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Milan: Catholic Church in polygamy warning over gay civil union register

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Reader comments

  1. More lies and obfuscation by the putrid cult of Rome.

  2. The catholic church is an irrelevant hate group, its comments are not worth publishing.

    1. Just another mouthpiece for the Pope who in 2009 UNexcommunicated a holocaust denier, Bishop williamson.

      1. here’s the link btw (many others available on Google)

        In a country that was 1/3 catholic most of the inner circle of Germany’s wartime leader were catholic

        Mengele, Goebbels, Eichmann.

        As well as of course Franco, Mussolini, and Machieavelli. etc

    2. teh biz about polygamy is really the claiming that we should establish polygamy before gay marriage because polygamy produces more kids.

      Its an attempt to further push gay equal marriage farther down the list of things society should do now.

      think about it – took me years to get at what these clever poo’s are really saying/

    3. katie MUrphy - ex cath 25 Jul 2012, 7:32am

      Even in the church’s back yard, the movement is growing.

      Expect a new and violent reaction – unholy Inquistion and stake burnings.

      The vatican reminds me of the suffer that could have been avoided if we had only had the bomber technology and guts to blow up the reichstag and the NSDAP party HQ by 1935

      Maybe God will return and do the job for us with a Vesuvius II

  3. Are they aware that the groupings that support polygamy are almost always amongst the most homophobic?

  4. I’m sure Cardinal O’Brien can put in a call for us to clear that matter up can’t he?

    1. Indeed – although I am a bit confused. I thought they supported civil partnerships but not marriage yet in Italy they don’t support Civil Partnerships – is there a racist agenda at work in the catholic church.

      1. To be perfectly honest the only true thing they support in the whole LGBT debate is bigotry. If David Cameron came out tomorrow and said he wanted to recriminalise homosexuality then the Catholic Church would be on it like a fly on….

      2. Dave

        They pretended to like CPs when they thought that would be a useful measure to prevent equal marriage – ergo they lied.

        When they lost the battle in Scotland, as the SG announced they would legislate to ensure equal marriage – they became nasty and showed their true colours and hatred.

        “Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Catholic Church, told Scotland Tonight yesterday there was “a link between same-sex sexual practice and early death”.

        Appearing on the Shelagh Fogarty programme on BBC Radio 5 yesterday he said gay couples should not be entitled even to civil partnerships.”

        1. Billy wingartson 3 Aug 2012, 10:12am

          the same sex early death thing was a BS study done by the hate group family research council

          they only averaged the death ages of some 100 or so gays who died.

          they totally ignored the living

          the catholic church lies and lies, conveniently ignoring its a sin

          but this is nothing – once again I post the true story in pictures of how the church supprorted the worst monster in History and his party in germany

 (reverse the letters of sizan, keep it ALL lower case

          Be sure to see also the 2nd page -where it shows a belt buckle worn by all german enlisted soldiers

          Gott mit uns – God is with us. the catholic god sure was. his intials were actually AH at that time.

          1. Billy wingartson 3 Aug 2012, 10:16am

            Re the Polygamy argument – that sort of arrangement the church used when its pedoriests raped – some of them a hundred of more children apiece/

            Burn Baby burn >> pedos and hthe hiding of vile crimes hierarchy

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jul 2012, 7:03pm

    Truly astonishing, the polygamy card always played whenever there is some semblance of legal unions for gay couples. These same bigots in the roman cult and in others said the same thing when CPs were on the table. I want them to provide the evidence to substantiate their claims Eleven countries with equal marriage, many others with some other form of legal union for gay couples, surely, they can’t come up with one example to prove their claim? Just who are these groups demanding polygamous marriages and how many are there supporting it? Do these idiots really believe that any sane government is going to support a law making polygamy legal? I didn’t think bearing false witness against others had anything to do with christianity, but the roman cult is certainly thriving on it to promote it’s agenda by villifying and denigrating our relationships as if we are sub-human. Is it no wonder there is so much anti-catholic sentiment, often quite justifiable.

    1. funny thing is in countries where polygamy exists it has nothing at all to do with recognising gay couples, In fact being gay is criminalised in those countries.

      But this is another example of the catholic church saying one thing in one country and another in a different one – here the christians are “all for” civil partnerships.

      1. Yes, but surely you don’t expect logic in these arguments?!

  6. What’s so bad about polygamy?

    1. Nothing at all, if you believe the Book of Genesis is the word of God.

      1. There’s nothing at all wrong with egalitarian, consensual polygamy, for those who wish to arrange their relationships that way. It could be applied to group marriages of a variety of genders, or to same-sex group marriages. Of course, there *is* a problem with non-consensual, hierarchical polygamy, just as there is a problem with enforced arranged monogamous marriages.

        However, now is not the time to focus on those of us who would like to see our poly relationships treated equally to mono relationships, and given equal rights to civil marriage. Now is the time to focus on marriage equality for same-sex *couples,* not triads or quads.

    2. Why does it matter in an argument about same sex couples (ergo two people) marrying?

  7. Backward fools.

    Padre, perdonate loro perché non sanno quello che [dicono]

  8. Har Davids 23 Jul 2012, 7:49pm

    These homophobes’ holy book is filled with polygamists, so what’s the problem? All they have to do, is admit to being homophobes, and then they can start coming up with their arguments.

  9. The USA or Italy, the same slippery slope argument is used over and over again.

    Here’s a crazy idea: If the padre is so concerned about hardship, why doesn’t he get a real job like the rest of us and actually contribute to his country’s GDP? But this notion would probably blow his entitled mind.

    Oh, and Italy is a part of southern Europe, not western.

    1. Whether accurately or not, the term ‘Western Europe’ is still often used to mean the countries that were on this side of the Iron Curtain (ie the First World). I agree it’s probably a general definition that’s in need of revision (along with “first world” etc, which is largely outdated now anyway).

      1. It wasn’t written with a capital “w”, so I assumed they meant a geographical location…

        1. Oh well, fair enough.

  10. Hasn’t led to polygamy here yet. Bunch of uneducated brainwashed sheep

  11. Disgusting. Once again idiotic comments from a idiotic cult

    Same sex marriage will not lead to polygamy, same sex marriage is between two adults only

  12. Oh I had to laugh… the irony is that their precious book actively supports polygamy.

    1. Exactly. They choose to ignore that fact or blindly defend it “IT WAS A DIFFERENT TIME.”

      Christians are idiotic

      1. but they don’t think the obscure references in the SAME part of the book they quote have changed despite it now being a different time. Only because they don’t want it to.

        1. Sorry I “thummed down” your comment I didn’t mean it to

          Yeah, “It was a different time” “You can’t understand their culture” “Moral law is different from ceremonail law” “You shouldn’t question God” The excuses from the idiotic cultists are astounding, they pick and choose what they want to

  13. Shows just how increasingly desperate the RCC must be if they have to resort to rubbish like this!

  14. That There Other David 23 Jul 2012, 10:53pm

    Could be worse, they could have said it would lead to centuries of covered up child abuse.

    Oh wait…

  15. David Nottingham 24 Jul 2012, 11:04am

    Oh for goodness sake…..! Does this silly little man honestly believe that a civil union register will lead to the legitimization of polygamy? What planet are these catholics on? Whatever heavenly body they think they’re on, they are looking increasingly ridiculous.

  16. “The establishment of a register of civil unions is aimed at recognising and protecting the rights of many couples in Milan and the rest of the country…..”
    The Church speaker needs to look at the definition of “couple”. The last time I checked, I remember it referring to two people, not one, not 3, not 4, not 700 (King Solomon, you naughty boy!), but TWO.
    With Mr. Colzani’s logic, one might as well claim that giving the Catholic Church the high status it has will legitimise pedophilia. But we all know that’s not the case.

  17. The funny part is that religious people are the ones trying to legitimize polygamy (mormons, muslims, etc)

    1. Billy wingartson 3 Aug 2012, 10:20am

      theyare desperate – virtually every w europeand country except the vatican Italy has 50 50 marraige or CUs.

      Now france is almost certain to have it. T he church better insure that proctologists are coverud under NHS.

      they are going to be pooping brixs. Also well deserved re what they did to children

    2. Billy wingartson 3 Aug 2012, 10:24am

      Given that they oppose polygamy, we could solve two problems at once – cut of their wee wee, and also do it to protect the children.

      My dog is reading this – a real smart pooch – its alert and inquisitive any time food is mentioned in any way.

      So far its best liked treats are sausages and hot dogs.

      “woofer – go give the pedorists fellatio.

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