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Protest planned over anti-gay Olympic states

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Reader comments

  1. “ has approached London 2012 organisers for comment.”

    Good luck with that, but I doubt you’ll get a reply. Sports organisations tend to ignore anything to do with LGBT rights and equality.

  2. Well done Peter !

  3. Marathon Runner 20 Jul 2012, 6:33pm

    Chances are these protesters are a bunch of fat lazy people who never heard of the words exercise and sport. I am looking forward to these Olympics games, bring it on.

  4. colonelkira 20 Jul 2012, 6:52pm

    Oh FFS Tatchell…….Get a Life!

    1. If It weren’t for people like Peter Tatchell you’d not be able to live the life you do …. Get some gratitude!!

      1. colonelkira 21 Jul 2012, 1:03am

        YAWN!………He has outlived his usefulness.

        1. Spanner1960 21 Jul 2012, 2:29pm

          I agree.
          Peter and others have fought and won our rights, and congratulations and thanks to them, but I see no reason why we have to fight everybody else’s battles.

          All it does is make us look like constant whingers that complain about every little problem. The world, including the UK, is far from perfect, but all this smacks of overplaying our hand and it just puts the rest of us in a bad light.

  5. Great to condemn homophobia and to encourage sport to live up to its responsibilities.

    Timing though, PT could have acted more publically much earlier – this is pure opportunism and the IOC have no means to act in time for London 2012 – this is pure showboating by PT and means the outcome is largely meaningless.

  6. Peter Tatchell 20 Jul 2012, 7:13pm

    I have been lobbying on this since 2005. Without success – hence this planned protest on Sunday 11.30am

    The proposed ban concerns all discrimination in sport – ie. discrimination in sport on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.

    See here:

    This discrimination is already penalising many athletes.

    If there are no sanctions how do we ensure that equality is a fundamental sporting principle? Without sanctions, countries that discriminate against athletes get away with it. The IOC has rules. The rules are being broken. the should be enforced. That’s all I am saying.

    1. So where we’re at the last Olympics? You could have made your point over at China. You are picking on the London Olympics because it’s an easy target. As a gay sportsman I am disappointed with you trying to wreck the games at my beloved city. Shame on you

    2. Agree completely. Thank you for all the good work you do.

    3. Who do you think will police the demo Peter, the Police,Armed Forces or G4S??


  7. The IOC meeting has been cut short to one day instead of two (says David Bond – BBC)

    Will this mean the demo tomorrow still goes ahead, or not?

    1. Heard that the protest is going ahead anyway as planned

  8. Peter Tatchell 21 Jul 2012, 4:56pm

    Yes, the demo will go ahead this Sunday at 11.30am outside the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane W1. The Hilton is the IOC HQ throughout the Olympics.

    The pressure is working. Some success already. The IOC has agreed to meet a women’s delegation next week. But not a LGBT delegation. Shame!

  9. The Olympic ideal of ancient Greece was that warring nations would come together peacefully and celebrate sport free from politics, in the hope of more understanding.

    1. NO IT wasn’t ! ! ! The Olympic games were a pagan festival principally held in honour of Zeus but also related to the prophetic rites of Delphi . The main offering in these games was the sweat of the atheletes themslves . Greek “deities” were appeased by blood and sweat of their devotees . The winners of the contests were honoured in their home towns NOT because they had won but because the “gods” had favoured them . This is simular to the political patronage of Charriott racing in Rome where the politicans who won the races were believed to be “devinely” favoured ;? Politics or”Democracy” were both linked to the Pagan religon in any number of ways ; it was the way people thought ! The modern games are a very self concious revival of those contests the ancients held and it is perfectly proper that Politics and sport be associated in them as they were beforehand !

  10. I wonder what the outcome of this protest will be but I hope that this event will shed some light on the dicrimination towards LGBT communities in homophobic countries. Good luck, Peter.

  11. BanditQueen 27 Jul 2012, 7:56pm

    As many of the athletes taking part are probably gay; many others disabled and women; then you are destroying the dreams of innocent athletes from counties that have these laws. You have no right to stop athletes and should instead protest directly to the leaders of those countries. There are many other laws in even the USA and Britain that cause upset to many groups, some for being gay, others for being black, women, disabled or a religious group. The Olympics is about putting differences aside and we would have to ban at least half the counties in the world with your attitude. Keep politics out of sport: it has no place in modern society and does nothing to promote tolerance and peace.

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