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Comment: Was Anderson Cooper’s sexuality ‘news’ to you?

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jul 2012, 12:21pm

    Not at all, those ‘credible’ rumours have always been credible. Anderson Cooper never once denied he was gay even though he deflected questions that might have made him out himself. His orientation apparently has been common knowledge to his employer, family and friends for years. It isn’t news in my view.

  2. Cardinal Capone 23 Jul 2012, 12:36pm

    Wasnt news to me. I mistakenly thought he’d confirmed it long ago.

    1. I always thought he was too . Nice he’s come out through

  3. Must we have this conversation every time a celebrity confirms their sexuality?

    Readers of Gawker and similar (*guiltily raises hand*) will rarely be surprised by New York-based celebrities coming out.

    And I expect that almost all PN readers who knew of Mr Cooper before he outed himself also knew he was gay, and indeed I’m sure many non-US PN readers had only heard of Mr Cooper because he was widely rumoured to be gay.

    But that is not the point.

    Of course it is news to some people.

    Many people may like a celebrity well enough but are not such fans as to Google that person, and do not read the sort of sources that hint at orientation.

    For these people, yes, it is news, and yes, a celebrity coming out is important because for each of those people it increases by one the number of gay people they “know” – or feel as if they know.

    And even if we had all known, it remains a powerful act to accept publicly an identity which many think is sinful or merits violent hate.

  4. That There Other David 23 Jul 2012, 1:18pm

    There are plenty of people in public or near-public life where their being gay is so well known they never have to mention it. Anderson Cooper falls under this category IMO. Another prominent American who never discusses it is the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

  5. Paddyswurds 23 Jul 2012, 1:45pm

    The real headline that should accompany this story is : IS ANDERSON COOPERS SEXUALITY ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS…… People spend far too much of their lives making others peoples lives a misery…..

  6. Honey, Anderson ‘Who’ Cooper was news to a lot of us.

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jul 2012, 4:45pm


  7. I know he’s very well known in the US, but I’m surprised at the coverage this has got on a UK news website. I wouldn’t have thought most people outside of the US will know who he is.

    But I think it’s good when any gay actor, sportsman, pop singer or whatever comes out publicy because it can only be a good thing.

    1. Cardinal Capone 23 Jul 2012, 4:02pm

      He’s only known over here because he’s a) good looking and a number of people have a crush on him, and b) he’s millionaire socialite Gloria Vanderbilt’s son who has a certain YMCA in NY named after her ;)

      1. Fair enough. But if I didn’t read PN I’d have been none the wiser about him coming out, but then I would never even have heard of him anyway!

        1. Unless your really into US Politics cause Anderson often covers political stories. I think he once interviewed the (horrible to put it politely)Michele Bachmann before the republican iowa primary.

    2. Yes, I agree. My point exactly. I mean, good luck to the man and all that but he’s hardly a household gadget, is he?

  8. Jim Fields Nashville tn 23 Jul 2012, 3:10pm

    wasnt news to me .. but then I think everyone is gay ..LOL .. what I think is more important ..was how the news of anderson being family .. seemed to disappear once the media got onto tom and katie .. it goes to show even outing yourself cant be as important as news about “heteros” anderson has always been in my opinion a trusted and valued news source ..

  9. not news to me, I had never heard of the man until pinknews covered the story.

  10. Mister Fister 23 Jul 2012, 5:02pm

    Anderson Cooper? Who he?

  11. Spanner1960 23 Jul 2012, 5:33pm

    Wasn’t news to me.
    I’d never heard of the bloke before.

  12. What struck me about his glass closet was the hypocrisy of it all.

    Cooper claimed that he did not want to discuss his ‘personal life’ yet on many occasions he discussed his older brother’s suicide (surely a far more ‘personal’ matter).

    I think he came out as his closeted status was turning him into a laughing stock (see also John Travolta and Queen Latifah) whose greed and cowardice certainly did not deserve respect.

    I’m glad he’s come out, but everyone already knew.

    1. Wow! that is a harsh misrepresentation of the real Anderson Cooper!
      That There Other David’s comment on the other hand is spot on!

      Anderson Cooper has great integrity works hard… is well respected and liked, He is not “hypocritical” there was great honesty in his comment he wants to “report the news… not be it!”
      He does not live his life in the media despite his own or family fame. nor has he misrepresented any aspect of his life when interviewed. “If and only when asked” he has spoken honestly about his brother, of his personal experience to help others be aware and recognize circumstances to help in suicide prevention

      Seriously how can you interpret him/his life as hypocritical and a laughing stock?

  13. OutMaturity 23 Jul 2012, 6:33pm

    It wasn’t news to me or should I say that it wasn’t “relevant” news.

    I enjoy Anderson for the quality of his journalism and his passion for the truth, not because who he sleeps with!

  14. Suddenly Last Bummer 23 Jul 2012, 6:48pm

    Was convinced everyone knew he was a split aR$e ages before now.

  15. sorry who? and why do i care about his sex life?

  16. …sorry who is Anderson Cooper again?…

  17. Oh My God….Another gay guy..shock horror….nice looking…. has he got a boyfriend….lol

    1. why a minus….so there are gay guys in the news,,,,exactly it aint news
      we exist…..

  18. Yes. I am not American so I didn’t know why it was always obvious that he was gay like everyone says. But unfortunately I don’t care anymore, my cable TV is out of CNN (it had always been my favorite TV channel) :-(

  19. For pete’s sake, YES, it was news to me! I care nothing for outing-rumors, I don’t give a crap if someone has no visible relationship, I draw zero conclusions from someone’s supposedly effeminate attire or sense of style. Until a person says who they are from they’re own mouth, it will always be news to me. Also, only interesting to me because it means something to that person to make the decision to identify. So, if someone wants to tell me who they are, I will value the courage every time.

  20. hope he keeps his sexuality to himself and his sexual partner(s)…oh you *mean* sexual orientation…I wonder why LGBT+ hand red rags to the homophobic bull like this. Let’s have a bit more acccuracy in the struggle against homophobia, we’ll finish it off sooner if we do!

  21. threenorns 11 Feb 2013, 7:37pm

    … i would have read the article had the headline read “did you even care when anderson cooper announced he was gay?”

    because i don’t.

    now, if he was subsequently shunted over to reportage of fashion and home décor as a consequence, THAT would be worthy of reporting.

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