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Attacked Nebraska woman ‘had anti-gay slurs carved in her skin’

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Reader comments

  1. whoever did this, is just as bad as James Holmes. They need to be brought to justice. But highly unlikely considering this is Nebraska.

  2. OMG so sad. :( I’m glad she’s ok. I cried when I heard this. Humanity just disgusts me.

    1. Hi Lumi.

    2. Appalling act, but my Dark side hopes this is not a case of attention seeking.

      1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with this suspicion.
        The first time I heard of this news, I immediately thought that it could be a case of attention seeking, a made up attack. I hope I’m wrong, but then, we’d still have this horrifiyng attack.
        In either case, very sad news.

  3. I’m sorry, but this story does not add up. How do you pour flammable liquid everywhere and still fail to set a fire? How did she crawl to a neighbor’s house while she was still tied up? Does she have bruises? If not, then why didn’t they beat her up? She can’t describe the attackers, the damage was fairly mild, and there is a big gay rights debate going on in Nebraska right now. I really think she’s full of it.

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