free pass when it’s aimed at gays.

    1. I’m surprised, VERY SURPISED that GLAAD have not kicked up a stink about this!!!!

      1. burningworm 24 Jul 2012, 12:55am

        I’m glad they haven’t

  15. Christopher 23 Jul 2012, 12:26pm

    America is made of the sweepings of Europe.

    – Maggie Smith’s character in the movie “Ladies in Lavender”

    1. We forget that not only did people migrate to USA to practice religious freedom but also so that they could practice religious bigotry! My American friends just despair at all this crap.

  16. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the women’s apparent shock at the use of the word was feigned for the benefit of the cameras.

    It’s all pretty distasteful, but then what would you expect?

  17. This family is so desperate for fame they’ll do anything. They obviously have no shame or dignity.

  18. Garry Cassell 23 Jul 2012, 3:12pm

    Well done nanny Palin…too bad you didn’t get the chance to teach all of America those sweet lessons..

  19. He’s three years old, is this really news?. Is anyone even watching this show to begin with?

  20. Apples don’t fall from their trees and rubbish doesn’t fall far from its bin!

    Notice that the bin mother didn’t even attempt to correct the problem.

  21. has there ever been any doubt about how homophobic and lowlife the palins really are? and, just think, in a matter of years junior’ll have a gun to back up his
    homo-verbalities. sweet!

  22. Alaskan White Trash!

  23. Irishman1989 23 Jul 2012, 5:59pm

    Hmmmm…. maybe Nanny 911 should pay the Palin’s a visit.
    And I’m not being faceitious; I’m deadly serious.

  24. It’s amazing that they didn’t try to use any editorial privileges they may have with the show’s producers to remove the offending remarks.

    1. I think I may be gaining respect for the producers of this show. Maybe, just maybe they realise how unforgiveably awful this family is and pitched them the idea of the show knowing they would jump at it. They may well believe it is an opportunity to show the Palins to the world for the a$$holes they are. With any luck it might finish them for good and they can sink back into obscurity like the nonentities they are.

      Any good gay producer should be able to destroy the Palins by offering them a camera pointed at their own behaviour.

  25. Needs a visit from SuperNanny Jo Frost. I think. She is crap at discipline her child knows that she isn’t taking it seriously.

  26. burningworm 24 Jul 2012, 12:54am

    It does at least cement that no child is born a homophobe.

    There is no anti gay gene. Nor do the words faggot come to the mind of a child less they are introduced and then made seductive.

  27. Just shows what Bible Belt people are like at the end of the day.

  28. Cat Howard 24 Jul 2012, 8:23pm

    Obviously the next generation of American homophobes is being groomed. How utterly sad.

  29. White trash are scary.

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